Friday, 31 January 2014

"We'll Always Have Paris"

 So we went to Paris with one of our good friends in November - and I'm only just getting around to blogging about it. This is partially because all the photos we took, we took on Victor's phone, having forgotten to pack out camera. (D'oh!) I don't care what people say, camera phone pictures are never as good as anything you can take with a digital SLR. So please excuse the picture quality in some of these! 

Coat & boots: Anthro, Cowl: from Japan: Trousers & bag: from Norway
Outfit photo! I'm only sorry my coat is wrinkled in such a weird way - I mean, it makes me look like I can be folded up and put on a luggage rack. Actually, that's probably what I did with the coat on the Eurostar train from London to Paris. The Heidi-braids are because I didn't have time to wash my hair. (Ahem!) And this cowl is in fact part of the warmest sweater I own, which I picked up in a mall in Ikebukuro - it totally deserves a post of its very own. Oh, and that's the Eiffel tower there, in the background. (Heh.)

Yeah, yeah, go ahead and make retching noises. Paris is the City of Love, after all! 

It's taking me real restraint not to blog all the cute bestie photos Victor took of me and our friend, jumping in front of the Arc de Triomphe, hugging on the subway, by the way. We kind of look like polar opposites, she is the little blonde Hermia to my tall, brown-haired Helena, and we were posing our little hearts out. But, like with Second Wife, I haven't asked for permission, so I don't really feel I can post any of those photos. Victor doesn't have any such rights, though!   

Walking down from the Eiffel tower, we came across this little glass building, which turned out to be a peace monument. It has the word "peace" written across it in so many different languages. (And something that looks like "Mullup", but we worked out that it actually was just "Mup"; the swirly writing had us fooled. After that, we were all going around saying, "Mullup out, dude!" to each other.) Look closely, and you can see the Eiffel tower through the wall on the right side. 

Beholdens, the beauty of the ceiling at the Gallerie Lafayette - Paris' most famous, and most venerable shopping centre! And have a better look at the big Christmas tree clock - I wonder who that was sponsored by, eh? 

On the Saturday evening, we went to the Moulin Rouge. There was a strict no-photos rule, but Victor managed to snap a few sneaky ones, including this one of the stage from where we sat. We were right by one of the stage wings, so the performers were always walking past us, and you could really see the beautiful details of their costumes. It was definitely a fun experience, so much incredible dancing and madness - and ponies! They had miniature ponies in some of the acts, as well as huge snakes in another.

We also got free champagne as part of our ticket price, so we were all nicely pickled by the time we got back to the hotel. That's when we invented the three-foot high-five. Which took a bit of practice before we got it right!

The day after, we went off to see Notre Dame!  Which is the most beautiful cathedral - and they even let you take pictures in there! They had a huge bandstand-style construction up right opposite the cathedral, with a wide platform on top that was perfect for  taking photos from. When we came out again, it was filled up with fur-hatted Ukrainian people holding up posters we could not read as part of a protest - I think it was a memorial of something that happened during World War Two. We never did find out what that was all about.

There are many little alcoves along the side walls of the cathedral, this pictures is from the far end of one of those. If you look closely, you might be able to see that the person in the far corner behind the coffin is, in fact, Death - holding up an hour-glass. 

Here's some detail from another one of those alcoves. It was impossible to get a good picture because they all had huge metal grates up, not to mention you were always climbing over other tourists. Still, isn't it just beautifully painted?

The multi-coloured light filtering in through all those stain-glass windows was just so lovely. It's a shame this lady didn't move out of my shot, though! Ironically, it's probably a picture she would have liked to keep! 

 They also had this adorable little model showing how the cathedral was built. Lots of tiny people toiling away. It was all behind glass, hence the weird reflections. 

 I'm not quite sure where this carved wooden panel was, but I have a feeling it was close to the pulpit. There was just so much stuff to see and take in, but this carving really fascinated me - I mean, look at those little houses along the top! How strange and awesome that they were added on!

And here is what looks like St. Peter, guarding a casket of relics - i.e. assorted bits of dead saints. 

And finally, here's one of my favourite pictures from the trip; this spiral candlestick full of votive candles. Isn't that accidental light effect strangely pretty? We probably never would've got that effect using the "proper" camera, so maybe using the camera phone wasn't such a bad idea after all?


  1. What a beautiful coat. That looks like such a lovely, romantic trip! Love your hat, too! That last picture of the candles is beautiful. I agree that camera phones don't take pictures as well as a real camera. BUT your pictures turned out great!

    I am paranoid now that you actually thought I implied you looked like a Duggar in the previous post. But I did not say that at all! I said, "my husband would say that." Because he says that about EVERY denim skirt. But I thought the outfit was PERFECTION!

    Anyway, hope you are doing well.


    1. Jenni!! I am doing well. I just wrote you the most enormous email in the world. Don't be paranoid, I completely got your joke, and I love that you loved that outfit! :) (I've even started referring to it as Duggar chic now, hehehe.) Sorry I caused you to fret, babe, I've just been coming home late and falling asleep on my face all weekend because of this film festival I was going to with my friend for three nights in a row. (Leaving poor Victor at home to play Batman and eat noodles.) Literally too exhausted to write emails or comments - I think the whole relief from the Stegosaurus transfer finally caught up with me!

      Anyway, the trip was really fun! In a way, it was more about just hanging out and having fun than it was about taking pictures. And thanks for compliments re:my coat and hat. The hat was bought to match the coat, he he he. Now if only I could find some nice long white gloves, too...! ;) HUGS! :)