Wednesday, 28 May 2014

All Aflame

Shirt: J.Crew, Garnet Flame, Pants: UniQlo, Boots: Steve Madden, Intyce, Necklace: F21.

So, this shirt. Not only is it cute, it has the best name. Garnet Flame. There needs to be a science fiction battle-droid comic called Garnet Flame, you know what I mean?! The main character would be ace pilot Lieutenant Garnet - tall, handsome, hates it when people make fun of his name, obviously... He'd be part of the Earth's defence against invading aliens, naturally - only he'd discover that the aliens aren't that different from us humans - they're just all green. So he'd be all torn and angsty, and when he wasn't flying dangerous missions with his crack team of pilots (who would all be awesome, just not quiiite as awesome as him), he'd be trying to convince Military High Command to broker a peace treaty with the aliens. Ahem.* 

Anyway, this shirt... I fell in love with it, I waited for sale. It hit sale, I dawdled, it sold out. I didn't exactly cry, but I may have kicked something. Cussed because I stubbed my toe. Then remembered a little something called Ebay. And there it was! My shirt! And it didn't even cost more than I'd have paid if I had got it on sale. So how could I not get it, right? It was waiting for me to rescue it! Ahem. 

This shirt is also another one of the things sweet, lovely Jenni agreed to send to England for me, along with this jacket. Thanks again, Jenni, you are the bestest! I've worn it several times since I got it, but never blogged it, so today I ran out with out camera and took a few snaps. Yeah that's right, for once I am actually blogging an outfit on the same day I wore it! Damn, that feels almost... professional blogger level. Yeah. I'm blogging like a boss today!

*Yes, I just made that all up. In my defence, Victor and I have been revisiting our childhoods by watching Macross in the original language. But, if you think maybe I need to read less comics or something, you might not be too far off... 


  1. Lieutenant Garnet needs to be a woman and you need to play her. In your outfit! You need to recruit Victor to paint himself green so he could be the alien that Lieutenant Garnet falls in love with. May I be the highly stressed out and manic leader of Military High Command? Pretty please? Love the boots and pretty blues!

    1. You guys need to get together and do this play. I would definitely go see it!

    2. Haha! Well, you see, I did cheat slightly because Garnet is a male character my friend and I created for a different comic. This guy was born and raised in a, cough, "house of ill repute", hence the girly name. So of course he had to be six foot two, with a punch like a freight train, just to even things out... ;) But sure, a female ace pilot named Garnet, why not, eh? ;)
      I'd love for you to lead my Military High Command, Cynthia - in fact, if you leave me comments with "orders" in the future, that would well and truly crack me up.
      Science fiction plays tend to be a bit ropey though - know what I mean, Jenni? Like that Ray Bradbury one where they all sit on bar stools with flashlights and go, "We are astronauts. In outer space." And how would we fit my battle-droid airplane on a stage, anyway?! ;)

  2. I love it! The shirt and the whole scenario. And um, I agree with Cynthia. I want Victor to dress up as an alien sent here to steal all of our rolls. It would be so awesome!

    Anyway, the shirt looks fabulous on you. So cute. And I love the groovy necklace with it.


    1. Hm, I don't know if Victor would hold still enough for me to paint him green... Have you heard of that show Attack on Titan, though? He made me watch it, and we both got completely hooked - so now I want to dress him up as one of the Titans, haha! ;)

      Anyway, thanks for the sweet compliments, as always! I'm so glad you helped me get this shirt! :)

  3. Another Native American type outfit! I like this new twist on your style. You look super awesome in those pants too. They fit you really well and look super comfy cozy. This would be a perfect outfit for a mountain lodge getaway, curled up by the fire with a cup of hot cider. Ah, always a theme with me. But I love an outfit that transports me!

    <3 Liz