Monday, 7 April 2014

A Sweatery Farewell

Sweater & trousers: Anthropologie, Booties: from Norway, Bag: Madewell
These pictures are from like, last week - mere days before it got really warm, and I decided sweater season was officially over. Every single woollen sweater I own went into storage, including this one. So this post was supposed to be a sort of sweatery farewell to Briarwood and the rest of the gang. Well, guess what? April is being April, and today it's cold and raining, and I'm probably going to have to go dig out a couple of those sweaters again... darn it!  

You know how it's responsible shopping if you put together at least three, but preferably five outfits in your head with stuff you already own and the item you're considering? Well, this was one of those outfits when I was getting this sweater. And I'm really, really happy with how it turned out! Next up, I want to wear these trousers with a certain slogan tee and a funky blazer of some sort. 

Oh, but more importantly, is anybody else ready for Game of Thrones tonight? I read all the books years ago, so of course I more-or-less know what's going to happen next, but I still can't wait! Victor wants to do his usual nonsense thing of saving up all the episodes so we can watch them all in one glorious binge - but I'm refusing to go along with that. Soon as that first episode is up for streaming, we're watching it. And don't worry, we buy the dvd's afterwards - it's only temporary piracy. Game of Thrones and The Hobbit are the only DVD's we've bought in forever though, I guess in this household we are only prepared to spend money on epic fantasy...


  1. Oh! Can't wait to see your awesome pants with a slogan tee and blazer! This look is soft and romantic. Love it. I do the same thing when I am buying clothes - it has to be able to be worn a few different ways or it is not worth the money. Okay, so that is the responsible me talking. LOL I can think of a few items that do not fit this bill. Busted.
    Can you believe that I can't watch Game if Thrones because I am a total baby about the violence. My husband loooooves it!

    1. Hey Cynthia! I'm so glad you liked this look! And hey, I've totally been guilty of that too, when an item has been so awesome that I've decided to just get it anyway, and *make* it work. ;)

      I can totally believe that, because Game of Thrones is one of the most violent things I've seen in my life. But, at least it isn't gratuitous violence, everything that happens is there to serve the story. And since I've read the books, I'm kind of forewarned of all the worst stuff!

  2. I love your whole monochromatic look! It is peaceful, but still fun with the patterned pants. I really should think about storing my winter clothes! Great idea! Because right now, I am overwhelmed with clothes EVERYWHERE! I have a huge pile I need to either sell or just donate. But something has got to give! Anyway, you have inspired me!

    We have both read the books in our household. I have even met George R. R. Marten! Woot! I am like Victor. I would rather wait until they are all out and then have a marathon watching day. That is just more fun for me. I hate waiting for anything. But oddly doing that would be less torture than waiting weekly for one to show. Unfortunately, my husband wants to watch them immediately. So we do. I guess I take comfort in knowing we pretty much all ready know what is going to happen. Even so. That "Red Wedding" scene made me so ill. And sad.

    I cannot wait for King Jeoffrey.... Heee!

    George R. R. Marten is brilliant! And so are you for packing your seasonal clothes away!


    1. You should get some underbed storage bags, you know the ones with zippers? Those are ingenious, and you can stack them really well, too. If I were you, I'd definitely try to sell things before donating them, the US has so many consignment stores that I'm sure you could make a pretty penny if you *do* decide to sell some stuff.

      Oh I know you met him. I am still soooo jealous! :) Victor calls him R.R. and has invented this whole gangsta persona for him - "Don't you say dat sheet to me! I'm effin' R.R., man!" - I'm sure GRRM himself would be horrified, haha. He seems really lovely. And yet... he did write the Red Wedding, didn't he. I will never forget when I read it - on the tube, no less. My jaw just dropped, I got off at my stop and just sat on a bench on the platform and read it all, before I staggered out into the sunshine like some kind of shell-shocked victim...

      Oh Joffrey... That will be most satisfying indeed to watch. Heh.