Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Olive Dress and Safety Pin

Blazer: Lindex, Dress: Esprit, hand-me-down, Scarf: from Taiwan, Belt: Next, Shoes: M&S

It's such an inherently girly thing that it's almost embarrassing, but I love swapping clothes with friends. But maybe things that fit you perfectly in a friend's bedroom will suddenly fit awkwardly after you've taken them home. And then there's the diplomatic balancing act of discreetly donating your gifts (I'm getting better at this), assuring your friend that you love everything you've been given, and exorcising any lingering guilt from your mind. But then, there are the garments that just work. The ones you end up loving twice as hard because someone you love has loved them before you. 

Sometime last year, I inherited this dress from a friend in Norway. I'd just been forced to throw out my old, ill-fitting olive dress, so this dress was an unexpected pleasure. When I pair it up with all my leopard accessories, it makes me feel a little bit 1950's casual glam - like something Bettie Paige would wear after work, hehe. The sort-of dropwaist and low pleating make me feel a little self-conscious, but I still like it a lot. 

  My dear friend's bosoms are what you would call plentiful, and there have been times when I have pillowed my head on her big soft breasts and cried my heart out - that's what friends are for, right? That makes for a slightly awkward-fitting hand-me-down dress, though. I thought I'd fixed the problem with a safety-pin, but after a day of encountering a lot of helpful men, I looked down into my cleavage and realised that no, that safety-pin wasn't doing nearly enough. Whoops!   

The sudden heat didn't last long - "THIS IS LONDON!!", after all (said in my best King Leonidas voice), so of course I am back in tights and a jacket. The jacket is a gift from another close friend back in the land of fjords, and it's nice to wear gifts from several people at once. You are literally clothed in their love - oh geez I just typed that but I'm going to leave it there, because it's kind of true, you know? Every time I wear something I've been given by a friend, it's like I'm wearing a special talisman. Even if that talisman comes in the shape of a dress that doesn't leave enough to the imagination. 

Okay, enough of the soppiness - if you need me, I'll be digging out my sewing machine to close up this rather unfortunate cleavage. Because there's a limit to how many doors I need opened for me, thank you very much. 


  1. I love it! And dress looks so good on you. I, too, have done both the donating thing and the wear it with more excitement because a friend loved it before, too. I think the way you paired the dress with the leopard belt and the polka dot jacket. It is so good!

    I hate wardrobe malfunctions. They happen to me all of the time. I am a walking calamity.

    I hope you get some sunshine soon!


    1. Thanks hon! That's reassuring to hear! Sometimes I worry that what looks good in my head doesn't look that good on the internet, hehe. It's such a lovely bonding thing, isn't it, swapping clothes with friends. Except I had this one friend, who I'm no longer friends with - apparently, me giving her my old stuff was a huge hassle, and she felt I was just offloading my crap on her - no matter how much she cooed over my clothes and belts and things when I gave them to her, and assured me she would treasure them. Ugh, some people, eh? ;)

      Anyway, leopard and polka dots are like my new favourite thing. It's so weird, I don't think I could pair polka dots with florals, for instance - but leopard, sure! Is it weird that this look feels kinda neutral to me now? Too much outfit blogging ruining my brain, mayhap? ;)

      Oh, and I remember your girdle story. Hehe. I was once on stage and my entire skirt, which was fastened to the corset I was wearing (I was playing a "lady of the night") just fell off. That was literally a wardrobe malfunction, all the costume girls who had to help me change - I was playing a Scottish lady in a fatsuit minutes before the prostitute - messed up and didn't fasten the skirt properly. Luckily I have quick reflexes and managed to grab it before it slid down, and played the rest of the scene one-handed while I held on for dear life. Makes you feel a bit better about the girdle, doesn't it? ;)

  2. Sometimes friends clothes are the best clothes. That dress is awesome! Will you continue your red and olive theme next time you wear it? I bet it would look great. Love the pattern mixing on this look!

    1. OMG Cynthia, you read my mind! That's exactly how I was planning on wearing it next - how I'd like to wear it tomorrow, in fact, if it weren't all wet from being in the wash. And yeah, my big pinstripe pants are hand-me-downs from a friend as well, and I adore those! :)

  3. Hahahaha. You can't use such hilarious and descriptive language. I picture everything. Including your crying head buried in a bosom. I love the cheetah-on cheetah-on cheetah. Obviously. And I really like the silhouette of this dress on you. I like that it has more of a dropwaist and flares out from a point below the hips. It's a different sort of fit than the typical fit-and-flare. Cuts a great flirty figure on you!

    <3 Liz

    1. Thanks Liz! It's always my ambition to wear all my cheetah accessories at once, if I think I can get away with it! I'm so glad you think the silhouette works for me, I was honestly considering undoing all the pleats by hand - and possibly ruining the dress in the process. But because you said so, I'm leaving it as is!