Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Kiss, Kiss

T-shirt: J.Crew, Cardigan: Old Navy, Camo trousers: Lindex (in Norway), Shoes: Clark's

Last summer, when this T-shirt was all over the internet, I sighed over it and moved on, since I could neither afford to buy the real thing, nor import it from America. Fast-forward to Christmas, when Victor and I were in San Francisco and just happened to wander into a J.Crew. There it was, on sale for next to nothing! Of course, it was winter and this shirt has roughly the same consistency as tissue paper, so I couldn't exactly wear it outside...
Until now!  

This post was inspired by reading the Madewell blog, as you do, and coming across an entry that basically said, roughen up a cute tee with army pants. So I did. Of course I'm nowhere close to the minimalist awesomeness of the Madewell model since I had to go and add a red scarf and electric blue cardigan, but what can I say. Nowegian independence day is coming up, so I feel like wearing the colours of my now and then. Since I can't afford a national costume, ahem. 

Also, do you ever have that thing where you're completely obsessed with a certain accessory and just want to use it over and over? I feel that way about these bangles right now. I just love wearing them together, since you know, one is striped and the other one is floral. The striped one was part of a set one of my friends and I discovered years ago at Topshop - she only liked the other bracelet, and I only liked this one, so we  decided that worked out nicely and split the cost. Neat, huh?

Monday, 28 April 2014

"Hello, hello!"

Coat & sunnies: H&M, old, Top: Madewell, Westport Cargos: Anthro, Boots: Anthro, old.
Birthday money + birthday discount = I buy myself expensive cargo pants. But you guys, you have no idea how many years I've been searching for the perfect cargo pants, and these are it. The in-store brand is called "Hei Hei", which actually means "Hello, hello" in Norwegian. That's just a fun fact, and not at all my justification for getting them. That would be insane. 

Speaking of insane, this afternoon I reorganised our storage cupboard, which Victor keeps well stocked in case of the apocalypse or the rapture or whatever. If I count add it all up, we have 36 toilet rolls, five large packets of tissues, and five kitchen rolls. That includes a six-pack of loo-roll I found in the back of the closet. I've told him he's not allowed to buy more toilet paper for a while, and then I made him come out and look at it all. He gets it from his dad, I swear...

Also, my lunch today was ramen and bacon. Even for me, that's a tad eccentric. But that was what we had in, so... Then, Victor comes home and declares he wants us to just have ramen for dinner. With Frankfurters.  Which I grudgingly agreed to - except I had udon with my sausages. Gotta have some variation in your diet, after all...*

So, uh, what's new with you lately?

*...and a home-made green juice, so I did get some veg in me, really... swearsies...

Sunday, 27 April 2014

My First Peplum

Jacket: Bossini, Peplum top: Anthro, Scarf: Gap, Jeggings: UniQlo, Shoes: Clark's.

So "my first peplum" is a bit like "my first Barbie", no? To me, anyway, both are equally memorable because both are things I spent years thinking I couldn't have. My parents didn't approve of Barbie dolls - and I get their reasoning 100% - but you know, all my friends had them, and I thought they were so pretty. So my first Barbie, I bought at age 10 for some of my holiday money when my family stayed in Germany. She was from a grocery store and cost next to nothing, and I remember my mom sighing and saying, "Well, it is your money..."             

I call this pose the Double-Sided Teapot.

Anyway, I never thought I'd see the day when I'd be wearing a peplum, because childbearing hips + peplum usually = I look enormous. But somehow, I felt all right in this particular top. Maybe it's because the little skirt hits me in the right spot, or because the spots are angled differently on the sides - you can tell a lot of thought went into the construction of this top. Since it's a little cold for bare arms yet, I paired it with this slouchy blazer I got in Hong Kong a few years ago. This jacket is seriously weird, but I love it! 

Finally, I should note that this outfit, thanks to it being April and the weather being so unpredictable, is responsible for me catching the Flu of Epic Death. I have this really interesting cough now - I'll be completely still, then I'll sort of be barking for a few seconds, often just the one loud cough at a time - and then I'll be quiet again. But I have hot tea and Game of Thrones to distract me from my miserable cough, so it's not too bad! 

