Friday, 6 December 2013

Dear Jenni...

Cardigan: Old Navy, Scarf: Vero Moda, Top, AG Stevie Jeans & Boots: Anthro. 

Dear Jenni, I am so sorry. I have a feeling you will see this outfit and want to strangle me. Because doesn't this bunny top that we both own look really cute with these bright pink jeans that only I own? I even had a look on ebay for you in case they had these jeans on there in your size, but alas not.

The first time I tried this shirt on, I wasn't too keen. But then everybody under the sun seemed to be buying it, and bunnies are sort of my thing, and so when my mum was visiting, I got her to give me a second opinion. Her actual words were, "It's a rabbit. You should get it." My mother knows me well. If this shirt ever makes it to sale, I will eat my fedora*, and so it came home with me that day. 

Anyways, Jenni, remember that you have two cute bunny pillows in your house that even have little pompoms as tails, and that you can hug all day long. If I wanted bunny pillows, I'd have to make them, so you know that's not going to happen. Let's just say that we've joined the same Crazy Rabbit Lady society, so we can flaunt our bunny shirts with pride, and give each other pawprint high-fives, okay? 

xoxo,  Gwen

*I do wonder how someone could actually manage to eat a hat. Would you boil it first?


  1. I said it on EA and I'll say it again, I adore this! I love every component separately, and I love the outfit as a whole even more than the sum of its parts. I clearly need some pink jeans. Who doesn't? As I was just writing about the other day, I have no knack for practicality.

    I would also wear this as an Easter outfit in tribute to the Easter bunny. What's that you say? A bit on the nose with the Easter egg pastels, flowers, and bunny print? Absolutely. I do, however, have a knack for kitsch!


    1. Thank you so much, hon! I did think this was a very "Liz" outfit after I'd posted it, hehe. You would look awesome in these jeans, and they would totally fit into your style - and for the record, I think they ARE practical! They inject sunshine and madness into grey days, and you can climb trees in them, too! ;) Go on and have a look on ebay, I've seen them floating around in several sizes there!

      And what an ingenious idea for an Easter outfit! I wanna go even kitschier and pair it with yellow and polkadots... maybe even buy a white fabric pen and draw polkadots on my neon yellow jeggins before I throw them out for good?! I'm kind of looking forward to Easter now, and it's not even Christmas yet! Madness! ;)

  2. I'm glad you got the top! LOVE this whole outfit. I think we all need pink jeans:)

  3. OMG YES! Then we could be the sisterhood of the neon pink jeans! ;) And I'm glad I got that top too, hehe. :)

  4. Okay! This is freaking hilarious! I saw this outfit on your blog and I got so sad, I did not stop and read it. And then today, I thought my heart could handle it again. And it is to me! Ha! I am such a butt!

    But I am SO jealous of this outfit! All week, I have been thinking, well, this would look great with Gwen's pink jeans... And you are cruel to pair them together. ; )

    Just cruel.

    But they do look so lovely together. I will admit it. And I am happy that you are not as disorganized/slovenly as I am that you can actually find your bunny shirt. Sob.

    One day. One day we will be twins. And drink together. In pink jeans. And bunny shirts. And bear dresses (which I found, by the way!).


    1. Jenni. Babe. You wanna make a skype date and sit there drinking white wine or home-made mojitos at either end? I'm serious here, for you I'll even dig my bear dress out of the storage unit (too cold to wear it outside now). Then we can be twinsies and toast each other. :)

      I'm glad you finally came around and read this post, haha! I'm sorry to have inadvertedly made you sad - I only thought of this combo because you're always saying how much you like these jeans, hehe! Since you've got your free tailoring service, why not try to pick up a pair that's too big for you on ebay, and just have them taken in? They have them in 27 and 32. Or the Gap did some similar jeans, maybe you could track down a pair of those? Or better yet, get some white stevies and DYE THEM?!

    2. We should totally do it! I have never skyped, but that sounds fun!

      I like your idea of dying a pair!

      My seamstress is always complaining and saying she can't do what I am asking her to do. My neon skirt I am supposed to wear tomorrow is still not ready. I hope it is done tomorrow. But there is no way she would resew a pair of pants for me. I actually have (somewhere in this disaster) a pair of blush pants. They are not as pretty as yours, but they could work. They are too big, though. Maybe I could find someone else to do them!

      Let's make a date!


    3. Cool beans! We're off to Berlin for the weekend (Don't hate me!) so after I stagger home from work on Mon or Wed perhaps, or even Thursday night? I will drop you an email about time differences later! :)