Monday, 3 March 2014


That's what Victor said, when I asked him what he thought of my pants. And he told me they make my legs look like upholstery. Upholstery-legs. Ah well. He hasn't actually voiced any seething hatred of them, the way he did of my Bagatelle Buttondown when he saw it in the store and declared it looked like something Ronald McDonald would wear. (But by the time I'd bought it, he'd forgotten about the shirt entirely. Men!) But yeah, he doesn't hate them. I guess he just doesn't get them? Poor, misunderstood upholstery pants. 

I've had these pants for absolutely ages, of course. They went on sale late last summer, I think, and since they weren't available in my country, I had to ship them via a sweet, helpful friend in the States. And when I got them, I realized I had to take the hems down because they were juuuust that little bit too short on my tall self. This little modification only took me a few months. Doing it wasn't hard, but deciding to do it? Yeah. 

I woke up this Saturday and immediately knew I needed to wear these pants with this pink shirt, and my pendant from Sayaka. So that's what I did. I have like, five other upholstery pants planned in my head. So this should be exciting. Or boring, if you get tired of seeing me wear the same stuff over and over and over... 

Oh and was I having a good hair day here, or what?! I mean, I hate to honk my own horn, or whatever the expression is, but my hair sure did something right on Saturday.


  1. Your hair does look fab! I love it! Super sexy!

    Those pants are awesome. Don't husbands say the funniest things? My husband is constantly diagnosing my clothes with the weirdest terms. I just have to laugh at it.

    I love the pink and grey that you paired with this. It is wonderful.

    Can't wait to see the other ways you style these. I love them!


    1. Hm, well we do both like clothes that are slightly quirky and unusual - maybe your guy is like Victor, and likes wearing more neutral, boring stuff? And that makes our fashions look even crazier to them? ;)

      Glad you liked the outfit - and my hair! ;) I think for these pants, I have to be careful with what I pair them with, because I have a feeling brighter colours might overwhelm them... we shall see!

  2. I really like your "upholstery pants". And you look fabulous in them!! They're actually pretty subtle. Men can be so odd about our clothes. Usually I think we women dress for each other and not the men in our lives anyway. If my husband doesn't like something I am wearing I figure it is because he doesn't understand what is in style and is 5 years behind the times. lol

    1. You know, I can't remember their official name - brocade something? They will always be the upholstery pants to me now! ;) And I think you are so right, I almost always get more fluttery when I get a compliment from a woman than when I get one from a man. (Unless said man is my husband.) Haha!
      I am in Norway right now, and Norway literally IS five years behind the times, fashion wise! Your husband might like it! :P But kidding aside, people literally wear black, white and jeans around here. I always get the side-eye!