Thursday, 19 December 2013

Asakusa Nostalgia

So it turns out I've been married to a Chinese Christmas Nazi all this time, which came as a bit of a surprise. We're hosting a Christmas party - well okay, two Christmas parties - and there are Preparations to be made.  You should have seen him this afternoon, cutting the turkey in half with our big cleaver while shouting "HADOUKEN!!" So I've been too busy to take outfit photos, but luckily we found these pictures from what, three months ago now, on his phone. Talk about saving them for a rainy day!

This was one of those hodgepodge outfits that come from living out of a suitcase for three weeks - but I was good, and made sure my stuff more or less co-ordinated when I packed... Like, I have never packed such a good suitcase in my life. So yeah, peachy top and belt, turquoise laces and stripes on the skirt, there are even bits of purple in my scarf to go with the shoes. It was cold though, and I regretted not wearing jeans as soon as we came out of the underground station - hah!

Out of all the areas in Tokyo - and Tokyo, to paraphrase Owen Wilson, is what you would call very, very big - Asakusa is my absolute favourite. In part that has to do with a novel I read, where the main character grew up in Asakusa, and his descriptions of  the place just made me see it all so clearly in my mind's eye. But a lot of it is also down to the strange, shonky charm of the place itself. Just a couple of blocks away from the temple complex where we took these pictures, there was a fair set up in somebody's courtyard, complete with an ancient carousel that swung the chairs right over peoples' roofs. Don't believe me?

I still wonder what it would've been like to take that ride. I bet you could look right inside peoples' windows and watch them cook dinner, or catch a glimpse of what they were watching on TV! And if there was somebody you were dying to burgle who just happened to live within the circumference of that carousel - why, you'd be a fool not to pay the 2-300 yen for the ride, right?  

Friday, 13 December 2013

My Nerd Shirt

Last week one of my oldest friends came to stay with us, with her husband in tow. I mean, this girl and I have literally been friends since we were snot-nosed first-graders. She's very much into her classical styles and cuts, so when I asked her what she thought about my outfit here, she said, "Your shirt is nice!" Hah! This is another reason I love that girl, she will say exactly what she means. I still like this outfit, though!
And the best thing of all about this baby is, it's rayon so a) I can sweat all I want and it still doesn't reek (sorry, tmi much?) and b) I can wash it in the evening and it'll be dry by the next morning!  

This shirt, the Alexis button-down, was one of those pieces that never made it to the UK branch of Anthropologie, but oh, how I kept wishing it had! It went on sale, I forced myself to ignore it... and then I found it on ebay. I've realised that I have a thing for, what should I call it, quasi-military clothes? Because this shirt just reminds me of old-style turn of the century military uniforms, with the front placket and fake epaulettes. Also, embarrassingly, the name of the shirt is the name of my favourite character in this video-game I've been playing - that's how the damn thing caught my eye in the first place! Alexis Hilden is a girl pretending to be a boy, and I've levelled her up to  the point where she carries a greatsword that's taller than she is. I'm blushing even as I type this. But I can assure you, she can kill anything.  AHEM. 

I paired the Alexis Buttondown with my good old wide-legged Kaz-pants for some 70's inspired goodness, and then I climbed over my friend's suitcase to get out on the balcony, shoved all the mess out there into one corner (but you can still see it peeking out here, d'oh!) and took a handful of photos literally at the speed of light. Because the last things you want to do are freeze to death while taking blog photos OR be caught doing it by your friends who don't know you have a blog - am I right?

Also, damn but my updo is a mess! I need to learn how to make a sock-bun! 

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

I'm With Her!

Sweater: Rachel Antonoff, Shirt: White Stuff, Jeans: From Hong Kong,
Boots: From Norway

While I was still doing that play in Norway, and wearing myself into tatters organizing it all, I would spend the evenings sneakily looking at the Rachel Antonoff website and dreaming about owning this sweater. At the time, some of my girlfriends were really coming through for me - one girl even stayed at my house for a week and helped me make props and the programmes - and this sweater seemed like the ultimate best friend statement piece. I've seen it described as lesbian friendly too, and by all means, it's cool that people can wear it like that as well. But things always mean different things for different people. And for me, this cute cheesy blurb just says that "Hey, that's my friend and I'll always stand by her".

