Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Local Egyptian Pantheon

Cardigan: Madewell, T-shirt: J.Crew, Pants: UniQlo, Sandals: Birkenstock, Bag: Accessorize.

There is this area in London called Angel that Victor and I rather like, and it's in walking distance from our new flat. There are a few trendy places and shops, but also a lot of nice, affordable restaurants - like Desperados, my favourite cheesy Tex-Mex place in the world. The food is amazing, and the toilet decor even more so... It features skeletons getting it on with nubile young ladies, basically. I love to take unsuspecting friends visiting from Norway to Desperados, and innocently telling them they should go check the bathrooms out! And there's street art, like this one we stumbled onto a couple of weeks ago. Say hello to Thoth and Anubis, and what seems to be Saint Rhianna. I couldn't not pose with an awesome mural like this one, right?

As for our house-move, or rather, apartment-move, things are definitely heading in the right direction. And it's not like I feel compelled to drown my sorrows by swigging on turpentine, or anything that drastic. (Best instagram selfie I ever took; a picture of me holding a big bottle of white spirit, tastefully captioned "Kampai!") But things are stressful, and there are a million and one things we need to do, and builders we need to oversee. So I am currently pretty much the worst friend in the world, online and in real life. So many blogs I need to catch up on, so many comments I compose in my head, then can't quite find the wherewithall to type up... Gah, I suck! 

Oh, but on the bright side, I did score this T-shirt in the most amazing sale deal of the century. So there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. (In my case, the light is often the headlights of an oncoming train, but still...) I wore this outfit to a French restaurant Victor and I had just discovered in a part of Angel we don't usually go to - it was the most adorable place, and the food was gorgeous, so we've found another favourite for sure. I seem to have a weakness for things with stuff written on them in French, and with the stripes, well I felt like quite the Parisiennne - even if a real Parisienne would have gone out in stilettos, not Birkenstocks!

Monday, 28 July 2014

Ship Ahoy!

Dress: Lindy Bop via Bogaloo, Belt: Vero Moda, Tub: Victorian Plumbing. 

So we're in our new flat, which I shall henceforth refer to as the Epic Construction Site. All the bathroom stuff got delivered the day before, and as a result we had a bathtub sitting in one of  the bedrooms. I guess it was my own fault for asking Victor to take my outfit photos... You could practically see the lightbulb switch itself on over his head when he yelled, "I know! Get in the tub! And hold this!"


So here I am, making like the ferryman at the River Styx. If you've never seen a "naked" bathtub before, let me tell you, standing in one is a scary, wobbly experience! There's only a small square - where I'm standing - that actually sits on the floor, so if I stepped anywhere else, the whole tub would tilt. I was terrified of breaking it, so Victor had to steady the tub with one hand and help me into it with the other the way nice ladies used to get helped into boats back in the day. But these pictures crack me up, so it was well worth it!

This dress, by the way, was Victor's birthday present to me. It's extra special because we got it at a shop that's run by one of my oldest friends. We've literally known each other since kindergarten - in fact, she once threw a bread-roll at my head in a fit of rage when we were in school, because we wound up going to the same school, too! I'm a huge believer in supporting your friends when they do something cool, it's just not often that I find anything that I like or think I can get away with in her store, because it's got such a 1950's vibe, you know? But  this dress called to me from the sale rail - it was the last one she had, and it fit me perfectly, so clearly, this was kismet. (Also, Victor had completely failed to find me a birthday present over a month earlier, so he eagerly jumped in and paid for it. There is also something... fateful about a lovely man with a guilty conscience - he basically wasn't gonna let us leave the shop without buying something!) 

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Crescent Moon on a Starlit Night

That's what I call this outfit in my head - crescent moon on a starlit night. Can you tell that I used to sell romance novels for a living? Anyway, after I scored this dress on sale - bizarrely, the UK stores only stocked the black version, and put it on sale after only a month - I've worn it a ton, but always with this necklace and these sandals. Anything else I've tried just seemed like too much, you know? Like, this is a dress that just needs to speak for itself and look pretty in its own right. 

Now, should you find yourself owning this lovely dress, I have one piece of advice. Don't assume that just because the detachable slip doesn't have fancy beading on it, that means you can chuck it in the washing machine. That basically turned mine into a tank-top! Which is why I had to substitute mine for a slightly longer black slip... In some ways, I like the look of the longer lace peeking out at the bottom - it does give me a little extra coverage. But at the same time, it doesn't look quite right, does it?