Thursday, 24 April 2014


Dress, belt & booties: Anthropologie, Scarf: from the night market in Taipei.
 Yeah, so let's face it, I don't look too intelligent in these pictures. I look like I'm thinking something along the lines of, "I like trees." My packpack also adds that little touch of Hungarian nerd chic, but oh well. This outfit was slightly accidental, I mean we were on holiday so I am wearing two of my packing staples that always come on holiday with me - my black blazer and leopard print scarf. Maybe I should have taken the scarf off, but then again, I kind of like the whole crazy "cat-on-cat" vibe. In fact, I want to wear it with my leopard belt and flats next - is that nuts?! 

These phone pictures - we decided to leave our camera at home because of the weight, plus we've been to Budapest before - were taken on my birthday. Waaah! I'm old! But as my mother icily once told me when I whined about getting older, "What's the alternative?" Well, obviously the alternative is to lay down and die, Mommykins. And obviously I don't plan on doing that.  Is what I didn't reply. But I was sorely tempted, hah! (My mother is awesome, by the way! She just has a low tolerance for pointless angst.) 

Also, this dress, you guys! It's finally warm enough for me to wear it! I fell madly in love with it in the December catalog last year, but it was only available in the States, plus I couldn't afford it at full price anyway... so there was a lot of hoopla before I was actually lucky enough to hold it in my hands! I have to say, though, I think I'm going to take the hem down. When you've just come face-to-face with impending old-lady-hood and your legs are thiiis long, you start thinking about things like decent skirt lengths. Luckily there is a huge chunk of spare material under the hem, so it shouldn't be too hard... 

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

One last time...

Jacket: Vero Moda, Top: Madewell, Skirt: Oasis, Booties: Anthro, Necklace: from Sayaka :) .

So here it is, my final stripes and florals outfit - for a little while, anyway! This is one of my three new skirts, by the way - from a British chain store called Oasis. I don't normally shop there, but when I walked past their shop window and saw this skirt, I was sold! These long floral pencil skirts are everywhere this season, aren't they? 

It was so bright that day, you can barely see the pendant Sayaka gave me against my top!
I was going to post this outfit before Easter rolled around, but I just plain old ran out of time. So, what do you think? At first, I felt it was really "off " in the proportions, and that it just detracted from the sleek length of the skirt made me look blocky. After having worn it for a while though, I started to like it and feel like it worked - but does it really?

So anyway, we spent our Easter in Budapest, which was just lovely! Normally, we go there in the winter, so going there when the weather was actually pleasant was a lovely change! We had such an action-packed few days - we rented bikes and rode them around the city, went to the thermal baths, took a boatride on the Danube river and went on a guided tour of the opera house...  

With one exception, all of our favourite eateries had survived since the last time we were there, too! So we got to have dinner at our favourite restaurant, M Etterem, where the chef cooks whatever he feels like that day, and you get the option to take it or leave it. And we found a new place, this awesome juicing cafe where I discovered the only green juice I've ever liked - spinach, strawberries, apple, cucumber and pineapple. Guess who's off to buy the ingredients and try to recreate this masterpiece? Wish me luck, haha!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Stripes and Comic Books

Jacket & shoes: Anthro, Top: J.Crew, Skirt: Cath Kidston, Scarf: gifted - all of them old. ;)

 I wish it hadn't been quite so cold the day I wore this outfit - what you don't see here is the other jacket I had to wear on top of this one. I couldn't even bear to take my scarf off. Yes, I am one sad excuse for a Viking. Anyway, for my second day of stripes and florals, I dug out this skirt last seen in Carcassonne, I believe...  In fact, everything I'm wearing here is kind of old, same as my last outfit. It makes me happy, that I can keep on finding new ways of styling clothes that I've had for ages - and this is especially true for something that's spent the winter in storage, the way this skirt did.
(Hence the wrinkles - sorry about those!)

If we're pals on Instagram, you may have seen the stuff I'm working on now... comics! When I started this blog, I thought, let's only focus on the fashion stuff and not mention any of the other stuff I do... like the play I put on last year, and now, the comic books I'm involved with making. But yeah, somehow I have a hard time keeping it all separated, and since I'm neck deep in this comics stuff at the moment, let's talk comics!

Right now, my friends and I are working hard to get this short anthology finished in time for a comics expo in May. It's based on an idea I had after going to a lecture about the Japanese village that was constructed in Victorian London as a tourist attraction... The village burned down, and one person died in the fire. They rebuilt it all, but were eventually shut down anyway. It's completely bonkers, and completely true! 

After the lecture, my friend and I went for lunch, and I blurted out that wouldn't it be fun to do a four-part story about four very different villagers, and call it The Village People? Each story would have their initial as their title - Y, M, Chi - that would be the story of the guy that died, because I love me a bad pun - and A. 

