Friday, 30 May 2014

Light as Leaves

Cardigan & top: J.Crew, Jeans: Kim by Mike, Noisy may - find them in the US or the UK,
Necklace: from Sayaka :), shoes: Anthro, crazy socks: 3-Coin Store in Japan

So, I have discovered the perfect boyfriend jeans - and that's not easy for someone with a curvelicious, long-leggedy body like mine. In the product photo, the model has these all rolled up and cuffed - hah, in my dreams! As you can see, these hit me right at the ankle - but then again, I love ankle jeans, so that's not what I'd call a problem. Anyway, I'd totally sworn off regular boyfriend jeans, and was wondering if maybe I could modify a pair of bootcut jeans into boyfriend jeans instead... because when you can't have something, i.e. when every pair of boyfriend jeans you've ever tried on makes you look big as a house, you find yourself really wanting a pair that magically fits you anyway - right?  

What happened was, I discovered this blog, and this incredibly cool Norwegian blogger girl nick-named Mike who, while doing crazy amounts of other stuff, had also designed a pair of jeans for the Danish brand Vero Moda. The jeans are called Kim by Mike, and the more I read about them, the more I wanted to try a pair on. And maybe own them. If they fit me. Which I doubted, since you know, boyfriend jeans and all that. But not only did these jeans fit like a dream, I also tried on a different pair of Kim jeans by mistake, and they fit me too! So comfy that I didn't want to take them off! So it's like a whole new world of denim has opened up before me. Like, whoa. 

You know what else is cool about these jeans? They come with a poem written by Mike printed on the inside of the left pocket, as well as some of the designs from her tattoos. The poem is in New Norwegian, which is a language I'm not exactly fond of because I was forced to learn it, but still. This poem is so lovely that I sat down and translated it. Here goes: 

Live, a dream
See the beauty
Dare to be quiet
Feel all the good things
Let the heart love
Free as birds
Light as leaves. 

And like I said, this poem is by Veronica Solheim, aka Mike, and you can find her gorgeous, inspiring blog here. Don't worry, I know it's in Norwegian but she usually sums up her posts in English at the very end. 

And finally, have a close-up of my insane clown socks. I love them, of course - I bought them in Japan last year when we were running out of clean socks to wear. You might think they're a bit much, but I like to think of it as my feet having a sense of humour today... 
(These jeans are a lot cheaper in the UK, by the way - whoops!)


  1. Those jeans are fabulous on you! I, too, have never found the perfect boyfriend jeans. You are so lucky to have found yours! I like the pink and the olive you paired here, too.

    Can your feet lend me some of that humor? If hands do knock knock jokes, what do feet do?


    1. Thanks honey! You just have to keep looking, you will find them one day. And I am so into pinks and browns right now, it's downright weird - I reach for those colours all the time now. Especially pink!

      ...feet do foot odour jokes. Everybody knows that, right? "Did somebody fart?" "Nah, I just took a sock off - you'll die if I take off the other one!" .... sorry, sorry, that was pretty terrible. But then, I never said foot humour was good, did I?

  2. I haven't been able to find a pair of boyfriend jeans that look good on me. I figure by the time I do they will out of style. Jean shopping can be just as bad as swimsuit shopping! Love that poem she added.
    Light pink is a gorgeous color on you!
    So of course I am dying to know - New Norwegian? Is that a separate language? Is it old or new? I am going to look it up right now!

    1. Oh, but boyfriend jeans will never go out of style, will they?! *dies of shock* Just keep looking, you will find them! Jean shopping used to be horrible for me, but then I found certain styles that work on me, like AG's Stevies and now the Kim's - and then it was okay!

      Okay, so New Norwegian... right, so it's essentially an artificially created second written language. The original written Norwegian was based on Danish, and so it was sometimes very different from what they speak in more rural areas. Over a hundred years ago, a man named Ivar Aasen travelled all over the country and wrote down the different dialects, and then created New Norwegian, which became part of the school curriculum. So, essentially, they forced us to learn a second written language where the grammar and spelling were VERY different from the written language we'd been taught before, and used day-to-day. It was so frustrating that I can't even EXPLAIN how frustrating it was, haha!

      Recently, some people made a comic about Ivar Aasen coming back as a zombie, to "Eat all those who don't talk right"! I only saw the one page, but it was fantastic.