I'm actually not that shy about showing a lot of leg if I'm more covered up on top - I think that kind of creates a nice balance, and stops me from lookin' like a hobag. But anyway, if I do manage to get hold of the white version of this dress on sale - which I've been obsessed with ever since Jenni rocket it so gorgeously on her blog - I am handwashing the top layer and the slip. Because I learn from my mistakes, yes sirree! 

Victor took one look at me in this outfit, and said one word: "Goth". Hah! Personally, I think this dress is a bit more like a superhero mumu? I mean, it has that long cape bit at the back, and it basically  just drapes around you and wraps you in its flowy embrace. Come colder times, I can see myself wearing this over jeans. Or more realistically, jeggings - I mean, if you're going with the whole comfy flowy theme, why fight it, right? 

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Tick Tock

Dress: Cath Kidston, Cardigan: J.Crew factory, Sandals: Birkenstock. 

So I accidentally snorted shower gel the other day. It was... odd. See, we were in the supermarket, and I'd been wanting to try this shower gel that claims to contain the juice of 40 real limes. So basically, I thought, this would be like having a mojito shower, right? I couldn't help but open the cap to sniff it, and then a little bit of the shower gel sort of bubbled up and found its way up my nostril. And that felt kind of weird. I don't have any hallucinogenic visions to report. I did start laughing though. 

In other news, Victor has gone without coffee for two days now, and this is a bit of a milestone in Victorland. Yesterday, he explained the whole plot of that movie Children of Men to me, about how the main character is trying to get this woman and her baby to safety in a world where everyone has become sterile, so everyone wants to steal her baby... The main character was being shot at all the time, Victor said, but throughout the whole movie, he never picks up a gun. 
"That's kind of cool," I said, nodding. 
"I feel like him today," Victor replied, twitching.  

And finally, even though I should be saving my pennies for new bathmats and toothbrush holders and whatnot, since we're waiting to move into our new apartment... I had to buy this dress. Because it has clocks on it, you know?! Lots and lots of vintage clocks. I walked into a Cath Kidston store at random a week or so ago and saw this dress there, and since then, I just couldn't get it out of my head. I mean, it's insane, right? But it's adorable! Isn't it...? Or am I just a shower gel-snorting nutbag?

Friday, 18 July 2014

Monkey Magic!

Blouse: Anthro, Shorts: Bossini, Sandals: Birkenstock, Necklaces: from Jenni :)

So this is kind of a secret, but I'm afraid of monkeys. They freak me out with the way they move and flash their teeth, and especially with those creepy sounds they make. Just this afternoon, Victor was asking me if I wanted to go watch Planet of the Apes with him and I was like, "Are you INSANE?!" That's probably why, when I first saw this top, my first reaction was to shudder and think, well, no way am I buying that. But I kept looking at it, and thinking that it's mostly chimpanzees that scare me - small monkeys can be kind of cute, right? And maybe I need to take baby steps to cure myself of my fear. If that's not a good reason to buy a cute shirt, I don't know what is...

Speaking of monkeys, did any of you watch Monkey Magic as a kid? It never made it to Norwegian TV, but I think it was Victor's favourite show when he was growing up. One of his sisters sent him the box-set a few years ago, and once I got my brain past the fabulously racist voice acting, I kind of fell in love with the show, too. I mean, it's nuts. That's what's so great about it. And the main character, Goku - or Monkey, as they tend to call him - is awesome. He has a staff that gets longer or shorter depending on what he tells it to do, and when he doesn't need it he tells it to become tiny. Then he stores it in his ear. He wears a diadem to seal his powers, and he has his own little cloud to fly on, which he summons by blowing through his fingers.

So do I, actually. 

What, you don't believe me? 

 Fair enough, I'm still having trouble believing that I would actually post this! But then, ahem, "Monkey was... irrepressible!!"

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Casual Rabbit

Top: Anthro, old, Pants: Anthro, on sale, Sandals: Birkenstocks, Earrings: Accessorize.

So I'd like to think my earrings were the main attraction in this outfit - they're just so bright and happy, and they're a present from a good friend, too. But then again, there is the great big rabbit on my shirt... I'm done complaining about flimsy linen T-shirts, at the moment London is hot and muggy, and they are the only T-shirts I can wear without instantly sweating through them. And this shirt may see some action very soon, because I will be hosting my very own rabbit theme party sometime next month. Here's why... 

 I have news. Like, crazy good news. Victor and I are finally the proud owners of our very own apartment! This is wonderful and terrifying all at once - mostly terrifying right now, since our builders have to literally take the whole place apart and rebuild it in a couple of weeks. The previous owner left it in such a state that it was easier to strip layers off the wall than to wash the wall... to be blunt, it looked like a crackhouse when we took over the place. Full of filth and broken furniture, with a balcony that's been the happy home of many generations of pigeons. 

