Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Style SOS - Pinstripe Pants

As you can see, thanks to the miracle of science, Liz and I have performed a body-swap. I am writing this from Nashville, where I have spent the day creeping Kyle out. (Jazzy won't come near me, she can sense that something's off.) Meanwhile, Liz is kicking back in London, doing some sightseeing when she's not busy scaring the bejezus out of Victor. 

Okay, so I'm kidding. But here is the first outfit I styled for Liz.  

 For her turn of Style S.O.S. Liz wanted me to cook up some different ways she could wear her pinstripe pants. And my first thought was for that gorgeous orange cardigan she was sporting on her blog a few months ago. I tried to incorporate either pieces she already owned, or thought she might like. For example, since we're both fans of The Great Gatsby, I included the Out of Pint Gatsby shirt.  

And this is how Liz ended up styling it! The funny thing was, I did actually consider this floral babydoll top, which I'd seen her wear once before. But then, I rejected it as being too busy, in favour of the graphic T-shirt. How wrong I was - doesn't this shirt look pretty with the pants and cardigan?

For her second look, I decided to go all pink and girly, since it's no mystery to anyone what Liz' favourite colour is! Any pink outfit should include her pink Marshalls wedges, I thought, and that cute Jewelscape tee she wore with a pencil skirt a while ago. The neckline of that shirt is too pretty to distract from it with a necklace, so I added massive earrings and some arm candy. And her pink biker jacket, for extra badassery. With the option to swap it out for a cardigan, if the biker jacket was a bit much.

And again, I lurve the final result! I love how Liz used the sash to sort of tie everything together. No pun intended! This second look, especially, feels very "Liz" to me, don't you think? I loved how they both turned out, and I had so much fun styling your pants, Liz, so thanks for playing along!


  1. Oh I love all three of these looks! Liz, you are so gorgeous. I think you can wear any color and it is beautiful on you! That orange sweater is the perfect color. Hmmmm... I want to copycat both looks. I do think my favorite is the last one. Pretty in Pink. Great styling, Gwen!

    1. Thanks, hon! And yeah, I agree - it's that porcelain skin of hers, isn't it, that makes all those different colours look equally lovely on Liz. :)

  2. I love the looks you came up with for Liz. They are so good. Liz was right when she said that you are good at pattern mixing. You always do the coolest combos!

    I like the orange combo the best, too. That color is just so good!

    I am so excited about the dress you guys are doing. I am helpless with it!

    You look beautiful (as always!) Liz!


    1. Thanks, Jenni! I think the orange outfit is my fave too, actually. Next week, you'll get our ideas for your dress, hope I can come up with something snazzy! ;)