Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Respect the Camo

Jacket: Vero Moda, Top: from Hong Kong, Trousers: from Norway, Shoes: Blowfish,
Tights: American Apparel, Necklace: Anthro, Bag: Madewell.

Why hello there! I'm currently busy being a one-woman snot factory, i.e. nursing the most annoying cold ever. Dry eyes, sore nose, the feeling that my frontal lobes are about to come out through my nostrils every time I blow my nose... That's pretty much the perfect state to take photos in, right? No?

So I'm wearing this combo because Lisa on Respect the Shoes posted the cutest Gap shirt on Instagram and  I thought it was awesome enough to buy. But guess what, the shirt isn't available in my country. I'd go outside in a thunderstorm and wave my fist at the sky, if it weren't for the fact that I'm feeling so ill. What is it with Gap not letting their cutest stuff be sold through their EU branch? Do the Americans want to keep all the cutest clothes for themselves, or something? But I had to at least try to recreate that awesome combo. 

I'm also hopping on the tortoiseshell bandwagon and wearing my new Galapagos necklace to spice things up - or give myself a bit more energy, maybe? This necklace was another thing that never made it across the pond, but luckily I was able to buy it online and ship in via a friend. If there is one thing I have in common with Bella from the Twilight series, it's that I really like the colour brown. "Brown is warm," she says in the novel, and that's probably the one thing that comes out of her mouth that I agree with. 

So yeah, check me out! When I'm not posing like a dork in other peoples' doorways, you'll find me under a blanket with the latest Mercy Thompson novel and a big mug of cocoa. And wondering if I should try to order that darn shirt from the States anyway...


  1. Ha! It's funny that you say Americans are hoarding all the good clothes for themselves because I feel the same way about UK fashions! It seems like there are so many more plus-size retailers and really colorful, fun pieces. The grass is always greener, isn't it?

    Anyways - love your subtle print mixing here with the camo and stripes. The moto jacket is my favorite piece. I love my pink one and am thinking about getting another in a second color. I also just bought a denim jacket, so I am in a jacket frenzy! They're amazing when they're stylish and fit! I used to avoid jackets because I thought they were restricting and functional only as outerwear. But my pink moto and denim jacket have taught me that outerwear can be FUNctional! Oh goodness, I should go....lol

    Also - that last pose. Love it! Ba-boom!

    Hope you feel better! Get that nasty out of your system!

    <3 Liz

    1. Yes! The grass is totally always greener. Though for the record I'm happy to act as middle man if you *do* wanna buy something from the UK.

      Moto jackets come with my heartfelt stamp of approval. What would you go for - black, brown, grey perhaps, to go with your hair? I have a massive love of jackets, I'll even swap out blazers for cardigans and wear a bigger coat on top. Fun and Functional, indeed! ;) And no, you shouldn't go anywhere - I'm the one who owns a pencil pencil skirt here... ;)

      And yeah, that last pose turned out so silly I just had to save it for last. :)

  2. Feel better, Gwen! Although I would never believe you were sick from these awesome photos! I love the pop of blue! You gals from across the pond are experts at fabulous eclectic dressing. Is it in your genes? Is it learned at a young age! I want it!!! I mean, I am still matching my shoes and belt. How boring, right? lol

    1. Thanks hon! It's so funny you should say that because I totally learned to dress myself from American style blogs. Though as for my eclectic dress sense, it probably comes from having no money as a teenager and buying everything at thrift stores. Matching your shoes and belt isn't boring - it's tres chic! (European, right there. ;)

  3. Oh no! I thought cold season was done! I hope you feel better soon. I would much rather have the flu than the cold. I hate not being able to breathe! Hey, feel free to ship the shirt to me. I am not not Instagram, but that shirt sounds cute!

    I love your outfit! It is so cute. I love the pop of blue in the socks. That necklace is gorgeous! I think it will go with so many things. Hmmm. Especially a certain deer shirt?! ; )


    1. I still kind of sound and feel like Steve Urkel, haha. Thanks for the kind offer, I'm taking you up on it! That already makes me feel miles better, haha.

      DUDE that necklace plus the deer shirt is genius! I will SO do that!! :)

  4. Firstly, so sorry to hear about your cold. I've had a few awful ones this year. But on a good note, you look SO adorable!! I love this outfit! As for your question? No Fossil feature yet, although I'm slowly starting to work with them. So ya never know!! ;) Happiest week, lovey!! xoxo

    1. Thanks so much Veronika! I'm still sick, which is ridiculous, but at least I'm a lot less sick. How one human can produce so much snot is beyond me, haha. Fingers crossed for a Fossil feature sometime, that would be beyond cool.