But still... we are going to have more space, and a dishwasher - which we've never had in all our years of living together - and a super king-size bed so we can both starfish at the same time! We'll have one of those washers that's also a drier (another first), a a kitchen-aid mixer (ditto) and space for so. many. bookshelves!!  And we're still not going to have either a TV or a microwave, because that's just how we roll. So even though we are under a lot of pressure and stress right now, we're trying to look ahead and be positive, because this is gonna be so good!

Um, and yeah, the moving in party is going to be rabbit themed. Of course it is...

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Somerset House

Jacket: UniQlo, Dress: Anthro, Bag & necklace: Cath Kidston, Boots: Clark's - all old! ;)

I think it's become a bit of a fashionista thang here in London to have your picture taken in front of Somerset House. I always see pictures on the internets of people posing here, and I think maybe they host one of the fashion weeks or something? So after Victor and I had been to an exhibition there, I thought "why not?" and asked him to snap some phone pictures of me. And they have been held hostage inside my phone ever since. For weeks. Poor, poor pictures. 

Anyway, I had a really cool little paid gig a couple of weeks ago - teaching Shakespeare workshops at my old university back in Norway. Now get this - I was teaching teachers. And teachers make the WORST students; it's hilarious. They're used to being the ones in charge, so they'll give you no respect, and they'll talk during your lesson, too! My mother taught me a great trick that I used on day two though - I'd just stop talking mid-sentence and then wait until the people talking over me realised that everybody else was waiting for them to shut up. That worked like a charm!

I taught everyone an Elizabethan drinking song, and made them sing it in the round AND with linked arms, swaying from side to side, hehe. It's this really cute song about how they thought your nose didn't get red from drinking too much alcohol, oh no - it was all the spice they put in the beer that made your nose go red! (Elizabethan science, man...) "Cinnamon and ginger, nutmeg and cloves, and that gave thee thy jolly red nose." 

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Happily Ever Copycatting

Jacket: UniQlo, Dress: Cath Kidston, Shoes: Birkenstock, Clutch: Anthro 
So, I didn't realise how blurry these photos turned out until I was transferring them to my laptop - yikes! I think it was a combination of the bright sunshine (look at me squint, haha!) and our camera acting up. I'm sorry I don't have any nicer pictures of this outfit, which I've worn maybe five times so far this summer - including to an outdoor performance of Julius Caesar! (Spoiler: most of them died. Hehe.) 

I've been wanting to wear this outfit since forever, based on an old outfit of Sayaka's where she wore her Caramelo necklace with a similar shirtdress. (I'm wearing mine. You can see it if you squint at the bottom picture.) And my rattan clutch is actually the only clutch I own - I got it on sale last year, I think? So now it's my personal mission to use it as much as possible... which meant attaching a chain to it, as I'm paranoid of leaving it on the bus! Because, ahem, it's the only clutch I've ever owned!

Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Top: Moonphase blouse, Anthro, Blazer: UniQlo,
Trousers: the Kazpants, hand-me-downs, Sandals: Birkenstock
For my mother's birthday, Victor and I took her to see Penn and Teller, on their last night performing at the Apollo Theatre in London. They were wonderful, of course - I don't even want to know how they do the stuff they do, I just want to watch it and be amazed, you know?  

Ever since I bought the tickets, I knew I wanted to wear this blouse to the show, but I wound up picking these pants as a last resort. Pinstripes and little images of the moon's surface, that's not a pattern-mix you see every day. And with sandals, no less! But weirdly, I ended up loving this outfit enough to blog it - so who cares if it's a bit weird. (The grey jacket grounds it all, anyway. Ahem.)

It would take forever to explain why, but I have a bit of a thing about the moon. That's not to say I'd buy any old tacky goth jewellery or new-agey spraypaint "artwork", okay? I'm not that much of a space-cadet! In fact, I didn't own any moon-related jewellery until I got this necklace, but it just called out to me. Same thing with this blouse - who even thinks of making a pattern out of the different phases of the moon? Genius. 

This was another item sweet Jenni helped me get my hands on - thanks so much, babe! - because of course Anthro would make two beautiful products featuring my favourite celestial body and then not sell them in my country... I'm lucky to have such good friends "across the pond"! And yes, my post title is a reference to this little short film, and the rather famous song that goes with it. One of my favourite songs, of course.