Many rewrites later, we had the characters and their stories. Yoshitoki the umbrella maker, who will go to crazy lengths to cheer up his morose little son. Shy girl Miho who makes hair ornaments, and falls in love with the beautiful Miss Emily. Chiba Chosuke the Kabuki dancer who is murdered, and not killed in the fire at all. And Ando the Shinto priest, who is hired to exorcise his old friend Chosuke from the theatre he is haunting. So there you go - if you think you can out-dork me now, I'd love to see you try!*

*Kidding. I'm such a ridiculous nerd, I'm just happy to have passable social skills...  

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Florals and Sarcasm.

Sweater: Esprit, Jeans: UniQlo, Booties: Anthro, Necklace: Thrifted - all old as the hills. 
In the world of style blogging, stripes and florals may be old hat. But in the real world of sarcastic friends, it's pretty far-out and radical, dude. My friend A, who will never fail to point it out if she doesn't like what I'm wearing, did quite the double-take when she saw me in this. "Florals and stripes," I explained, feeling like I was speaking some kind of foreign language that's even weirder than Norwegian. "It's a thing."

Spring always makes me dig out my florals and squee over them, and so I decided to put together a whole bunch of outfits with stripes and florals. And by a whole bunch, I mean three, which is what I've managed so far. A bunch is more than a couple, you know. Semantics. 

Oh, and guess what? My friend didn't end up ridiculing me for wearing this combo! She told me, "Oh, you're quite co-ordinated, actually." Took me a minute to realise she meant my necklace, the one that I'd picked up on a whim at the thrift store back in my home town. So the necklace rescued the whole outfit. Not to mention it rescued me from sarcasm, which is always a good thing.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

The Sisterhood of Cath

Skirt: Cath Kidston, Cardigan: J.Crew, Shirt: Gap, Booties & beanie: Anthro
 So I have a lot of skirts. You will probably agree with me that I need a new skirt like I need a hole in the head - that's why it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that so far this spring, I have amassed three. This is one of them. You have no idea how long I waited for this baby to go on sale - I think I actually since early last autumn! Cath Kidston do more homewares than clothes, and I have to admit not all of their stuff is to my taste, but every once in a while... They will produce something so cute that my head literally explodes. 

Then, after I've put the bits of my head back together with duct tape and epoxy glue (long hair is useful for this - it hides the cracks), then I have to decide if I'm prepared to pay full price, or if I'm happy to wait and chance it, because not all their items make it to sale. I did actually cave and buy something full price there this one time -  but usually, I hold out. There was a horse dress last year that still makes my soul hurt a little when I think of it - so damn cute, and it sold out so fast. But this skirt - nobody but me loved this skirt, it seems! There were literally piles of them on the sale. 

Now, here in the UK, there is a bit of an unofficial sisterhood going on where all things Cath are concerned. The best icebreaker on the first day of a new job is if you clock a colleague's Cath Kidston bag and go, "Ah, Cath!" in a sly way. (The bags are cute, by the way - flowers, polkadots, that sort of thing. I may own a couple of those too. Ahem.) You will instantly have a new friend. This also happens on the bus, on the tube - and in a department store last Saturday, when I wore this outfit. Two ladies who were working in the furniture department had apparently spent a while trying to decide if this skirt was Cath - before one of them had to come up and ask me. 

The only downside of Cath? Victor isn't exactly a fan. He doesn't hate it quite as much as he hates cats, but it comes close. We actually had to go to the Cath store today to get a sweater storage bag (they are amazing for keeping your clothes in - and the patterns are cute, as always). I found the item and went straight to the till to pay, so that he wouldn't have to spend too long in "floral, paisley hell" as he calls it. While he was waiting for me and sort of idly looking around, a sales assistant came up and asked him if he was okay. To which he replied, "I'm a man. In Cath Kidston. Do you think I'm okay?!" This was followed by the sort of manic cackle you would normally associate with Dracula. I just barely managed to apologise to the poor woman before I practically fell out the door laughing. 

They actually have a bench outside, you know. A pretty red one. For all the bored husbands. He just chooses not to use it. 

