Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Kiss, Kiss

T-shirt: J.Crew, Cardigan: Old Navy, Camo trousers: Lindex (in Norway), Shoes: Clark's

Last summer, when this T-shirt was all over the internet, I sighed over it and moved on, since I could neither afford to buy the real thing, nor import it from America. Fast-forward to Christmas, when Victor and I were in San Francisco and just happened to wander into a J.Crew. There it was, on sale for next to nothing! Of course, it was winter and this shirt has roughly the same consistency as tissue paper, so I couldn't exactly wear it outside...
Until now!  

This post was inspired by reading the Madewell blog, as you do, and coming across an entry that basically said, roughen up a cute tee with army pants. So I did. Of course I'm nowhere close to the minimalist awesomeness of the Madewell model since I had to go and add a red scarf and electric blue cardigan, but what can I say. Nowegian independence day is coming up, so I feel like wearing the colours of my now and then. Since I can't afford a national costume, ahem. 

Also, do you ever have that thing where you're completely obsessed with a certain accessory and just want to use it over and over? I feel that way about these bangles right now. I just love wearing them together, since you know, one is striped and the other one is floral. The striped one was part of a set one of my friends and I discovered years ago at Topshop - she only liked the other bracelet, and I only liked this one, so we  decided that worked out nicely and split the cost. Neat, huh?


  1. So cool that you found the shirt for an even better deal! I love that! And I am in love with your bracelet. How perfect that you and your friend were able to split the two so perfectly. I have never heard of Topshop before. But I have read that word twice today. Am I missing something?

    I love the two bracelets together. I have just discovered bracelets. I love them so much!


    1. Oh I know - I actually wound up getting it cheaper than the sales price, they gave me 40% off that or something else equally astonishing and lovely! It was such a cool surprise to find it there, a little pick-me-up from the universe, if you will!

      Topshop is this big chain store - a lot of their stuff is not my style at all (kind of similar to Urban Outfitters, I think) but the store on Oxford Street has a whole floor of vintage and I used to love that!

      And bracelets are awesome - especially because, if you suddenly feel self-conscious about wearing so much bling, you can just slip them off and shove them in your purse!

  2. I do the same thing with necklaces. I will wear the same one every single day - for years it seems!
    Love that you added color to your neutrals. On my computer, your scarf reads as orange. I am particularly fond of cobalt blue and orange together since they are my school colors and remind me of home.

    1. You know what, I kind of agree with you - I'd say this scarf is Zinnober Red, which is kind of a mix of true orange and deeper Carmine Red. Sorry, I went to Waldorf school as a child and we got very specific about colours there! ;) Orange and blue are complimentary colours, meaning they are total opposites, and that's why they look so attractive together, apparently!

      ...seriously, this stuff was on the curriculum at some point. ;)

  3. I don't follow the Madewell blog. I'll have to add it to my feed! I don't remember seeing this tee last year, but that's probably because Anthro is really the only straight-size shop I buy from. Saying it feels like tissue paper doesn't really sell it for me (lol!), but the print and message is really cute. I like that you paired a lovey dovey tee with army pants and oxfords. Very you! I would pair it with a poofy skirt, heels, and pearls. Very me!

    As for accessories that I want to wear again and again? I'm pretty much wearing the jewelry you gifted me exclusively. Because they're "new", I'm excited to reach for one of those pieces each morning. I've been wearing the purple and blue drop earrings, the white mother of pearl earrings, and the clear bangle a lot this past week. So thanks! Again! :-)

    <3 Liz

    1. Haha, well it's more like NSFW thin, but nothing a cami underneath it can't solve! And you know what, you've just given me an idea of how I'm going to wear it next - I even have a string of white pearls! Though we'll see how long I last in heels... ;)

      And I am SO happy you like the jewellery that much! I keep spotting the pieces on your blog and going, "Hey!" I know what you mean about new stuff, it's like a breath of fresh air, isn't it. You are very, very welcome! :)