Friday, 30 May 2014

Light as Leaves

Cardigan & top: J.Crew, Jeans: Kim by Mike, Noisy may - find them in the US or the UK,
Necklace: from Sayaka :), shoes: Anthro, crazy socks: 3-Coin Store in Japan

So, I have discovered the perfect boyfriend jeans - and that's not easy for someone with a curvelicious, long-leggedy body like mine. In the product photo, the model has these all rolled up and cuffed - hah, in my dreams! As you can see, these hit me right at the ankle - but then again, I love ankle jeans, so that's not what I'd call a problem. Anyway, I'd totally sworn off regular boyfriend jeans, and was wondering if maybe I could modify a pair of bootcut jeans into boyfriend jeans instead... because when you can't have something, i.e. when every pair of boyfriend jeans you've ever tried on makes you look big as a house, you find yourself really wanting a pair that magically fits you anyway - right?  

What happened was, I discovered this blog, and this incredibly cool Norwegian blogger girl nick-named Mike who, while doing crazy amounts of other stuff, had also designed a pair of jeans for the Danish brand Vero Moda. The jeans are called Kim by Mike, and the more I read about them, the more I wanted to try a pair on. And maybe own them. If they fit me. Which I doubted, since you know, boyfriend jeans and all that. But not only did these jeans fit like a dream, I also tried on a different pair of Kim jeans by mistake, and they fit me too! So comfy that I didn't want to take them off! So it's like a whole new world of denim has opened up before me. Like, whoa. 

You know what else is cool about these jeans? They come with a poem written by Mike printed on the inside of the left pocket, as well as some of the designs from her tattoos. The poem is in New Norwegian, which is a language I'm not exactly fond of because I was forced to learn it, but still. This poem is so lovely that I sat down and translated it. Here goes: 

Live, a dream
See the beauty
Dare to be quiet
Feel all the good things
Let the heart love
Free as birds
Light as leaves. 

And like I said, this poem is by Veronica Solheim, aka Mike, and you can find her gorgeous, inspiring blog here. Don't worry, I know it's in Norwegian but she usually sums up her posts in English at the very end. 

And finally, have a close-up of my insane clown socks. I love them, of course - I bought them in Japan last year when we were running out of clean socks to wear. You might think they're a bit much, but I like to think of it as my feet having a sense of humour today... 
(These jeans are a lot cheaper in the UK, by the way - whoops!)

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

All Aflame

Shirt: J.Crew, Garnet Flame, Pants: UniQlo, Boots: Steve Madden, Intyce, Necklace: F21.

So, this shirt. Not only is it cute, it has the best name. Garnet Flame. There needs to be a science fiction battle-droid comic called Garnet Flame, you know what I mean?! The main character would be ace pilot Lieutenant Garnet - tall, handsome, hates it when people make fun of his name, obviously... He'd be part of the Earth's defence against invading aliens, naturally - only he'd discover that the aliens aren't that different from us humans - they're just all green. So he'd be all torn and angsty, and when he wasn't flying dangerous missions with his crack team of pilots (who would all be awesome, just not quiiite as awesome as him), he'd be trying to convince Military High Command to broker a peace treaty with the aliens. Ahem.* 

Anyway, this shirt... I fell in love with it, I waited for sale. It hit sale, I dawdled, it sold out. I didn't exactly cry, but I may have kicked something. Cussed because I stubbed my toe. Then remembered a little something called Ebay. And there it was! My shirt! And it didn't even cost more than I'd have paid if I had got it on sale. So how could I not get it, right? It was waiting for me to rescue it! Ahem. 

This shirt is also another one of the things sweet, lovely Jenni agreed to send to England for me, along with this jacket. Thanks again, Jenni, you are the bestest! I've worn it several times since I got it, but never blogged it, so today I ran out with out camera and took a few snaps. Yeah that's right, for once I am actually blogging an outfit on the same day I wore it! Damn, that feels almost... professional blogger level. Yeah. I'm blogging like a boss today!

*Yes, I just made that all up. In my defence, Victor and I have been revisiting our childhoods by watching Macross in the original language. But, if you think maybe I need to read less comics or something, you might not be too far off... 

