Monday, 17 February 2014

Have some mustard with yer plums!

Necklace: Pam Hiran, c/o Sayaka, Cardigan & belt: UniQlo, Dress & shoes: Anthro

What do you do when you don't have time to wash your hair? Why, you try doing it up in Heidi braids, of course! Worked for me... until they fell down halfway through the day! If there is a secret technique to pinning your braids up, I would love to hear about it. Because I actually liked how they looked on me. It's an updo that still makes me feel like myself, know what I mean? Half the updos I try, I look in the mirror and see my mother!  

This was an outfit I planned entirely around my necklace, for a Saturday of hanging out with Second Wife. We all went out for a lunch of curry and tonkatsu at our favourite diner, then later on, we took her home and made tacos. Nothing beats spontaneous taco nights with your husband and one of your bestest besties. And this is the best dress in the world to pig out in. The belt just... mysteriously disappeared during the course of the evening!

Isn't it funny, how you can, at times, become completely obsessed with one item and just wear it day in and day out, and always come up with new ways of styling it? Because I have so many other outfits based around this necklace that I need to re-wear and photograph so that I can share them here! (Nope, I don't think re-wearing an outfit counts as cheating.) I really like how you can start with one item and then just kind of build around that, and end up with something you'd never have put together otherwise. That's one thing that makes figuring out your own style fun, I guess!  


  1. I really like your hair like that as well. I have no tips. Just keep fixing it. Is that the lamest tip ever? Do I win the No Prize? Ha! I love that term!

    That dress is fab. You actually eat dinner in your clothes?! What if tacos got on the dress? I get in my jammies for dinner. Super classy dinners around here. But I was so tired of the looks from the dry cleaners as I kept begging them to get stains out.

    The plum with the mustard is fab. I love spontaneous nights. Low key nights and days are the best.

    I hope the job thing is working itself out. Not an intended pun! I am thinking of you!


  2. And BAM! There's your No-Prize! Display it somewhere prominent, eh? ;)

    Oh, this dress is indestructible. I've no problem eating it it - but with more delicate items, I'll change into a T-shirt and trackpants, haha. Elastic waistbands are always a plus when you're having dinner, eh? ;)

    And I am plugging away at my job searches. Hopefully something will come out of all my applications soon! Thanks for thinking of me, hon.

  3. Hey if something works and you love it, rock it! That necklace is really pretty and looks like it would pretty much work with anything. And I am digging your tote as well!

    1. You know what, I agree! ;) And thanks, it is an awesome all-purpose handbag, I can really recommend it!

  4. You are an expert at color mixing, Gwen! I would never have thought to put purple with mustard. Now I have to find some purple to put with my mustard tops. It's gorgeous together!

    1. Why thank you! The school I went to as a kid put a great emphasis on painting and stuff like that, and we had a subject called colour study for a little while, where they taught us about complimentary opposites and Goethe's colour wheel and stuff like that. I guess some of that might have stuck with me! ;) I'll look forward to seeing a purple and mustard outfit on your blog, then!