Thursday, 27 February 2014

Style S.O.S. - the Bagatelle Buttondown

Shirt: Bagatelle Buttondown, Anthro, Hat: From Germany, Blazer: UniQlo,
Scarf: Madewell, Trousers:  UniQlo, Boots: Clark's, Bracelet: From Norway.
Ever had that thing happen to you, where you fall in love with a piece of clothing, sale-stalk the thing until it goes on first cut, buy it and then go... "Now what?!" Because that's what happened to me with this horsie shirt here. I mean, give me anything with rabbits on it and I will instantly have FIFTEEN styling ideas at the top of my head... but this shirt was almost too crazy even for me, you know? But then, I talked to Liz, who blogs over at With Wonder and Whimsy, and we came up with this idea.      

We named our baby (uh, idea) Style S.O.S., and the general gist of it is that we would each show the other an item from our closet that we have trouble styling, and then lend a hand. Or brain, as it were. Liz came up with two utterly awesome-sauce inspiration boards for me - you can find them here. And then I followed them as best I could. Sadly, I no longer own a pair of plain skinny jeans - my beloved AG pair died and went to denim heaven. Hence the grey jeggings, which were the closest thing I had to hand - and the grey hat, because it reminded me of a riding helmet!  

Blouse: Bagatelle Buttondown, Anthro, Belts: Hand-me-downs,
Necklace: J.Crew, Skirt: Mango, Tights: American Apparel, Boots: Anthro

While I did wear outfit number one that day, it was simply too cold for outfit number two. I would have died. I substituted the ballet flats for moto boots because I haven't worn in my black ballet flats yet - to quote Wolverine, I am in for "a world of hurt" there! And while I do have a long black maxi skirt, said skirt has a huuuge hole in it, and I just didn't feel up to patching it up that day. Or today. So on a whim, I dug this skirt out of storage, and LOVED the combo. Once I can wear this outside without taking my life into my hands, this is bound to become one of those go-to outfits. So THANK YOU Liz! You are da bomb. 

One last interesting fact about this skirt: I once spilled a little bit of bleach on it, and then drew on the stain with a black permanent marker. And it worked! No more stain! Dial "OOGA BOOGA" for Caveman Stain Removals, that's all I have to add...

So... do YOU have a piece in your closet that you love, but don't know how to do with? Or do you want to join in on the fun, too, and help grown women dress themselves? Then, why don't you leave a little note here in the comments, and we'll be sure to cycle you into our rotation. And keep an eye on Liz's blog, to see the outfits I cooked up for her, based on a surprise mystery item!   


  1. What a great idea! I love both outfits. The skirt is great - love the color blocking with the plum tights. Perfection! I have a few pieces like this in my closet. Unfortunately, I'm not quite fitting back into my regular (pre-pregnancy) clothes just yet. Once I am, I would love to play along:)

    1. Thanks Kristin! It would be awesome if you would take part! Maybe you'd like to try your hand at styling for someone, while you wait until you feel ready for your own SOS? :)

  2. You look great! I really like the outfit with the grey hat and grey pants. This is a brilliant idea. You two are so great at styling ideas. I cannot wait to see what the two of you come up with!

    I have the pants in my Groovin' post that need some love. They are short waisted, so a flowy top to hide my belly is a must. Do you have any ideas? I will post it if you guys help me!

    Or my sketchbook dress! It could use some crazy fun love! Oooh! Pick that one!!!

    How fun! Congrats on a super fab idea! : )


    1. Jenni! We were specifically talking about asking you to take part, so that's great! I'd love for you to style me some boho-tastic outfits with stuff I already own.Hint.;)

      I definitely have ideas for both the pants and the dress! I guess if we should focus on just one thing right now, it should be the dress. Let me see what I can come up with... ;) And thanks! :)