Friday, 14 March 2014

Style S.O.S. - Sketchbook Dress

This is Jenni. Isn't she cute? I always have this mad urge to tickle Jenni, which is really mad because she lives in Southern California and I live in Britain. Alas, cruel world. Here she is, in the Sketchbook dress she wanted Liz and me to style - and you can find Liz's stylings of the dress here, on her blog.  

Now, ever since this jacket first showed up on her blog, I'd been thinking Jenni should pair it with that Sketchbook dress. Something told me that combo would be even cuter and more tickle-worthy than anything, especially if you kept everything else kind of modest and neutral with black accessories. And maybe tribal earrings because you know, why not, right? I should, by the way, mention that Jenni's jacket is a knock-off from this one, worn by Elise of A Beautiful Mess right here.   

Don't you just love it when you're right? It cracked me up that Jenni wore her Kissing Bunnies belt backwards for this look, because she doesn't own a plain black belt. If I'd thought of it, I'd have put that belt in there, facing front. Bunnies can only make things better! But yes, I do love the result very much! 

Next up, I decided it would be fun to do something with her puffer vest, because one of my favourite combos ever is navy and mustard. This look was hands-down inspired by Sayaka from Happily Ever Anthro, who wore a puffer vest over a dress at some point and looked pretty darn adorable doing so. I also thought I'd squeeze poor Jenni, whose accessories rule is "wedding bands plus one", I believe, out of her comfort zone by forcing her to wear all of her layering necklaces at once. Muahahaha! 

 And again, how cute does she look here, in her wedges and Katniss braid?! My favourite bit is actually the wedges, that she substituted because she could only find one of her mustard flats - a happy accident in my opinion. I'm so used to seeing Jenni in boots and flats, but doesn't she look sweet in heels, too? I have to say, I'm pleased with myself, and if I wasn't so sore from yoga class I'd be patting myself on the back right now. 

So! If you have an item that makes you scratch your head, why don't you drop me a line in the comments? And while you're at it, go check out what Liz has done with Jenni's dress over at With Wonder and Whimsy, not to MENTION check out Jenni's Secret Bonus Look that she came up with over at Gnomelover? Yes, I did  just write that out like it's a DVD blurb. But Things Look Better with Capitals, Right? 


  1. Hey girl! Thank you so much! I loved your styles that you picked for me. They were so fun. And, yes, definitely pushed me far out of my comfort zone. Good thing I had a vest that looked like a life vest to save me from drowning in the tears of over-accessorizing. Ha! Actually, I ended up LOVING ALL THE NECKLACES (caps are better!) worn together, And I will definitely be doing that again.

    You also helped me rediscover my wedges! How fun!

    Thank you again! You and Liz are the best! I hope you continue to do this. It is my favorite. I love seeing the styles you guys come up with for each other.

    It is fun! And I love fun!

    Still waiting for that tickle!


    1. Hey girl...! (Said in my best Ryan Gosling voice.) I've said this before, but I really enjoyed dressing you up like you were my human doll. So we should do this again soon - and you should have a go at dressing me, too, in outfits featuring that super ugly shirt you don't like. ;)

      I'm pretty impressed you can walk in wedges, actually. I totter and panic! I have the cutest pair of Pilcro wedges, but they just sit there and gather dust... what's your shoe size? Because these are a size 9, and so help me, if they fit you I'll see if I can afford to mail them to you... :)

  2. Okay, now I need this dress. I'm on the hunt for breastfeeding friendly frocks and this one looks like it may work. Too bad it's sold out:(

    I love the yellow and navy together. Those shoes are gorgeous!

    1. Ebay? It would look really cute on you, Kristin, so I hope you can find it! And yes, mustard and navy for the win! ;)