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Just Your Average Sunday

T-shirt: Rachel Antonoff, Cardigan: Warehouse, Cords: AG Stevies, Boots: Anthro
This outfit, inspired entirely by one I found on Pinterest (guilty!) was nice and comfy for a Sunday spent chilling out together. We went out for a walk, then grabbed breakfast at a cafe. All very mundane, I'm sure, but that's why it was so lovely! We've also been exploring a bit further out from where we live lately, and our latest find is a bicycle repair shop that also makes smoothies and fruit juice. So obviosuly, it's the most hipstery place in the world, but nice juice is nice juice. Sorry about my squinty eyes, by the way! I took these photos early in the morning, and the sun was blazing

These cords are light grey, by the way - not white! That's how bright that sunshine was...

Another thing that happened was that Victor played Grand Theft Auto and I watched him do it. Oh, I was going to read, but when he's playing GTA I'm like a dog with a TV in the room, I can't look away.  I'll be pointing and staying, "Don't go there, - go there!" like a total backseat driver. It's even got to the point where I had a GTA-inspired dream the other night. Victor and I were characters in one of the side missions. I suppose I brought this on myself since I'm the one who bought him the game...

And we ended the day with one of the least intelligent conversations in the world. For some reason, we started talking about Charlie Sheen, all the interesting things he likes to say (diplomat, me), and his family. 
When I said that I respect how least Emilio Estevez didn't take his dad's name, but tried to make it on his own, Victor had some surprising news for me.

 "Don't you know that's their real name? "Sheen" is just a stage name." This mildly blew my mind, I thought Charlie Sheen's billing as "Carlos Estevez" in that Machete movie was a either a nod to his bro, or him just not wanting to feel left out since the rest of the cast all had Latin names.
"Huh," I said. "So he took the same stage name as his dad!" Now, in Norway, if someone looks like their dad's mini-me, we say they've been blown out of their dad's nose. Charming, I know. And it was late, and languages were kind of blending together in my brain, so what I said was, "Because he's like a snot-booger blown out of Martin Sheen's nose!" 

There was a long break, then Victor said, "Snot is the same thing as booger, honey."    

It kills me that he's always right. 

Monday, 7 April 2014

A Sweatery Farewell

Sweater & trousers: Anthropologie, Booties: from Norway, Bag: Madewell
These pictures are from like, last week - mere days before it got really warm, and I decided sweater season was officially over. Every single woollen sweater I own went into storage, including this one. So this post was supposed to be a sort of sweatery farewell to Briarwood and the rest of the gang. Well, guess what? April is being April, and today it's cold and raining, and I'm probably going to have to go dig out a couple of those sweaters again... darn it!  

You know how it's responsible shopping if you put together at least three, but preferably five outfits in your head with stuff you already own and the item you're considering? Well, this was one of those outfits when I was getting this sweater. And I'm really, really happy with how it turned out! Next up, I want to wear these trousers with a certain slogan tee and a funky blazer of some sort. 

Oh, but more importantly, is anybody else ready for Game of Thrones tonight? I read all the books years ago, so of course I more-or-less know what's going to happen next, but I still can't wait! Victor wants to do his usual nonsense thing of saving up all the episodes so we can watch them all in one glorious binge - but I'm refusing to go along with that. Soon as that first episode is up for streaming, we're watching it. And don't worry, we buy the dvd's afterwards - it's only temporary piracy. Game of Thrones and The Hobbit are the only DVD's we've bought in forever though, I guess in this household we are only prepared to spend money on epic fantasy...

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Not That Kind of Guy

Dress: Wallis, Cardigan: UniQlo, Necklace: from Sayaka :), Shoes: Anthro, Bag: Madewell
 This is a date night outfit from last Saturday. I'd been helping my friend and spiritual baby sister move out of her studio, and we'd been carrying art supplies and her drawing board and what felt like five thousand books down this fire escape, before playing tetris with it to make it fit in her car... She and I ended up having fish and chips at her new local pub, by that point we were like starving animals. Then, my sister looked down at her plate of food while eating and proclaimed the following spontaneous poem:
"Oh fish. You're so delish." You can see why we've decided we're siblings, eh?

By the time I got back, I was about ready to fall on my face and sleep. My back was hurting, my brain was broken, and I was nice and full from my enormous helping of fish and chips. But noooo, my man wanted a daaaate. So after a quick shower to get rid of the grime, I yanked out this dress, and paired it with my favourite set of matchy-matchy things, and off we went. And we had a lovely date, even though eating a burger when you're already full is not the easiest thing to do, haha. I still did it, though. 

