Monday, 31 March 2014

Favourite Set

Necklace: Pam Hiran c/o Sayaka, Cardigan + top: UniQlo, Trousers + Shoes: Anthropologie
Damn, but I loved wearing this outfit. I'd had this one planned in my head since before I altered the trousers, and before it was warm enough to wear it. Yes, as you can see behind me, there are finally bits of green livening up all the concrete.  

These days, I am definitely drawn to a more... mellow palette than my usual bright colours. It's like all I want to wear are variations of neutrals with some burgundy thrown in. Of course, my version of neutrals involves brocade prints and polkadots, so maybe this isn't so restful on the eye after all!

And yes, I realise I have worn these shoes with this necklace and this cardigan before. And I'm pretty sure you'll see them together again. I love how you can have "sets" like this and just sort of move them from outfit to outfit.  I did it here, and here, and I was going to do it here, too except it was too hot...

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Of Mothers and Sweaters

Sweater: Briarwood pullover, Anthro, Necklace: Pam Hiran c/o Sayaka :) ,
Cords: AG Stevies, Boots: from Norway

So my mother came to visit us for a few days, and I had no time left over for the internet... Which wasn't actually a bad thing at all, since we had a blast. She's been lonely since my dad died just before Christmas, and wanted to be alone for a while to lick her wounds, as it were - and since my choices were to let her do that, or start World War Three, she got her wish. But now, she's finally coming out of her shell a little - she's even started taking classes at the university, to finish the degree I so rudely interrupted when she had me - uh, pardon me for being born, is all I can say, heh. 

I seriously still can't believe she was only here for four days, because we packed so much into those days - we went to see the Cheapside Hoard, a cache of Elizabethan jewellery that was found in the basement of a demolished house in 1912 at the Museum of London. We saw the Vikings exhibition at the British Museum, went to St. Paul's Cathedral and ate pancakes bigger than our own heads at the Old Dutch Pancake House. Not to mention we hit up her favourite Cuban tapas bar and I got somewhat hammered on mojitos - only me, mother and Victor are both all but indestructible where alcohol is involved.  

Yup, still obsessed with this necklace - wouldn't you be? ;)

One of my favourite parts of her visit, though, was when we went to the cinema to watch The Grand Budapest Hotel. Not only did I get to introduce my mother to Wes Anderson, I also got to introduce her to Ben & Jerry's, which she'd never had before - and she loved both. She also told me about the last time she'd been to the cinema in London, and that had been back in the 1970's sometime. She and my dad caught the last performance of the day, so after the movie was done, they played God Save The Queen and everyone in the audience had to stand up! Back then, that was common practice, apparently. Times sure have changed!

Also, say hello to my brand new Briarwood sweater that I just scored on sale. I'd been stalking this one since she first hit the stores late last year, since I was in the market for a new white cable-knit sweater, and you can't go wrong with Sparrow. She's awesome, since she pretty much goes with everything, and she's soooo soft and warm! As you can see, we had some pretty torrential rains today, but my sweet Briarwood kept me nice and snug - and yes, of course my sweater is a she. Can't you tell? My cords are male though...  Of course they are. 

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Respect the Camo

Jacket: Vero Moda, Top: from Hong Kong, Trousers: from Norway, Shoes: Blowfish,
Tights: American Apparel, Necklace: Anthro, Bag: Madewell.

Why hello there! I'm currently busy being a one-woman snot factory, i.e. nursing the most annoying cold ever. Dry eyes, sore nose, the feeling that my frontal lobes are about to come out through my nostrils every time I blow my nose... That's pretty much the perfect state to take photos in, right? No?

So I'm wearing this combo because Lisa on Respect the Shoes posted the cutest Gap shirt on Instagram and  I thought it was awesome enough to buy. But guess what, the shirt isn't available in my country. I'd go outside in a thunderstorm and wave my fist at the sky, if it weren't for the fact that I'm feeling so ill. What is it with Gap not letting their cutest stuff be sold through their EU branch? Do the Americans want to keep all the cutest clothes for themselves, or something? But I had to at least try to recreate that awesome combo. 

I'm also hopping on the tortoiseshell bandwagon and wearing my new Galapagos necklace to spice things up - or give myself a bit more energy, maybe? This necklace was another thing that never made it across the pond, but luckily I was able to buy it online and ship in via a friend. If there is one thing I have in common with Bella from the Twilight series, it's that I really like the colour brown. "Brown is warm," she says in the novel, and that's probably the one thing that comes out of her mouth that I agree with. 

So yeah, check me out! When I'm not posing like a dork in other peoples' doorways, you'll find me under a blanket with the latest Mercy Thompson novel and a big mug of cocoa. And wondering if I should try to order that darn shirt from the States anyway...

Friday, 14 March 2014

Style S.O.S. - Sketchbook Dress

This is Jenni. Isn't she cute? I always have this mad urge to tickle Jenni, which is really mad because she lives in Southern California and I live in Britain. Alas, cruel world. Here she is, in the Sketchbook dress she wanted Liz and me to style - and you can find Liz's stylings of the dress here, on her blog.  

Now, ever since this jacket first showed up on her blog, I'd been thinking Jenni should pair it with that Sketchbook dress. Something told me that combo would be even cuter and more tickle-worthy than anything, especially if you kept everything else kind of modest and neutral with black accessories. And maybe tribal earrings because you know, why not, right? I should, by the way, mention that Jenni's jacket is a knock-off from this one, worn by Elise of A Beautiful Mess right here.   

Don't you just love it when you're right? It cracked me up that Jenni wore her Kissing Bunnies belt backwards for this look, because she doesn't own a plain black belt. If I'd thought of it, I'd have put that belt in there, facing front. Bunnies can only make things better! But yes, I do love the result very much! 

