Wednesday, 7 May 2014


Jacket: UniQlo, Sweater: Lindex, Cap: J.Crew, Necklace: F21, Cargo pants & boots: Anthro

We had a long weekend in the UK this past week, so Victor and I went to visit my mother. Harmless, you might think. Well, this is me you're dealing with, so think again. Guess who managed to sprain her finger by reaching into her suitcase, before the plane had even taken off?! Yeah, that would be me. Luckily, my mother got in years of practice from doctoring my dad, so she was there for me with ice packs and Chinese tiger balm. And also white wine and home-made vodka mojitos. And what did Victor contribute?
Mockery, that's what. The bastard man.   

Anyway, my finger is more or less healed up now, and shrunk back to normal size. Which is a good thing, since life with a sprained finger - index finger of my right hand, just to make it even more fun - is a series of interesting adventures. Doing your shoelaces? Suddenly an adventure. Going to the bathroom? An even bigger adventure. But now, pretty much the only thing that hurts a little bit is writing with a pen, or working with a tablet - and even that isn't too bad. Victor's said it before and he's saying it again now - I'm like Wolverine. Healing factor, don'cha know.
"Just don't leap out into traffic to test it, hon!" (Actual quote.)

And as you can see, I am doing my best to justify the expensive cargo pants by wearing them again. (And again...) This combo is kind of like revisiting old times because it's got three colours I used to wear all the time a few years ago. Bright red, olive green and black was my uniform, more or less, back in the day. How times have changed, eh?

I should add that while I was taking this last photo, my jacket, scarf and cap almost blew away. That's how strong the wind was! I had to run over and rescue them, before they were lost forever. Just keepin' it real, here...   


  1. That dreamcatcher necklace is rad! I love it! Those cargo pants lok great on you. I can see why you bought them.

    Girl, we are practically the same person. I would totally do that. Except I do not have your amazing healing powers. I once went outside barefoot on the windiest day of the year and watched as our fence in the backyard was falling over. Then the neighbor hit the fence with a mallot. It fell over. On my foot! Ack! Thank God it missed my son behind me. Sometimes the bone in that toe still gets stuck when I bend it and I have to pop it back into place. God forbid I go to the doctor.

    Wine and vodka heal everything!


    1. You know, that necklace was from F21, they might have some similar ones there now if you want one - though I did buy mine a year or two ago...

      Your toe story gave me phantom pains in my own toe just reading about it. You gotta go to the doctor, though! For something like that, I'd break into the doctor's HOUSE to get it seen to, ya know?! At least it missed your son, phew.

      I bought some of that vodka mojito mix she had, at the airport tax-free store. 12.5% percent alcohol, baby! We've not made any mojitos yet, but it's only a matter of time...!

  2. Cool necklace and I love the scarf! Sorry to hear about your finger. I can relate a little bit as I burned a few fingers on my right hand with hot grease last week. Ouch! It was surprisingly hard to do everyday things without a fully functioning hand!

    1. Yikes, that burn sounds horrible! I hope you're doing much better now? Burns can be so bad... I hope you got it checked out by a pro! That scarf is a gift from Second Wife from years ago, by the way - it's always hanging by our front door, so its what I grab most days! I love it too, hehe.

  3. A big giant OW! My finger hurts just thinking about it. I really like the red paired with olive. I am going to try that. I always seem to pair my olives with black which is completely predictable. Adorable cap!

    1. Thanks, Cynthia! My finger is all but cured now, thankfully! And go on, try it! I've actually not tried black and olive for aaages, so I might try that, now! Ta for the idea!