Tuesday, 10 December 2013

I'm With Her!

Sweater: Rachel Antonoff, Shirt: White Stuff, Jeans: From Hong Kong,
Boots: From Norway

While I was still doing that play in Norway, and wearing myself into tatters organizing it all, I would spend the evenings sneakily looking at the Rachel Antonoff website and dreaming about owning this sweater. At the time, some of my girlfriends were really coming through for me - one girl even stayed at my house for a week and helped me make props and the programmes - and this sweater seemed like the ultimate best friend statement piece. I've seen it described as lesbian friendly too, and by all means, it's cool that people can wear it like that as well. But things always mean different things for different people. And for me, this cute cheesy blurb just says that "Hey, that's my friend and I'll always stand by her".

It took ages before I could actually photograph myself in this sweater because I ordered a size L from the website, and found myself swimming in it. I finally took it to the tailor, and he fixed it up for me, though the arms are still a bit long. Um, how do I say this without being insulting? Okay, here goes: In my head, I am enormous. 
I've slimmed down a bit from my previous size, but I still always assume that I need the bigger size in anything and everything  And then I end up having to either alter things myself, or take them to the tailor, which doesn't exactly break the bank, but isn't cheap either. Same thing with my height - I'm 5.7, and Victor is forever telling me that, "You're not that tall!" every time I make him stand a step  higher than me on a staircase for a photo, or fret that I shouldn't wear my kitten heels lest I tower over him. 

Nobody's entirely sane, right? So when I say that I look at myself in the mirror and see a giant, I hope it doesn't sound too weird. 

Anyways, let's not get too serious here! I don't want anybody to read this and get depressed or annoyed, or to worry about me or anything! But you know, sometimes it's good to be honest, too. 


  1. Yay - you got the sweater of your dreams! You're sporting quite the hipster schoolgirl look here! I like the hip components of the skinnies, sweatershirt, and its graphic print, but then you've got the bangs (fringe?) and peter pan collar. It creates a really YOUnique look overall. :-)

    I think most of us having self-image issues, though it's always interesting to hear the things other people see in themselves that aren't apparent to anyone else. Body image, like everything in life, is a good thing to have a sense of humor about. You don't seem to take yourself too seriously, and I love that!


    1. Liz! I'm so glad you liked this look. I felt very at home in it. And damn, I should have dug out my fake glasses to make me look even more like a hipster! ;) I guess I thought the bangs + the cutsie peter pan collar and the tribal jeans balanced each other out? I'm a big fan of Zooey Deschanel's style, but I don't wanna go too far in that direction either!

      I agree with you so, so much. It's always good to be able to laugh at yourself and your own insecurities. First step on the long road towards getting rid of them. :)

  2. I do the same thing Gwen! I ALWAYS buy my clothes too stinking big. It is unfortunate that there is not a Nordstrom Rack there, because you get free tailoring every year! I always use mine up.

    In fact, I purchased a neon orange ballgown taffeta skirt a while back that was three sizes too large. Well, my friends are having a dinner party. Um, where else would I wear that thing? So, I got it tailored. Only, I went to pick it up today and it has not even been started!!! : o

    That is the price we pay for being self delusional. You look great! And I like longer sleeves, because they make me feel precious. So weird!

    And 5'7" is not tall! I am 5'6." And like I said, I'm precious. ; )

    My husband is 5'8" so I never really wear tall heels. But there is something to be said for that.

    As for the sweatshirt, I love it. It is so cute. I am all for just supporting fellow girls. I have had the same best friend since I was three. I would do anything for her. Maybe we should get those sweatshirts. They give me warm fuzziess inside. : )


    1. Jenni! Is it weird that I'm happy I'm not alone in this madness? Even trying things on in a store, I'll be like, "But what if I put the weight back on again?" There's always that secret fear niggling at the back of my mind. At least my local tailor isn't that crazily expensive, I just got my blue pants and polkadot jeans back today, and they fit like a DREAM now! :) (He took TWO inches off the waist of the polkadot jeans, holy moly!!)

      Um, outfit photos of this orange skirt, please! As soon as you get it back! It sounds nuts, but fun, so I'm sure you'll rock it like nobody's business.

      Thanks for telling me I look great. I don't always *feel* that great, so it really made me happy that you'd say that. :) I started blogging in part to force myself to get over my stupid insecurities. I think maybe from now on, I need to bring a friend along when I buy things, who can give me honest feedback on how things fit.

      Wahey, you're 5.6! I'm only an inch taller than you! Now you've got me wondering how tall Victor is, I've never actually asked. Okay, so he's 5.5. Not quite a hobbit, then! ;)

      You know what, that sweatshirt would make an amazing Christmas gift for yourself and your friend! I gotta warn you though, it's pricey - there's a good reason I spent a couple of months hemming and hawing over whether I should get it! Go to Rachel Antonoff's website to check it out, it comes it LOTS of different colours. Well okay, maybe like five. ;) Maybe I count like the trolls in Terry Pratchett's novels, "One, two, many, lots!" ;)

    2. You had me laughing at your last line. I still have not started another Terry Pratchett book. I am kind of scared to even though you assured me the other ones are different.

      I am having one of your insecure moments today. You are definitely not alone! And two inches off the pants! I cannot wait to see them. Although, are those the ones that I liked before? I hope I still love them!

      We need to figure this Skype thing out. Although I am nervous. I fear I will sound all California girl and curse like a sailor (my flaw I don't let show in my blog). But we must do it. The kids have two and a half weeks off from school. Let's do it right after Christmas when my head doesn't feel as though it will explode from the pressure of this season!

      I think it is hilarious that you have never asked Victor how tall he was. And 5'5" is not short. Definitely not a hobbit! Although, hobbits are awesome. And I love them. Although the current movie was not my favorite.

      I will check out that site. Must spend absolutely no more money now. This season is draining me! Although, I would love a sweater sale at Anthro.

      Sweet dreams or great day, whichever time it is there!


    3. Those pants were the pale grey ones with polkadots. I wore them the other day and got splashed by a bus! But once I've washed them, I'll take photos. The two inches were taken off the waist, and not the legs, so they should look exactly the same, except that they fit me like a glove now. :)

      And Jenni, I can assure you that I'm no stranger to, ahem, nautical cussing. ;) So I'm sure we'd get on juuust fine! For the next two days, I have too much going on with work - they gave us longer shifts at short notice for the rest of the week, I need a new job! But I am off on Friday, and all weekend too.

      The Hobbit movies don't hold a candle to the Lord of the Rings ones. Much as I love them, that's how I feel - and I love the Hobbit movies a lot! Oh and as for Pratchett, he made this children's picture book based on his other stories called "Where Is My Cow?" At something like 12 pages it's hardly a commitment, and it's probably the funniest thing he's every written. I'm just saying. ;)