Next up, I decided it would be fun to do something with her puffer vest, because one of my favourite combos ever is navy and mustard. This look was hands-down inspired by Sayaka from Happily Ever Anthro, who wore a puffer vest over a dress at some point and looked pretty darn adorable doing so. I also thought I'd squeeze poor Jenni, whose accessories rule is "wedding bands plus one", I believe, out of her comfort zone by forcing her to wear all of her layering necklaces at once. Muahahaha! 

 And again, how cute does she look here, in her wedges and Katniss braid?! My favourite bit is actually the wedges, that she substituted because she could only find one of her mustard flats - a happy accident in my opinion. I'm so used to seeing Jenni in boots and flats, but doesn't she look sweet in heels, too? I have to say, I'm pleased with myself, and if I wasn't so sore from yoga class I'd be patting myself on the back right now. 

So! If you have an item that makes you scratch your head, why don't you drop me a line in the comments? And while you're at it, go check out what Liz has done with Jenni's dress over at With Wonder and Whimsy, not to MENTION check out Jenni's Secret Bonus Look that she came up with over at Gnomelover? Yes, I did  just write that out like it's a DVD blurb. But Things Look Better with Capitals, Right? 

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Luna Park

When we found ourselves in Sydney last autumn, we weren't really there to sight-see. We were there to see Victor's sister get married, hang out with his family, and do our best to survive the crazily intense heat. We did manage to snatch one day for ourselves, and one of the things we did was catch a boatride past Sydney Harbour to Luna Park. 

Luna Park is this ancient amusement park that Victor's always been wanting to show me. Mostly for the bizarre entrance shaped like a giant head - you can just see it up there. We ended up entering it from the back, because that was where the boat let us up, so that was kind of odd. 

First thing we saw was this ancient, uh, rendition of Popeye. Welcome back to the 1950's, eh? And here's the park proper, where they were selling hot-dogs and cotton candy and all sorts of traditional fairground fare. 

Everything in that park was really, really old, but very well maintained. For all I know, it's considered a national landmark over there. Now, I don't think we did try out any of the booths, but this one was kind of awesome, in all its gruesome barbershop glory. Sadly, they didn't actually sing. 

We were also accosted by the Luna Park mascots! There was a shop devoted to these creatures, believe it or not - as if you'd actually want their creepy merchandise grinning at you back at your house. 

Victor kept egging me on to get my picture with them. Now, as a child, I was never afraid of clowns, but these guys? These guys made me uneasy. After we got out, we had to get the obligatory photos in front of the entrance, because I mean, come on - it's not every day you get to be eaten by a giant face. 


Remarkably, I have had no nightmares whatsoever about Luna Park. I'm almost disappointed. 

And finally, have a picture of a cute statue of a manatee. I love that someone tucked a flower under his fin!  

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Style SOS - Pinstripe Pants

As you can see, thanks to the miracle of science, Liz and I have performed a body-swap. I am writing this from Nashville, where I have spent the day creeping Kyle out. (Jazzy won't come near me, she can sense that something's off.) Meanwhile, Liz is kicking back in London, doing some sightseeing when she's not busy scaring the bejezus out of Victor. 

Okay, so I'm kidding. But here is the first outfit I styled for Liz.  

 For her turn of Style S.O.S. Liz wanted me to cook up some different ways she could wear her pinstripe pants. And my first thought was for that gorgeous orange cardigan she was sporting on her blog a few months ago. I tried to incorporate either pieces she already owned, or thought she might like. For example, since we're both fans of The Great Gatsby, I included the Out of Pint Gatsby shirt.  

And this is how Liz ended up styling it! The funny thing was, I did actually consider this floral babydoll top, which I'd seen her wear once before. But then, I rejected it as being too busy, in favour of the graphic T-shirt. How wrong I was - doesn't this shirt look pretty with the pants and cardigan?

For her second look, I decided to go all pink and girly, since it's no mystery to anyone what Liz' favourite colour is! Any pink outfit should include her pink Marshalls wedges, I thought, and that cute Jewelscape tee she wore with a pencil skirt a while ago. The neckline of that shirt is too pretty to distract from it with a necklace, so I added massive earrings and some arm candy. And her pink biker jacket, for extra badassery. With the option to swap it out for a cardigan, if the biker jacket was a bit much.

And again, I lurve the final result! I love how Liz used the sash to sort of tie everything together. No pun intended! This second look, especially, feels very "Liz" to me, don't you think? I loved how they both turned out, and I had so much fun styling your pants, Liz, so thanks for playing along!

Monday, 3 March 2014


That's what Victor said, when I asked him what he thought of my pants. And he told me they make my legs look like upholstery. Upholstery-legs. Ah well. He hasn't actually voiced any seething hatred of them, the way he did of my Bagatelle Buttondown when he saw it in the store and declared it looked like something Ronald McDonald would wear. (But by the time I'd bought it, he'd forgotten about the shirt entirely. Men!) But yeah, he doesn't hate them. I guess he just doesn't get them? Poor, misunderstood upholstery pants. 

I've had these pants for absolutely ages, of course. They went on sale late last summer, I think, and since they weren't available in my country, I had to ship them via a sweet, helpful friend in the States. And when I got them, I realized I had to take the hems down because they were juuuust that little bit too short on my tall self. This little modification only took me a few months. Doing it wasn't hard, but deciding to do it? Yeah. 

I woke up this Saturday and immediately knew I needed to wear these pants with this pink shirt, and my pendant from Sayaka. So that's what I did. I have like, five other upholstery pants planned in my head. So this should be exciting. Or boring, if you get tired of seeing me wear the same stuff over and over and over... 

Oh and was I having a good hair day here, or what?! I mean, I hate to honk my own horn, or whatever the expression is, but my hair sure did something right on Saturday.