Thursday, 9 January 2014

Mission Accomplished

 So, even though my dad died just before Christmas, Victor and I ended up taking the holiday to San Francisco that we'd planned and paid for. My mother insisted we should do it, since it wasn't possible to hold a funeral over the holidays. She also insisted she preferred to be alone at this time... So we went along with her wishes, and boarded the plane. It was actually a good thing for me, to get away from it all and be able to process my grief somewhere that wasn't home. 

Now, one part of San Francisco Victor and I hadn't explored together before was the Mission District. So that was one of the first places we headed, to check out the gorgeous graffiti murals out there. (And to visit the Weston Wear store, where I scored that awesome maxi dress on sale last year. But alas, this time I couldn't find anything I liked.) Mission has a very Mexican feel to it, and I couldn't resist posting with this fabulous luchadoare. It was good to just walk around with our camera and play tourists. Well okay, we were tourists, but you know. Can I call it "revel in being tourists"?   

Jacket & dress: Madewell, shirt (worn underneath) & boots: from Norway

This awesome heart-throb wall was outside a McDonalds, believe it or not. And my old bloggy instincts were awakened, and I insisted Victor take my outfit pictures in front of it. Mission was just full of amazing street art like this - and it was also full of second-hand bookshops, and it was kind of fun to watch Victor go bananas in them. Normally, I'm the bookworm, and he's the one complaining we don't have space for more books. But the backpack just kept getting heavier and heavier with all the treasures he found - and yes, that was when we swapped. He looked just like a little schoolboy, on his way to class! 

Can you tell I'd just bought a new jacket, by the way? This trip was the first time I set foot in a Madewell store, and I may just have found a new favourite brand. Seriously, I could write you an essay about how awesome this jacket is, and how many practical pockets and buttons it has. I also found this dress there on the sale rack... and I bought a few other things. Including their gorgeous leather tote, which I'd been dreaming of getting for what, two years? It's a good thing they kept producing it! Every once in a while I just smell that tote, and sigh at the leather smell. Ahhh! (Um, I could so not be a vegan. Like, ever.)

One seriously awesome Mission moment (which is like a Kodak moment, only with more tattoos,) was when we saw a professional cellist doing an impromptu busking session with the filthiest old homeless man in the world, who had a harmonica and was playing it with so much gusto that the cellist looked slightly frightened. But he still kept playing, in between glances around him - possibly to double-check his escape routes.   

These last two pictures were taken in an alley that was literally wall to wall murals. There were other tourists there; we had to sidestep each other while we were taking photos of them all.  We discovered that I, being a majestic 5 foot 7, could touch the overhanging foilage - and Victor, at his "taller than a hobbit" 5 foot 5, could not. Nyah, nyah!*

*I should add that Victor doesn't care whatsoever that he's a little shortie. Because he's a handsome shortie, and he knows it! 


  1. I'm glad you went on your holiday, anyway. I hope that a mix of mourning and exploring made getting through the days easier. I'm in love with all of the murals. I love elaborate, colorful graffiti and street art. Great backdrops for your outfit photos, too! The last photo is my favorite. It's so smiley and happy (and maybe a little heavy-handed with the bragging that you've got Victor beat height-wise). And because I'm a mean wife, too, I completely support your teasing him. :-)


    1. Thanks, Liz, I think it was the right thing to do, too. Glad people aren't calling me a monster for going on holiday at a time like that! You should seriously check out San Fran if you're a street art fan. They did make awesome backdrops, you could seriously go there every day to photograph a different outfit, if you wanted to. And San Fran is such a lovely city, though sadly, it's getting a bit more expensive! ^_^;

      Mean wifes unite! *brofist* Our husbands need us to keep them on their toes (pun intended)! ;)

  2. That is an awesome jacket!! I love the color and pockets are adorable. I'm glad you were able to enjoy and explore San Francisco. The wall paintings are amazing. I hope to see more pictures.

    1. Well okay then - I'll dig up some more photos from San Fran, we did find even more awesome street art just on that trip alone! And thanks, I just adore that jacket - it has those top-opening pockets and then pockets underneath those that you can just slide your hands into. You'd look totally cute in it too, you know! :)

  3. I love seeing these pictures of you smiling. I love both the dress and the jacket and I noticed right away that they are new. Does the dress have the bow attached to it or did you add it? Either way I love it and with the belt. And I am with Victor on not touching the vines. He was probably just pretending to not touch them as they were probably crawling with bugs. ; )

    And I am jealous of your book scores. I do not even know what they are but I am jealous! And of your new leather bag. I cannot get enough of that hew leather bag smell. I also do it to new leather shoes.

    Thinking of you!


    1. I was like, bow? What bow? Haha! No, the bow is from my polkadot blouse - the one I wore with the striped jacket, you know? ;) The pattern mixing that was going on there was very subtle, eh? ;) And oh, but he did try. He could just about brush them with his fingertips when he jumped! XD

      Oh, book scores are always awesome. He got a mythological encyclopedia, a collection of early works by Harlan Ellison, and Star Wars the Shakespeare Play...I got a biography of Phillip K. Dick written by one of his wives, and a really cool handmade notebook - I can't actually remember all the books off the top of my head, there were that many! O_o