It took ages before I could actually photograph myself in this sweater because I ordered a size L from the website, and found myself swimming in it. I finally took it to the tailor, and he fixed it up for me, though the arms are still a bit long. Um, how do I say this without being insulting? Okay, here goes: In my head, I am enormous. 
I've slimmed down a bit from my previous size, but I still always assume that I need the bigger size in anything and everything  And then I end up having to either alter things myself, or take them to the tailor, which doesn't exactly break the bank, but isn't cheap either. Same thing with my height - I'm 5.7, and Victor is forever telling me that, "You're not that tall!" every time I make him stand a step  higher than me on a staircase for a photo, or fret that I shouldn't wear my kitten heels lest I tower over him. 

Nobody's entirely sane, right? So when I say that I look at myself in the mirror and see a giant, I hope it doesn't sound too weird. 

Anyways, let's not get too serious here! I don't want anybody to read this and get depressed or annoyed, or to worry about me or anything! But you know, sometimes it's good to be honest, too. 

Friday, 6 December 2013

Dear Jenni...

Cardigan: Old Navy, Scarf: Vero Moda, Top, AG Stevie Jeans & Boots: Anthro. 

Dear Jenni, I am so sorry. I have a feeling you will see this outfit and want to strangle me. Because doesn't this bunny top that we both own look really cute with these bright pink jeans that only I own? I even had a look on ebay for you in case they had these jeans on there in your size, but alas not.

The first time I tried this shirt on, I wasn't too keen. But then everybody under the sun seemed to be buying it, and bunnies are sort of my thing, and so when my mum was visiting, I got her to give me a second opinion. Her actual words were, "It's a rabbit. You should get it." My mother knows me well. If this shirt ever makes it to sale, I will eat my fedora*, and so it came home with me that day. 

Anyways, Jenni, remember that you have two cute bunny pillows in your house that even have little pompoms as tails, and that you can hug all day long. If I wanted bunny pillows, I'd have to make them, so you know that's not going to happen. Let's just say that we've joined the same Crazy Rabbit Lady society, so we can flaunt our bunny shirts with pride, and give each other pawprint high-fives, okay? 

xoxo,  Gwen

*I do wonder how someone could actually manage to eat a hat. Would you boil it first?

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Pale Pink and Camo

Necklace: Kie & Kate,  Top: Banana Republic, Trousers + Boots: From Norway
 So I saw this picture in American Glamour of a model wearing pale pink, grey and olive, and I was all "Oh hey, I wanna copy that colour combo!" But can you even see my necklace against my grey top there? It also just hit me that Sayaka wore a bib necklace and camo trousers a while ago, so I guess I lifted the idea from her, too!

Anyhow, I love this necklace but I haven't worn it as often as I like because, well, it's pretty big. But while my friend was visiting and we went to Paris together, I really got to thinking about signature pieces. You know, when someone wears a piece of jewellery that's so stylish and unique, that you just start to associate it with them? Because my friend has this awesome, kickass Swarofski ring that, even when I see Megan Fox or whoever that was rocking it on the store poster, I instantly think of my friend. So maybe, if I can get used to wearing this necklace, it can become one of my signature pieces? We shall see...

Lastly, the levels of near death that were going on while I took these pictures... No jacket, in the freezing wind, and I'm still snotty from my last bout of the mortal flu virus... I actually felt very fabulous while I was wearing this outfit - huge necklace! sparkly boots! - but now that I look at the photos, was it even that great? Was it actually worth risking my life over?* Oh well, I didn't actually get sick again, so at least there's that! 

*Ah, but I exaggerate. You know that, right?