Thursday, 10 April 2014

Just Your Average Sunday

T-shirt: Rachel Antonoff, Cardigan: Warehouse, Cords: AG Stevies, Boots: Anthro
This outfit, inspired entirely by one I found on Pinterest (guilty!) was nice and comfy for a Sunday spent chilling out together. We went out for a walk, then grabbed breakfast at a cafe. All very mundane, I'm sure, but that's why it was so lovely! We've also been exploring a bit further out from where we live lately, and our latest find is a bicycle repair shop that also makes smoothies and fruit juice. So obviosuly, it's the most hipstery place in the world, but nice juice is nice juice. Sorry about my squinty eyes, by the way! I took these photos early in the morning, and the sun was blazing

These cords are light grey, by the way - not white! That's how bright that sunshine was...

Another thing that happened was that Victor played Grand Theft Auto and I watched him do it. Oh, I was going to read, but when he's playing GTA I'm like a dog with a TV in the room, I can't look away.  I'll be pointing and staying, "Don't go there, - go there!" like a total backseat driver. It's even got to the point where I had a GTA-inspired dream the other night. Victor and I were characters in one of the side missions. I suppose I brought this on myself since I'm the one who bought him the game...

And we ended the day with one of the least intelligent conversations in the world. For some reason, we started talking about Charlie Sheen, all the interesting things he likes to say (diplomat, me), and his family. 
When I said that I respect how least Emilio Estevez didn't take his dad's name, but tried to make it on his own, Victor had some surprising news for me.

 "Don't you know that's their real name? "Sheen" is just a stage name." This mildly blew my mind, I thought Charlie Sheen's billing as "Carlos Estevez" in that Machete movie was a either a nod to his bro, or him just not wanting to feel left out since the rest of the cast all had Latin names.
"Huh," I said. "So he took the same stage name as his dad!" Now, in Norway, if someone looks like their dad's mini-me, we say they've been blown out of their dad's nose. Charming, I know. And it was late, and languages were kind of blending together in my brain, so what I said was, "Because he's like a snot-booger blown out of Martin Sheen's nose!" 

There was a long break, then Victor said, "Snot is the same thing as booger, honey."    

It kills me that he's always right. 


  1. You look so cute! Perfect for juice at a hipster place! Juice scares me. I feel like it is wasted calories. Add alcohol to it and then it becomes worth it. Funny how that works.

    I love watching my husband play video games. Grand Theft Auto is too much for me. I like the fantasy games. Although the horror ones are my favorite for me to watch. Have you played "Bioshock"? It was my favorite!

    I love your conversation! It is hilarious! And so what would happen at our house. My husband is a trivia nut. He retains every fact he hears. And I make up crazy words, so, yea, sounds like a conversation here! Too funny. I did not know any of that about the Sheens. Or Estevez, as it were. But I have never liked any of them. Although, I know nothing about Emilio so he is excluded.

    Those shoes are so cool!


    1. Aw thank you! I wonder how they'd react if we'd taken out a bottle of rum and started spiking our own drinks! Next time! ;)

      Ooooh I have only tried Bioshock Infinite, but I loved it! Just exploring that gorgeously detailed world! I want to get the other two when I've finished Infinite! But I do find the game mechanics kinda hard.
      Hehe, I think the four of us could have some really fun double dates! I think Emilio is actually pretty honourable...
      And thanks - those are only my old moto boots! ;)

  2. lol This is a hilarious rundown of your day. The bike and juice shop sounds like hipster heaven. Kyle and I are taking out first bike ride together this weekend. We're going to ride to the next neighborhood over to do a bit of shopping and get some lunch. I'm excited to spend the day outside!

    Your GTA story is also hilarious. I'm so not a video game person. I can do old school Mario and Donkey and a couple of N-64 games, but that's the extent of my interest and skill. Kyle puts on his games and I leave the room because he plays creepy zombie violent things that skeeve me out. I don't backseat drive. I don't even get in the car! lol

    Anyways - I absolutely adore this look! It is so cute and funky and fun. Casual but still styled in a super hip way. The leopard and graphic tee and moto boots create such an awesome street-style look!

    <3 Liz

    1. Oh I hope your bike ride was fun! My mum and Ialways used to go on bike rides when I was a teenager, now you're making me nostalgic! :)
      Hehe I am more of an rpg or strategy gamer myself. Big fan of sniping people! Victor loves fighter games like Batman and God of War, so I have no tender sensibilities left after all these years of exposure!
      Thanks, btw - it was such a fun outfit to wear. :)

  3. Oh No! I can't stop laughing! Gwen! Too funny!

    Love your outfit and how you mixed the print with the graphic tee. I want a pair of white pants but I always end up getting them sooooo dirty.

    I didn't realize that hipsters had invaded the world. I thought they were strictly a Los Angeles thing. Hmmmm...I wonder where they actually got started?!

    1. You know what, these pants aren't white at all - they're a very pale grey. But I think you could just bleach white pants if they got dirty?
      Oh and London is full of hipsters! We like to point them out to each other. ;) Rolled-up jeans, square glasses, tatoos, plaid shirts and bicycles. Those are the hallmarks of the London hipster.