Thursday, 26 June 2014

The Many Uses of Sparrows

T-shirt: Rachel Antonoff, Skirt: Anthro, Shoes: Birkenstock
So, one of my friends from Norway recently came to stay with us. This girl is a busy bee, so Victor and I decided to show her a good time - and that included tickets to an experimental dance show Victor had booked for the three of us on a whim. The dance company is called Fuel, and they combine free-running with dance and martial arts. Their show was called The Roof (watch the trailer!) and took place inside a circular arena in a parking lot behind the National Theatre. There were no seats, the action sort of moved all around you so you just moved with it. There were also headphones that you had to wear, with recorded dialogue and music being played while you watched. It was wonderful and surreal, and I want to go again, with as many friends as I can drum up!

Before going to see the show, my friend offered to do my makeup for me - and we are talking about a true artist with a makeup brush here, so of course I said yes please. Only, I didn't realise that when she was applying lipstick, she was doing it on the outside of my lips as well, giving me a huge red mouth that made me look like the Joker, if he'd joined Cirque du Soleil. No way was I going out looking like that! When we removed the lipstick, there was a small, smushed-up red outline left around my mouth, and my friend off-handedly remarked that I looked like I'd just eaten a bird. (She has cats.)

 If you can imagine all the silliness that led to - we dreamed up everything from sparrow sandwiches (dead sparrow wedged between two slices of bread, mayonaise optional), sparrow tea (you stitch a muslin bag around a sparrow's head and soak in hot water - sugar added to taste) and my favourite, the sparrow maki (sushi rolls made from raw sparrow, tastefully decorated with the beak sticking out of the first piece of sushi and the tail sticking out of the last). Also, her husband could grill them whole, feathers and all, on the spit the next time they have a barbecue - with halved tomatoes and bits of pepper wedged in between the dead sparrows for extra vitamins. Naturally. 
Ahem, yes, you can see why I'm friends with this madwoman, eh? 


  1. You look great. You know? I think orange is your color. That skirt is awesome and your skin is glowing. Your video is such a tease. I wanted more. It pretty much just started to tell a story and then stopped. I even looked for more and could not find it. That is definitely something I would want to see. Victor is so rad that he always books stuff for you. It is so romantic and he just loves you so much. I love that!


    1. Thank you so much, hon. :) And I'm sorry there's nothing more to see of them on youtube! I am desperate to find some of the songs they played, like the one playing right at the end of the video ("Do not die, do not die, all the others died, do not die...) but I've had no luck. If they sold a soundtrack I would've bought it! And yes, Victor is pretty amazing when it comes to finding experimental theatre for us to watch - after 9 years together he knows exactly what I like! :)

  2. Hahaha. Jokerface. Why so serious? That's too funny. Glad you got into some shenanigans.

    Sorry I'm so terribly behind in my comments! At least I sent you a super long email checking in! Or does that just make it worse? Having the chore of reading my lines and lines of rambling? lol

    Anyways. This skirt. I'm so terribly upset it wasn't a good fit for me. I love the color, the lace, the texture, the romance, everything. And I'm so terribly jealous that you are rocking it so well. I will live vicariously through you. Great styling with the tee and Birkenstocks - in true Gwen style it's fun and fresh and lovely!

    <3 Liz

    1. Jokerface! That made me laugh. And almost wish I'd taken a picture with those big lips, but I couldn't get them off fast enough!

      Thank you so much for your lovely email by the way! I replied just the other day, I'm only sorry for being such a slowpoke. I LOVE getting email in these days of instant communication. :)

      Anyway, thank you so much, sweetheart! This skirt was one of those pieces that I saw in the catalogue and just BAM! fell in love with. It's so crazy, and Victor hates it, haha, but it's one of my favourite pieces in my closet, ever!

  3. Just watched the trailer. They look amazing. I wonder if they will tour in the US?
    Love the skirt, Gwen. That is one of those items that i didn't look twice at but now that I see how great it looks on you - I want it! Gimme gimme!

    1. Hm, I have no idea if they would - they seemed like they couldn't quite afford to do that, but then again, they're being patronized by the National Theatre now so I suppose it's not impossible! You would have loved this show, I'm sure!
      And thanks, babe - bring on the compliments and make me purr like a kitten! ;)