Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Bears and Green Things

Dress: Anthro, Bag: Accessorize, Shoes: Next - all old. 
Now tell me honestly - I can take it! - are these the palest arms and legs you ever did see, or what?! I mean being Nordic is one thing, but being Nordic and anaemic? The pale nude dress is darker than my skin! And actually that's a good thing, or I would look like I was naked and lumpy and covered in bear tattoos...

It finally got warm enough over here to not wear tights all day, and I am rejoicing, obviously. Maybe it's all the green surrounding me, but I just wanted to pair this dress up with lots of green stuff - you can't see it here, but I'm also wearing my green tassel necklace from Jenni and green flower earrings. Now that I think about it, I'm actually wearing three things from my costume in that play last year - the shoes, the bag and the denim jacket. I didn't even realise that when I was putting them on! Airhead, me... 

This weekend was Norwegian independence day, so I went over there to visit it with my mother... and we had a lovely celebration together at the family cabin, only we didn't eat as much as she'd planned on us eating, so guess who got sent home with a suitcase full of "surplus" food? I'm not complaining, Norwegian food is awesome. But, when Victor met me at the station and picked my suitcase up, he burst into spontaneous swearing. "This is full of food, isn't it?!" Um, at least enough for three dinners - and also, fruit. Because we don't have fruit in the UK, obviously...

Now if you'll excuse me, I think I need to go buy some self-tanning lotion.


  1. So cute! I love it! I know exactly where my dress is too! And I bought myself those necklaces, too, so we could be twinsies!!! I even have green flats!!!... Somewhere. ; )

    I love your green and yellow. You look great. I never tan. Or self tan. I hate the smell of the self tanners. Ugh. It makes me feel like my skin is suffocating and sweating all at the same time. I'll be pale with you. Like I said. Twinsies! ; )

    I love that exchange with Victor and the suitcase so so so much. It has made me laugh all day!


  2. Twinsies! Do it! I'm not keen on self-tanning either to be honest, and I haven't done it yet! I mean you know what I'm like with brushing my hair, so it's kind of silly of me to think I'd ever get around ti buying it, let alone using it! ;)

  3. Oh my gosh - you look adorable in your dress! Do not self tan. That stuff is horrible! You have beautiful skin! Embrace your paleness like me and Jenni do. And this is coming from two California girls where everyone self tans. I swear some people are radioactive out here. It's creepy.Love love love you in this dress!!

    1. Thanks so much, hon! And I guess I've pretty much abandoned the self-tan idea by now - I'm just too lazy, and I don't want to spend the money! ;)

  4. They are not the palest arms I ever did see. I reserve that title for my own pasty little appendages. People often tell me I look like a porcelain doll. I used to think it was because I had a doll face. Now I know better. It is because I am so unnaturally pale, lifeless, and frigidly bitchy that I must actually be made of porcelain. I really know how to give myself a pep talk, yes?

    Anyways, I love seeing how you restyle things, and the pops of green really bring this dress to life! It's like you took the hibernating bear out of the dead winter forest and brought it into springtime with flowing streams and leaping salmon. lol What am I talking about? Bwahahaha.

    I like the pops of green. If that didn't come across clearly in my bear-forest analogy. And also, I don't hate myself. I find myself way too funny and witty for any of that nonsense.

    <3 Liz

    1. ARGH! Now you make me wanna wear it with salmon pink tights, so that the bear and the salmon can be together... but I don't think those colours would go together very well! ;) But IF you have any suggestions, I would welcome them, I want to find LOTS more ways to wear this dress!

      Don't worry, I totes don't think you hate yourself, I'm actually loving the sarcasm. ;) And the fact that there are people on this planet who are paler than I am. ;)