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Olive Dress and Safety Pin

Blazer: Lindex, Dress: Esprit, hand-me-down, Scarf: from Taiwan, Belt: Next, Shoes: M&S

It's such an inherently girly thing that it's almost embarrassing, but I love swapping clothes with friends. But maybe things that fit you perfectly in a friend's bedroom will suddenly fit awkwardly after you've taken them home. And then there's the diplomatic balancing act of discreetly donating your gifts (I'm getting better at this), assuring your friend that you love everything you've been given, and exorcising any lingering guilt from your mind. But then, there are the garments that just work. The ones you end up loving twice as hard because someone you love has loved them before you. 

Sometime last year, I inherited this dress from a friend in Norway. I'd just been forced to throw out my old, ill-fitting olive dress, so this dress was an unexpected pleasure. When I pair it up with all my leopard accessories, it makes me feel a little bit 1950's casual glam - like something Bettie Paige would wear after work, hehe. The sort-of dropwaist and low pleating make me feel a little self-conscious, but I still like it a lot. 

  My dear friend's bosoms are what you would call plentiful, and there have been times when I have pillowed my head on her big soft breasts and cried my heart out - that's what friends are for, right? That makes for a slightly awkward-fitting hand-me-down dress, though. I thought I'd fixed the problem with a safety-pin, but after a day of encountering a lot of helpful men, I looked down into my cleavage and realised that no, that safety-pin wasn't doing nearly enough. Whoops!   

The sudden heat didn't last long - "THIS IS LONDON!!", after all (said in my best King Leonidas voice), so of course I am back in tights and a jacket. The jacket is a gift from another close friend back in the land of fjords, and it's nice to wear gifts from several people at once. You are literally clothed in their love - oh geez I just typed that but I'm going to leave it there, because it's kind of true, you know? Every time I wear something I've been given by a friend, it's like I'm wearing a special talisman. Even if that talisman comes in the shape of a dress that doesn't leave enough to the imagination. 

Okay, enough of the soppiness - if you need me, I'll be digging out my sewing machine to close up this rather unfortunate cleavage. Because there's a limit to how many doors I need opened for me, thank you very much. 

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Bears and Green Things

Dress: Anthro, Bag: Accessorize, Shoes: Next - all old. 
Now tell me honestly - I can take it! - are these the palest arms and legs you ever did see, or what?! I mean being Nordic is one thing, but being Nordic and anaemic? The pale nude dress is darker than my skin! And actually that's a good thing, or I would look like I was naked and lumpy and covered in bear tattoos...

It finally got warm enough over here to not wear tights all day, and I am rejoicing, obviously. Maybe it's all the green surrounding me, but I just wanted to pair this dress up with lots of green stuff - you can't see it here, but I'm also wearing my green tassel necklace from Jenni and green flower earrings. Now that I think about it, I'm actually wearing three things from my costume in that play last year - the shoes, the bag and the denim jacket. I didn't even realise that when I was putting them on! Airhead, me... 

This weekend was Norwegian independence day, so I went over there to visit it with my mother... and we had a lovely celebration together at the family cabin, only we didn't eat as much as she'd planned on us eating, so guess who got sent home with a suitcase full of "surplus" food? I'm not complaining, Norwegian food is awesome. But, when Victor met me at the station and picked my suitcase up, he burst into spontaneous swearing. "This is full of food, isn't it?!" Um, at least enough for three dinners - and also, fruit. Because we don't have fruit in the UK, obviously...

Now if you'll excuse me, I think I need to go buy some self-tanning lotion.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Jacket: F2, Scarf: Madewell, T-shirt: J.Crew, Jeans: AG's, Anthro, Boots: Anthro

So I kind of fell in love with this jacket when I saw Jenni in it, and she convinced me it was totally okay for me to get it too. Enabler! Hehe. In UK weather, this is essentially a cardigan/vest hybrid, but it's been warm these past few days... Maybe I've been having too much fun with it, maybe I just have red and olive on the brain now? I was kind of unwell the day I wore this outfit, but I'm convinced all that red gave me more energy!