On our way home, we walked past three elderly drunks sitting propped up against a building. We are talking ancient, weathered salt-of-the-earth cockney guys, here. Two of them were passing a bottle back and forth, but the third guy was holding a paper cup and looking hopeful. He'd probably had a swig or two himself, because when we walked past, instead of asking for money, he called out to Victor: "Hey mate, want to make some money?" Immediately, he realised what he'd said, and while his two companions and I started laughing, Victor replied, "Sorry, man! I'm not that kind of guy!" 

This sent the other two into a full-on, gasping-for-air laughing fit, even the guy with the cup started laughing. Victor was in his element, letting go of my hand so he could clutch both hands over his butt and yell, "Exit only, mate! Exit only!" While we walked away, laughing and waving, the old drunk shouted after us, "That's why I like you, mate! Cause you're funny!"

I guess that's two things I love about my husband... That he is the funniest human being I know, and that he's so much of a human being that he had the heart to laugh and kid around with some old homeless men as if they were old friends of his. 

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Dorky Rock Concert Outfit

Blazer: Vero Moda, Top: Madewell, Pants: UniQlo, Booties: from Norway
 Please excuse my squinty eyes - these pictures were taken the morning after, as it were. The morning after my friend and I went to see the band called Vamps, on a whim. Now, Vamps is a band that was founded by Hyde, the singer and front man of one of my all-time favourite bands, L'arc en Ciel, and a guy called KAZ who is the guitarist of another band called Oblivion Dust (who I'd never heard of before, but now I'm going to hunt down a CD or two). My friend showed up at my house with a flyer a couple of weeks ago, saying these guys were playing in Camden, one night only. And we immediately decided we needed to go see this. (Even though I don't fancy Hyde at all, I fancy Ken. Ahem.)

The concert was great, of course. They played in front of a huge skull banner emblazoned with the band's tongue-in-cheek motto: Sex, Blood, Rock'n'Roll. (Of course, they would be massive Sex Pistols Fans.) Hyde is the most mesmerising singer anyway, and to go with the vampire theme, he wore glowing red contact lenses. Glaring out over the audience, he would cry out, "Who shall I eat?!" There was a bass guitarist who was insane, with the biggest Asian man-'fro I have seen in my life, dancing around while he played. And KAZ the guitarist even did this insane trick at one point where he swung his guitar around his entire body using the strap - my jaw just dropped. And the music was great - at one point, they even did a cover of that David Bowie song, "Life On Mars", that just sent chills down your spine.  

About halfway through the gig, women started throwing underwear up on the stage. Hyde looked bemused as he picked up a black pair of panties adorned with beads, and carefully draped them over the microphone, while a white bra landed on top of the bass guitarist's 'fro. He left it there for a while, and just danced around with this bra on his head. Women were literally ripping their underwear off while the band played, and I just bet these guys would go back to their wives in Japan a few days later and be all, "You won't believe what the audience in London was like!" I'm actually not sure who had the most fun, the band or the audience... 

And yes, I realise that wearing a blazer to the kind of gig where bras fly through the air was kind of lame. I'll know better neck time the Vamps are in town!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Like a Kid with New Toys...

Cardigan: Vero Moda, Top & bag: Madewell, Crescent Necklace, cords & shoes: Anthro
Normally, it'd be a few days between when I wear an outfit and when I post it, but today, a certain package arrived in the mail. And I was literally there in the living room stripping out of the shirt I was wearing so I could wear this one instead. See, a while ago this cute top went on sale at Madewell, AND this gorgeous crescent moon necklace appeared on the US Anthro site, and since it wasn't possible to get them delivered to the UK, I asked Liz from With Wonder and Whimsy if she wouldn't mind receiving them for me and posting them to me. THANK YOU LIZ! Like a child with new toys, I had to wear everything at once!

 Now, let's be honest here - I adore the shirt, and felt really good wearing it. But, it does make me look a bit like a Lego block, no? So I am genuinely in the market for some advice on how to wear this in a flattering way. I'm thinking over something slinkier, like a fitted pencil skirt, or (gasp!) jeggings, or under a blazer (a polka dot one, heh), but if you have any other ideas I'd be very happy! I snapped these in a hurry, by the way, so I'm sorry if the necklace doesn't show up in all its bohemian half moon glory! 

And yes, it was SO WARM today! I could wear short sleeves outside without a jacket, and shoes without socks! (Hello, tastefully pale feet. You are the colour of chicken fillets, but then, so is the rest of me after this long winter.) Tomorrow we'll probably be back to our usual London fare of grey skies and cold winds, but at least everything is green now, yay!