Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Tribal Hipster

Sweater: J.Crew, Shirt: Anthro, Jeans: Bossini, Shoes: Clark's, Bag: Madewell

There is this thing going on in London right now, where the young and hip roll up their trouser legs just so over their brogues. And since I just succeeded in walking in my brogues - it used to be a Little Mermaid kind of situation with me and my brogues, every step was pain, but now they are like walking on butter - well, I figured I had to get in on that hipster action. Only problem is, most of the jeans I own are Stevie Ankle jeans! Well, not that this is really a problem, exactly...  

I wore this to go to a comicking event called Ladies Do Comics - and this was a couple weeks ago, I am so slow with blogging my outfits sometimes! (Though that three months between taking these pictures in Tokyo and actually blogging them wins the no-prize, I guess.) Anyways, it's a really cool event, where female comics creators - three every time - get to talk about their work in front of other comics creators. It's also a cool opportunity to meet and network with other comics people during the break, and talk about comics and chow down on free cakes and tea. I don't even think they had any coffee, this is London, after all! 

And I was there because, well, I make comics too, with various people. I can't draw to save my life, but I can write, letter and colour the pages. So I'm looking to do a slot there, with my friend who draws the webcomic we've created together. Which is going to be scary, but if I learned one thing from doing the play, it's that everything stands and falls on your marketing. Nobody will want to read a comic if they don't know it exists, no matter how cool it is. And our comic is set in a futuristic Soviet Russia, which I personally do think is kind of cool...


  1. Gwen, you get cooler and cooler! No way that you created a comic! That is so awesome! You are right. It is all in the marketing. But how are you going to do that?! Ahhhhhh! Sounds scary. And exciting. Congratulations on being fabulous!

    And I LOVE your outfit. You look so cool. I also think that that sweater is perfect to wear to a comic event. We just purchased our tickets to Comic Con, but were only able to get Thursday and Sunday. We are hoping on the next sale to get Friday and Saturday!

    Love the pants with the top. It goes so well!


    1. Haha, thank you hon! I've been making comics off and on for years, mostly with my friend Angela who is the one that draws this one, which is called Circuit Breaker. I had this weird dream that we based the comic on, and at the time we were so in synch that she sketched the characters' faces while I was telling her about it, and got them exactly right! That's when we knew we had to make it, haha!

      OOOOH, Comic Con! It's always been a dream of mine to go there, and get a share in a table to sell our stuff - though I imagine it can be very overwhelming! And you know, I'm glad you said that about the sweater, because it echoed what I was thinking! If it's warmer next week, when they hold the next event, I'll wear my "pencil" skirt, for sure! ;)

      By the way, I hope you don't think I was being mean about the Duggars! I honestly don't mind how many kids someone has, my main uneasiness with them is that they raise their kids in such an isolated way. When they are finally released into the big bad world on their own, I'm kind of worried that they'll get eaten alive by their peers, you know? ;)