Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Dorky Rock Concert Outfit

Blazer: Vero Moda, Top: Madewell, Pants: UniQlo, Booties: from Norway
 Please excuse my squinty eyes - these pictures were taken the morning after, as it were. The morning after my friend and I went to see the band called Vamps, on a whim. Now, Vamps is a band that was founded by Hyde, the singer and front man of one of my all-time favourite bands, L'arc en Ciel, and a guy called KAZ who is the guitarist of another band called Oblivion Dust (who I'd never heard of before, but now I'm going to hunt down a CD or two). My friend showed up at my house with a flyer a couple of weeks ago, saying these guys were playing in Camden, one night only. And we immediately decided we needed to go see this. (Even though I don't fancy Hyde at all, I fancy Ken. Ahem.)

The concert was great, of course. They played in front of a huge skull banner emblazoned with the band's tongue-in-cheek motto: Sex, Blood, Rock'n'Roll. (Of course, they would be massive Sex Pistols Fans.) Hyde is the most mesmerising singer anyway, and to go with the vampire theme, he wore glowing red contact lenses. Glaring out over the audience, he would cry out, "Who shall I eat?!" There was a bass guitarist who was insane, with the biggest Asian man-'fro I have seen in my life, dancing around while he played. And KAZ the guitarist even did this insane trick at one point where he swung his guitar around his entire body using the strap - my jaw just dropped. And the music was great - at one point, they even did a cover of that David Bowie song, "Life On Mars", that just sent chills down your spine.  

About halfway through the gig, women started throwing underwear up on the stage. Hyde looked bemused as he picked up a black pair of panties adorned with beads, and carefully draped them over the microphone, while a white bra landed on top of the bass guitarist's 'fro. He left it there for a while, and just danced around with this bra on his head. Women were literally ripping their underwear off while the band played, and I just bet these guys would go back to their wives in Japan a few days later and be all, "You won't believe what the audience in London was like!" I'm actually not sure who had the most fun, the band or the audience... 

And yes, I realise that wearing a blazer to the kind of gig where bras fly through the air was kind of lame. I'll know better neck time the Vamps are in town!


  1. Okay, I was wondering about the blazer when I went and checked the band out on You Tube! I bet you looked so tame and sweet. Maybe I am old? Or maybe I am just too cheap? But throwing underwear at someone sounds not fun at all. I hate having to buy new underwear. I would have been the girl jumping on stage and gathering up the pieces and trying to track down the owners to remind them how much their lingerie costs! Yep. Old and cheap.

    You sound like you had a great time! How fun! And I bet the band loved all of the lovin' they got. I would be greatly surprised if the underwear tossing was relayed to anyone back home. ; )

    Thanks for sharing! You made me smile!


    1. You know, it was so hot in there that I wound up taking the blazer off anyway. But I basically came up with this outfit thinking the place was going to be full of gorgeously put-together Japanese women, the way that movie screening was. And sure, there were pretty Japanese women there, but most of them were in punk gear and Vivienne Westwood!
      As for the underwear, most of it looked kind of old and cheap, just plain white bras etc. And the panties looked like they might have come from a bikini originally, because the beaded bits were these thongs that dangled down the sides... I'm more fascinated with the aspect of it that goes, "I just got out of a gig. It's freezing, I'm wearing a skirt and I have no underpants now."

      It really was fun, though! So much fun! And a smaller venue than what we're used to for the "main" band that singer is in, so it was more intimate. Hmmm, maybe you're right about the wives never finding out about the underwear...

  2. Omg. This cracked me up. Definitely not my taste, but I would totally do it for fun and to pretend I am rad and edgy for an evening. Picturing vampirish band mates with red eyes draped in lingerie is quite the scene. How tough can they really be? lol

    I do think you look a bit sweet for a sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll concert, but I love it. The pink blazer is the best. And I do appreciate your effort at edginess by wearing a studded tee. Very tough.

    Also, I made the mistake of leaving out the dash in your site url and landed at an LGBTQ social community site. The header loaded and it was a man's chiseled bare chest. And I thought you were playing a joke on us all. And then I started reading and realized I was in the wrong place...

    <3 Liz

    1. Oh, I doubt they are very tough at all. That singer is even married with a kid, according to my friend. We totally took a chance on this one - one youtube song convinced us we wouldn't be wasting our money - but it was really worth it.

      Haha, sex, BLOOD and rock'n'roll - Vamps, remember? ;) My friend leaned over and whispered, "I want contact lenses like that. Nobody would ever bother you if you were going home alone at night!" I'm glad you liked the outfit, I actually felt really well in it, even though I was surrounded by more alternative types. ;)

      And oh yes, that site is probably the blog of the other person who thought London Preppy would be a good name for a blog. I'm very grateful he doesn't seem to mind me sharing the name! Although what a fantastic April Fool's joke it would have been to pretend I was a man posing as a woman all this time... ;)

  3. Wow! What a show! And even though your blazer may not have been edgy for a vampire concert - you look fabulous in it so who cares! Love it with the navy blue! Hey - maybe you were considered counter culture and thus - even edgier than the underwear throwing gals!!! Hmmmm....

    1. Oooh yes! It's like I reverse-out-edged everyone else there! I'm glad you liked the outfit though! I'm going to see Within Temptation with a couple of friends next week, and I plan on wearing combat boots and a flowy maxi dress to that gig... We shall see! If it turns out nice, I'll blog it. ;)