Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Total Brian Meltdown

Cardigan: from Norway, Skirt, shoes and scarf: Anthro, Bag: Madewell

This outfit, believe it or not, got me compliments from a male coworker. How often does that happen, that a dude tells you how much he likes your shoes because of their unique shape and design? And then goes on to compliment you on the colour-scheme you've put together? I mean, seeing how that actually happened, how could I not blog this outfit?

Kidding aside, I have been so, so tired lately. Not physically, I can run round after round on the cross-trainer, swim lap after lap in the pool. But mentally, I'm just shattered. Trying to write emails, text messages or even comments a friend's blog takes me like, up to three tries. It's like the endless grind of taking surveys is grinding my brain to mush. And I keep having headaches, those don't help either. Gah! 

But on the bright side, a customer tried to chat me up today, over the phone. That was the high point of my day. I'd reached the bit of the survey where you take down the person's age for statistical purposes, and then he told me, as kind of an opening pick-up line: "I'm sixty-two - but I look forty-two!"  You know how sometimes you can hold a laugh in, but then suddenly it catches up on you? Soon as I'd finished that call I was sprawled all over my desk, fanning my face and trying to laugh myself to death quietly...

EDIT: I meant to write "Total BRAIN Meltdown" for the title of this post, but "Total Brian" somehow seems more appropriate... My Brian is broken, you guys...


  1. Gwen, I am with you. My brian is fred. I have been getting no sleep the last few weeks. Okay, two to three hours a night.

    At first I thought Brian was the co-worker. I love that the co-worker was enthralled with your outfit. It is awesome with its colors. This outfit would make me so happy to wear it. Today I didnot even brush my hair because I thought I was only going to see my friend and my husband. But it was a cool day with lovely unexpected visitors and outings. But, of course, the one day I don't dress to go out of the house! AndI neverdid brush my hair! : )

    I love the conversation with the 62 year old. So cute!

    I love your shoes too. And your skirt. And your sweater. And your scarf.

    Go rest brian!


    1. HAHAHA! Your Brian is Fred! That's terrible, though, about you not sleeping okay. Have you tried valerian root? It's an organic medicine that helps you relax, and doesn't contain any chemicals - I've used it to get over jetlag etc. Healthfood stores should carry it. It smells insaaanely bad, but for me it works - and I would never take sleeping pills.

      Isn't that always the way when you have a surprise visit? But you know, I almost never brush my hair. I forget, and it seems to do okay on it's own... Or do I look like a Gonk troll from the 80's, and are people just too nice to tell me that? ;)

      Glad you liked the outfit, by the way! Brian is getting some rest now. I hope Fred is too. :)