Monday, 20 January 2014

Sans, or Avec?

Cap: J.Crew, Blazer: Striped Spinnaker Blazer, Anthro, Necklace: F21,
Jeggings: UniClo, Boots: Steve Madden

At some point, I realised that working at the call centre doesn't really call for dressing up - at all. One of my colleagues always showes up in a lovely shirt and cashmere sweater - and trackpants! Because we do so much sitting down there, wearing something without buttons and zippers on your bottom half definitely helps make your workday more bearable. 

And so, I came up with this concept I like to call, "School of Not Giving a Damn" - it's a bit like School of Rock, but with less singing. Basically, I tell myself that nobody cares what I dress like there, and then I try to put together some things that disguise that comfort factor a little bit. I mean, leopard print and stripes are always nice together, right? And chambray shirts go with everything. And for each of my "SNGD" outfits, I try to add in at least one, sometimes two, nicer items, to "lift" the whole look - in this case, my Steve Madden boots and striped blazer from Anthro. 

 Anyways, how do you prefer this outfit - sans le hat, or avec? I couldn't quite make up my mind either, so I took pictures of both versions. I guess you can just scroll and look at only the version you like - or if you like both, that's what we'd call a win-win situation, I guess! Of course, if you like neither, then I guess you'll just have to check back tomorrow! 

The two best bits about this outfit were that a) I got this necklace and this blazer back into my rotation, I'd kind of forgotten about them for a while there, but I do love them both and it's nice to be all obsessed with them again and wearing them all the time. And b) literally nobody even said anything about the leopard jeggings I was sporting. Nobody. So I guess it's just a matter of time before I turn up there in my bright pink track suit with the angel wings picked out on the back of the sweater in little studs... *

*Well actually, this will probably never happen. Much as I'd like to. 


  1. I would like to join this school. In fact, I think I have. Otherwise I would have refrained from wearing such twee nonsense all the time.

    I think you look fabbity fab fab regardless of where you're going. I wouldn't say you're "overdressed" for a call center. Probably just the best dressed. Ain't a damn thing wrong with that. Or those leopard jeggings. I love them.

    I prefer sans hat. I think it's because hats are like Francesas to me. We don't get along well. I try to give them a chance and be open minded, and they make a fool of me every time. You definitely don't look a fool, I just prefer your hair blowing in the wind Black Beauty style.

    I do love your comment that if people don't like either look, they can go @!#$ themselves, or, you know, check back tomorrow. Ahahahaha.

    And I realize you're joking about the pink angel wing track jacket. But I'd wear that. I'm sorry I'm so embarrassing.

    <3 Liz

    1. BWAHAHAHAHA!! BLACK BEAUTY STYLE!! Oh my god, I wish I had the stones to name a post just that, but for all I know people might think I was being racist. Ohhh Liz, you just gave me the best belly-laugh!

      Well, people can go *hug* themselves if they don't like my outfit. :) Because there aren't nearly enough hugs being distributed in the world for world peace to spontaneously take effect. Sometimes, you just gotta give yourself a pat on the head - or a hug. Am I right? ;) I'm glad you liked it though!

      See, maybe I *would* wear the all-pink angel tracksuit from Victoria's Secret - which, in addition to the wings, has "ANGEL" written down one leg in classy gold letters. But I would only do it if my colleagues all showed up in equally, uh, laid-back get-ups. And I have not managed to extract a single smirk-free promise of that nature, and so I don't want to be the only one... Hah!

  2. I like the outfit sans hat. Although the hat is super cute. I just like your hair loose. I bet everybody secrets talks about how hot you look and that they wish they could look just like you. Gotta keep your hair loose and soft for all of those jealous folks.

    I love that blazer! It is so cute! It matches the pants perfectly.


    1. Aw, you're sweet to say that. :) I'm sitting here feeling my own hair now ;) and I guess it *is* kinda soft. :D

      And that blazer is all over ebay, in three different colours - just search for "striped spinnaker blazer" if you want to get it. The prices seem pretty fair, too. :) I sized up in it, but then I do have very broad manly shoulders. ;)

  3. What a chic outfit Gwen!! Especially love those pants!! I need to get my butt to Uniqlo and find those :)

    1. Why merci beucoup, Sayaka! ;) Nice that my crazy pants get the stamp of approval from the undisputed mistress of understated elegance. :) They are way old though, but I hope you find them - or something else just as awesome at our dear "Poor Man's J.Crew!" ;)