Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Florals and Sarcasm.

Sweater: Esprit, Jeans: UniQlo, Booties: Anthro, Necklace: Thrifted - all old as the hills. 
In the world of style blogging, stripes and florals may be old hat. But in the real world of sarcastic friends, it's pretty far-out and radical, dude. My friend A, who will never fail to point it out if she doesn't like what I'm wearing, did quite the double-take when she saw me in this. "Florals and stripes," I explained, feeling like I was speaking some kind of foreign language that's even weirder than Norwegian. "It's a thing."

Spring always makes me dig out my florals and squee over them, and so I decided to put together a whole bunch of outfits with stripes and florals. And by a whole bunch, I mean three, which is what I've managed so far. A bunch is more than a couple, you know. Semantics. 

Oh, and guess what? My friend didn't end up ridiculing me for wearing this combo! She told me, "Oh, you're quite co-ordinated, actually." Took me a minute to realise she meant my necklace, the one that I'd picked up on a whim at the thrift store back in my home town. So the necklace rescued the whole outfit. Not to mention it rescued me from sarcasm, which is always a good thing.


  1. I love that! Your friendship. So sweet. The necklace does tie the whole outfit together nicely. I am a stripes and floral fanatic, although I never quite pair them together right. But I am trying harder. I love your description of a bunch, too. It had me laughing. Thank you for that!

    Must write you soon! I have all of your stuff! : ). I have not opened two things yet, but they are here. Yippee!


    1. Oh the sarcasm is ever present in that friendship. There have been times when I thought she was paying me a genuine compliment, only for her to point out - herself! - that it was sarcasm, haha! (I do love her, though!)

      Can't wait to see you in stripes and florals now, it will be cute and boho, I just know it. Perhaps that grey Puella dress...?

      Um, yeah, about my stuff - do you mind waiting while I buy one more thing? Since something I've been wanting just hit sale? Uhhhh, I'm so bad, haha. But write to me! I love getting email. <3

  2. This outfit is so cool. I'm so behind on trends. Like maxis. And peplums. And print-mixing. And black and white with shots of neon. I'm always behind. It takes awhile for things to grow on me if they're not pastel, twee, or flouncy. If an item is all three of those things, I'm sold. If it's not, it takes me months (sometimes years) to come 'round. This look really caught my eye, though. I think it's the color combination. I love pink, black, and white. And I've seen a lot of black, white, and yellow. And black and white with electric blue. But this royal purple is something new and different. The dark purple against the black is a mellow pairing, and it's probably the damask pants, but the look is sort of regal and Baroque. It's like a Gwennified Versailles.

    <3 Liz

    P,S, It's good that your friend is open with her critiques. I had a girlfriend who used to look me up and down and smirk. But then she wouldn't say what she was thinking. And I was just left super self-conscious about what I was wearing. ALL THE TIME. Great friend. lol

    1. Damask?! Oh I wish, haha - these are just printed denim! But I'm chuffed they look like damask! From now on, these are my Versailles pants! :D Waitaminit, am I making you like purple? Hehehe...

      Thanks very much for the compliments, they really made me smile! Your friend though - I notice the word "had"? ;) People who put others down to make themselves feel great... total Francescas. ;)