Thursday, 30 January 2014

Pardon Me While I Snark...

Cardigan, Anthro, Top: J.Crew, Skirt: UniQlo, Shoes: Clark's, Scarf: from Norway.

Brace yourself for some upcoming snarkiness here, because my job is draining all the life out of me. Chief reason for that is my manager, and her dreadful personality. I've been thinking, "Who does she remind me of?" And the other day, it hit me - she looks like Stegosaurus. 

Now, when you look like Stegosaurus, "emo" may not be the most flattering fashion tribe you can pledge your allegiance to. When you dye a single neon green stripe into your hair, and then make the decision not to wash your hair, ever, the results are not always flattering. The same goes for piercing the middle if your nose as well as your bottom lip. No,  I am not making this up. She also has a small piercing in one nostril, but compared to the other two, that one is downright classy.

And then, I enter the picture, looking like a normal woman, and making friends with people. So maybe you can see why someone like that would make me her special victim? A small-time tyrant with no chin to divide her face from her neck, who has already driven three of her subordinates to quitting their jobs. Not to mention I was starting to fantasize about wiring her mouth shut with the help of her piercings. And a telephone chord.

But, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Because our team is now being transferred to a new manager. My colleague and only remaining teammate grinned at me and said, "Christmas came late, but it did come." So here's to a fresh start, and a Stegosaurus-free life. Sorry for being all complainy today! And yes, this is another one of my call-centre outfits. I'm finally blogging my denim skirt.
You'll tell me if it looks frumpy, right?


  1. Okay. I had to memorize what you wrote, because I can't. I just can't type out another comment and have it be eaten by technology. Stegosaurus meet T-Rex. That is what would become of me. Poor you! That lady sounds like a nightmare and maybe like she has a frightfully horrible life. I am so glad you are being transferred! When will that take place? Also, where is her boss (without giving anything away so your job won't be mad!) that he/she would allow so many people to leave over her?

    This might be my favorite outfit ever. I love the denim skirt. I love all denim skirts. My husband would tell you you look like a Duggar, but he would tell anyone person in a long denim skirt that. He considers it their uniform and can't get over it. I wear them all the time.

    Anyway, I love that sweater with the jean skirt. And your hair looks so pretty. Just love.


    1. Wow, I'm flattered that you liked it so much! I was actually debating whether or not to post this outfit at all.You know, I had to look up the Duggars - I actually thought you meant the little builders in Fraggle Rock, since they had little overalls. But those turned out to be the Dozers, and the Duggars turned out to be... kind of scary,actually. But hey, maybe we should have a Duggar day and wear denim skirts on our respective blogs? ;) And yeah, I realise my outfit looks nothing like theirs. (Mine was assembled using free will and independent thought, after all! ;))

      As for Stegosaurus and her boss/bosses, she's a permanent employee and we're just temps. They literally don't give two hoots about us; we're just butts on chairs and can be replaced. The transfer has happened now, and it really has made a huge difference.

  2. She sounds like a peach. It makes me nervous to rock my Stegosaurus dino 'do. I don't want you to have a panic attack when you see my hair and have all these horrible memories come hurdling back into the present.

    Anyways, she sounds like a nightmare if you're considering wiring her mouth shut. It reminds me of the movies when someone wants to torture someone and it cuts to a fantasy scene of them doing some ungodly thing to get back at their torturer.

    But no, you don't look like a Duggar. Thankfully, your height makes it look like a cute, casual midi. I know you sometimes worry you're a giantess, but it's working to your favor here! I really look dreadful in calf-length skirts. Duggar all the way. It's sad really. See, I see this picture of you, love the outfit, and would then try to create it myself. But it would be horrible. And I would feel as though I'd aged 30 years. Another thing that I think makes it work on you is the scarf and belt and sweater. Long denim skirts can sometimes swallow a person up, but you have enough going on up top to balance out the skirt. I think you done good, girl. And you're soon to be free from your tyrant, so happy day!

    <3 Liz

    1. Nooo! Don't let me smother your love for your awesome dinosaur hairdo! I always thought of that as more of a Triceratops kind of hairstyle, but now that I think about it, of course Stegosaurus had that little bump over its forehead. I'm kind of sorry I've given the poor dinosaur a bad name, now! ;)

      The transfer has happened now - and holy batmobile, does it make a difference! The new boss leaves us alone, for one thing! Going into work is still by no means a magical experience, but it no longer feels like a prison sentence, either! ;)

      Glad to hear you don't think I look like a Duggar, by the way! And I'm sure that's not true about you and denim skirts. As I was suggesting to Jenni, we could all declare a Duggar day on our blogs and post denim skirt outfits? ;) Then again, maybe you feel about denim midi skirts the way I feel about mini-skirts! Good point about the long sweater, by the way - I will definitely keep that in mind for styling this skirt in the future, because I think you're right! One long thing is counteracted by other long things! (The scarf and the sweater both, I mean.) I gotta get out my other long cardigan and try that one with the denim skirt next! Thanks for the inspo! :)