Monday, 2 June 2014

Pumped-Up Kicks!

Cardigan: J.Crew, Shirt: Mirrored Deer Tee, Anthro, Necklace: c/o Sayaka,  Jeans: AG's. 

So I finally bought myself a pair of decent trainers! No more running on the elliptical in my worn-out, filthy hiking shoes. I've been wearing these so much, and they are comfy and wonderful, and I'm actually not embarrassed to be seen in them! Try to guess where they're from - they're probably the last brand you would expect! I'll write the answer at the bottom of my post, so do read to the very end, okay?

Shoes aside, my friend Angela told me the funniest story today, and I have to share it here because, you know. I am not above stealing a funny story, no sir. Or ma'm. Angela and her mother Jennifer share a membership at the same gym as me, which I think is actually allowed... Anyway, you have to swipe your card to get through the barriers, and Angela had been there to swim in the morning. Jennifer went in to swim later in the afternoon, and when her name flashed up on screen, the guy in reception recognised it.    

"Were you here this morning," he asked, suspiciously. "Is your name Angela?" 
"Oh," Jenny replied, "That must have been my daughter." And then, thinking on her feet like a true pro, she went on, "But my name is Angela. And so is hers. She's Angela Jane, and I'm Angela Jennifer. It's a family tradition." 

After literally laughing my head off when I heard this story from Angela (whose hated middle name really is Jane), I met Jenny, and instantly called her "Angela Jennifer". Every occasion I had to say her name, I'd call her that, and her husband was chuckling in his beard and Jenny was shouting, "Are you going to call me that every time you see me?!"
You bet I will, Angela Jennifer. You bet I will. 

Scarf: from Norway, - a late birthday present!, Jacket: Vero Moda, Bag: Cath Kidston

Anyway, I've been stuck for what to do with my Mirrored Deer Tee, so I kind of took it out and stared at it. I added the necklace Sayaka gave me last year, then the cardigan because it matches the necklace... and then some kind of gasket blew in my brain, and I threw in the neon pink jeans. And I LOVE this outfit! I literally felt so good in it because I felt so much like myself in it. That makes sense, right? 

Anyway, it's time for the big reveal - are you ready for this?! My trainers are from - dun-dun-DUN - BIRKENSTOCK! That's right, they don't just make trendy black sandals with buckles on, they make trainers, too! All their shoes are super comfortable and good for you, so I felt they were well worth the investment. So yeah. Wait, you didn't think they were Vans or something, did you?!


  1. Love this outfit! The pink pants are perfect! And I would have never guessed that those shoes are Birkenstock!
    Oh my gosh, Gwen - I am in the middle of theatre craziness with this show. I am at that point where it all looks impossible and today I got a migraine and was out of commission for 6 hours. Maybe that was a good thing because it finally calmed me down. Anyway, thought I'd vent 'cause I know you know what I am talking about! Oh boy oh boy!! :)
    xo, cynthia

    1. Yikes, honey, I feel so bad for you! Sometimes you just have to step back and take a breather, and I guess in this case your body kind of forced you to? Hang in there! And if it really is too much, force some of the other members of the theatre company to help you! It's in their best interest, after all! ;)

    2. Thank you for the advice, Gwen!!! I swear I needed that migraine three weeks ago. It has completely calmed me down. Now I just throw up my hands and say "It'll be fine". I feel like that producer Jeffery Rush (?) played in Shakespeare In Love. lol

    3. Glad to hear it! It probably *will* be fine in the end!
      And oh, Shakespeare in Love, I haven't watched that for ages!

  2. Oh yeah! I have to put together some outfit inspiration ideas for that dear deer top. I love how you've styled it. Pastel pink and mustard. Amazing. Who woulda thought? It's really great with the long stone necklace, too. It has a sort of Native American vibe to it, but it's Gwennified with lots of lovely color!

    <3 Liz

    1. Oh yes please! something nice and kitschy, maybe? ;) It'll be interesting to see what you come up with! And hehe, I totally thought Native American, too. My cardigan is actually orange, but now that I look back on the pictures, it totally photographs as mustard! Strange...