Thursday, 3 April 2014

Not That Kind of Guy

Dress: Wallis, Cardigan: UniQlo, Necklace: from Sayaka :), Shoes: Anthro, Bag: Madewell
 This is a date night outfit from last Saturday. I'd been helping my friend and spiritual baby sister move out of her studio, and we'd been carrying art supplies and her drawing board and what felt like five thousand books down this fire escape, before playing tetris with it to make it fit in her car... She and I ended up having fish and chips at her new local pub, by that point we were like starving animals. Then, my sister looked down at her plate of food while eating and proclaimed the following spontaneous poem:
"Oh fish. You're so delish." You can see why we've decided we're siblings, eh?

By the time I got back, I was about ready to fall on my face and sleep. My back was hurting, my brain was broken, and I was nice and full from my enormous helping of fish and chips. But noooo, my man wanted a daaaate. So after a quick shower to get rid of the grime, I yanked out this dress, and paired it with my favourite set of matchy-matchy things, and off we went. And we had a lovely date, even though eating a burger when you're already full is not the easiest thing to do, haha. I still did it, though. 

On our way home, we walked past three elderly drunks sitting propped up against a building. We are talking ancient, weathered salt-of-the-earth cockney guys, here. Two of them were passing a bottle back and forth, but the third guy was holding a paper cup and looking hopeful. He'd probably had a swig or two himself, because when we walked past, instead of asking for money, he called out to Victor: "Hey mate, want to make some money?" Immediately, he realised what he'd said, and while his two companions and I started laughing, Victor replied, "Sorry, man! I'm not that kind of guy!" 

This sent the other two into a full-on, gasping-for-air laughing fit, even the guy with the cup started laughing. Victor was in his element, letting go of my hand so he could clutch both hands over his butt and yell, "Exit only, mate! Exit only!" While we walked away, laughing and waving, the old drunk shouted after us, "That's why I like you, mate! Cause you're funny!"

I guess that's two things I love about my husband... That he is the funniest human being I know, and that he's so much of a human being that he had the heart to laugh and kid around with some old homeless men as if they were old friends of his. 


  1. I love that you shared that story! Victor is my kind of guy. Or human, if you will. I love that he did not distinguish sharing a laugh with friends to some homeless dudes on the street. And you are awesome for indulging your friend with dinner and your husband with a date. That is why you are an awesome human!

    You guys are perfect for each other! : )

    I love the polka dots with the cardigan with the shoes. It is perfect for a date night.

    If you liked your sister's rhyme, you are going to be "amazed" (not) by my poem about cookies tomorrow! ; )


    1. Hehe, I'm so glad you enjoyed that, Jenni! It really is a shame we don't live closer to each other, I'm sure we could've had some really fun double dates! :)

      Now I wanna rewear the dress with my mustard cardigan and flats. I think that dress would look good with just about any colour, you know? ;)

      I did go check out your poem and it was very fabulous. ;) I need to go comment on your blog again, me and my bad manners. :)

  2. I never let being full stop me from eating something nom-tastic!

    1. I know, right? I decided to think of it as "stocking up" - and then couldn't eat until, like, two in the afternoon the day after!

  3. Ahhh... your husband sounds like such a wonderful guy! Love the polka dots!

    1. He *is*! He is the sweetest, most thoughtful, and filthiest little man in the world, and I love him *so* much. :) xxx