The day I wore this outfit was last Saturday, and Victor agreed to tag along to a certain museum just to go to the bookshop with me. A long tube-ride later, we got out to discover that a) it was raining, and b) the museum staff were telling us to go queue in the rain because there were too many people in the museum already. Luckily the entrance we were trying to use was part of the tube underpass, so we didn't actually get wet - true to form, neither of us had brought an umbrella. But still. I was so mad! Even when we said we just wanted to visit the bookshop, they told us no. So we went to Chinatown and had Japanese curries instead, and damn if that museum is getting any of my money - I found one of the magazines I was after in another store out there. 

I'm talking about Kinfolk, and holy Batmobile, I am in love with this magazine! I mean, the layout, the pictures, the way their little articles are written out, like little treasures. And it's so thick, I've got to use a bookmark when I read it - that's a first for magazine reading in this household! A lazy Saturday afternoon spent reading this beauty while drinking Kopparberg cider, with a CD of some guy playing a strange Chinese instrument in the background... total bliss! I'm kind of scheming to track down some back-issues over Amazon now, because I'm hooked and I want more beautiful ruminations on life and cooking and randomness.  

Monday, 12 May 2014

Is this allowed?

I mean, are you allowed to wear this many stripes at once? Or is it just too crazy... Regardless, this is what I wore last week, on the day I got a parcel from sweet Jenni. She'd agreed to receive a couple of things on my behalf, and she ended up slipping a birthday present into the parcel, too! Two lovely necklaces - and since I was already in the spirit of "more is more" with the stripes, of course I had to wear them both at once. Thank you, Jenni, you are so lovely! 

This may sound bizarre coming from me, but I've really been into that whole tomboy style thing lately... Yeah, I know, me with my long hair and love of all things girly. Maybe I hit my head on something? Anyway, this outfit was my attempt at Madewell-blog tomboy style - complete with my beloved, enormous yellow watch. Yeah.

Here's a bad closeup of the necklaces - sorry it's so blurry! The green tassel one has a little owl's face on it, that's what the lump is... Oh dear... I swear I'll take better photos of them next time! It's become a bit of a "thing" now, that (almost) every time I wear them, I wear them together. 

By the way, my sprained finger is 99.5% back to its old self. I am one happy rabbit, obviously! It's nice to be able to sign my name again. Now I can go back to worrying about normal things, like burning dinner or whether or not Victor is allergic to our laundry detergent. 

Oh, and I'm actually blogging about comics, now! Well, two posts so far, so I'm hardly what you'd call prolific. But if anybody wants to see the comics I mentioned a few posts ago, I've got some artwork up. For both the projects I'm working on now - because, like with those necklaces, one at a time is never enough!
I've fixed the link, by the way, but just in case, this should take you straight there!

Wednesday, 7 May 2014


Jacket: UniQlo, Sweater: Lindex, Cap: J.Crew, Necklace: F21, Cargo pants & boots: Anthro

We had a long weekend in the UK this past week, so Victor and I went to visit my mother. Harmless, you might think. Well, this is me you're dealing with, so think again. Guess who managed to sprain her finger by reaching into her suitcase, before the plane had even taken off?! Yeah, that would be me. Luckily, my mother got in years of practice from doctoring my dad, so she was there for me with ice packs and Chinese tiger balm. And also white wine and home-made vodka mojitos. And what did Victor contribute?
Mockery, that's what. The bastard man.   

Anyway, my finger is more or less healed up now, and shrunk back to normal size. Which is a good thing, since life with a sprained finger - index finger of my right hand, just to make it even more fun - is a series of interesting adventures. Doing your shoelaces? Suddenly an adventure. Going to the bathroom? An even bigger adventure. But now, pretty much the only thing that hurts a little bit is writing with a pen, or working with a tablet - and even that isn't too bad. Victor's said it before and he's saying it again now - I'm like Wolverine. Healing factor, don'cha know.
"Just don't leap out into traffic to test it, hon!" (Actual quote.)

And as you can see, I am doing my best to justify the expensive cargo pants by wearing them again. (And again...) This combo is kind of like revisiting old times because it's got three colours I used to wear all the time a few years ago. Bright red, olive green and black was my uniform, more or less, back in the day. How times have changed, eh?

I should add that while I was taking this last photo, my jacket, scarf and cap almost blew away. That's how strong the wind was! I had to run over and rescue them, before they were lost forever. Just keepin' it real, here...