Tuesday, 21 January 2014

As Above, So Below

Jacket: Vero Moda, Blouse & skirt: Lindex, Belt: Next, Shoes: Clark's

As in, I am wearing the same pattern on my top half as on my bottom half - this isn't a dress, but a skirt and a blouse from the same store. You know, Lindex, the one where my friend works and gets me amazing discounts? She texted me today to tell me that they've just outsold every other Lindex store in Norway, and since she runs the place, that's pretty good news! I am so proud of her!

"Hello, ladies! How YOU doin'?"

So the reason for this outfit was that I saw a picture of one of the Madewell executives in a magazine, in her all-Madewell ensemble of black brogues, black leather jacket, and matching skirt and blouse. And it just looked so effortlessly cool that I had to try my own version of it. When I looked in the mirror, this outfit seemed so 80's hockey-mom that I had to add a leopard belt in sheer self-defense. Then, I felt better about the whole thing. When in doubt, cat-and-dot. 

I have to apologize for the messy balcony again! I swear I will clean it up someday, but right now it's so cold out there! Plus the wind will literally throw our patio furniture around out there anyway - and we're only on the fourth floor! I bet the poor sods up on 15th just have their stuff smashed to kindling every year...

Oh, oh! And today is our anniversary - for the first time we met. I can't believe I've known this amazing man I'm married to for nine whole years, that's kind of scary how time flies! But we've had so much fun together, so I guess that's why! Have I told you the story, by the way, of how we met? The short version is that he chatted me up in an airport, while I teased him about his Australian accent. Never mind the internet, airports are where all the hot action is at... 


  1. I am digging this non-dress/dress combo - especially with the oxfords and the fun belt!

  2. Messy? Messy? No. It is so clean. Messy is my bedroom. Right now. Where my husband almost died tripping on something on the floor last night. Because everything is on the floor.

    Happy Anniversary! Time flies when you are happy, which you two obviously are. I want to hear more of your story,. Please. Pretty please.

    Did you ever get my second email? No rush. I am only asking, because I wrote my mom the same night and she never received her email. So, I had to resend it.

    I love this outfit. I love that it is two separate pieces. You made it so fun and quirky with the animal print belt. And the shoes make it so cool.

    Off to sob about your clean patio and my slovenly hole.


    1. Hahaha, well thanks for making me feel better! Honestly, our flat is messier than the balcony. Victor calls it, "The invasion of Gwen's shit." He claims I cannot look at a blank spot without feeling the desire to fill it up with something - hah!

      You know what, I haven't had an email from you! I mean, I did get one on the 11th of Jan, but if you sent me anything after that, it hasn't arrived. I'll tell you all about how I met Victor in response to your next email! :P

      And yay, glad you liked the outfit! I was worried it would be a bit "dot overload", but now that two people have given it thumbs up, I'm even likely to repeat it! ;)