Thursday, 13 March 2014

Luna Park

When we found ourselves in Sydney last autumn, we weren't really there to sight-see. We were there to see Victor's sister get married, hang out with his family, and do our best to survive the crazily intense heat. We did manage to snatch one day for ourselves, and one of the things we did was catch a boatride past Sydney Harbour to Luna Park. 

Luna Park is this ancient amusement park that Victor's always been wanting to show me. Mostly for the bizarre entrance shaped like a giant head - you can just see it up there. We ended up entering it from the back, because that was where the boat let us up, so that was kind of odd. 

First thing we saw was this ancient, uh, rendition of Popeye. Welcome back to the 1950's, eh? And here's the park proper, where they were selling hot-dogs and cotton candy and all sorts of traditional fairground fare. 

Everything in that park was really, really old, but very well maintained. For all I know, it's considered a national landmark over there. Now, I don't think we did try out any of the booths, but this one was kind of awesome, in all its gruesome barbershop glory. Sadly, they didn't actually sing. 

We were also accosted by the Luna Park mascots! There was a shop devoted to these creatures, believe it or not - as if you'd actually want their creepy merchandise grinning at you back at your house. 

Victor kept egging me on to get my picture with them. Now, as a child, I was never afraid of clowns, but these guys? These guys made me uneasy. After we got out, we had to get the obligatory photos in front of the entrance, because I mean, come on - it's not every day you get to be eaten by a giant face. 


Remarkably, I have had no nightmares whatsoever about Luna Park. I'm almost disappointed. 

And finally, have a picture of a cute statue of a manatee. I love that someone tucked a flower under his fin!  

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