Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Casual Rabbit

Top: Anthro, old, Pants: Anthro, on sale, Sandals: Birkenstocks, Earrings: Accessorize.

So I'd like to think my earrings were the main attraction in this outfit - they're just so bright and happy, and they're a present from a good friend, too. But then again, there is the great big rabbit on my shirt... I'm done complaining about flimsy linen T-shirts, at the moment London is hot and muggy, and they are the only T-shirts I can wear without instantly sweating through them. And this shirt may see some action very soon, because I will be hosting my very own rabbit theme party sometime next month. Here's why... 

 I have news. Like, crazy good news. Victor and I are finally the proud owners of our very own apartment! This is wonderful and terrifying all at once - mostly terrifying right now, since our builders have to literally take the whole place apart and rebuild it in a couple of weeks. The previous owner left it in such a state that it was easier to strip layers off the wall than to wash the wall... to be blunt, it looked like a crackhouse when we took over the place. Full of filth and broken furniture, with a balcony that's been the happy home of many generations of pigeons. 

But still... we are going to have more space, and a dishwasher - which we've never had in all our years of living together - and a super king-size bed so we can both starfish at the same time! We'll have one of those washers that's also a drier (another first), a a kitchen-aid mixer (ditto) and space for so. many. bookshelves!!  And we're still not going to have either a TV or a microwave, because that's just how we roll. So even though we are under a lot of pressure and stress right now, we're trying to look ahead and be positive, because this is gonna be so good!

Um, and yeah, the moving in party is going to be rabbit themed. Of course it is...


  1. You are the raddest! Or rabbitest! I wish I could go to a rabbit themed party. That sounds divine. I own that shirt and I really need to dig it up from wherever it is hiding. Congratulations on your new place! I am so excited for you and all of your firsts. I do not know which is more exciting. The kitchenaid mixer or king sized bed. I use both of those items every single day. Although the very best thing hands down, no questions asked, the dishwasher. It is going to be like magic. I cannot imagine not having one. Although, I could not live without tv either. I hope it all comes together perfectly. I am so excited for you!


    1. Aw thanks, Jenni! Why don't you just host your own rabbit party - like, the next time one of your kids has a birthday? I'm sure your son would really appreciate it! :P
      It's really cool that you have a kitchenaid, actually, then I can pester you for advice and ideas for what to make and so on. I think I'm the most excited about the dishwasher, actually - the amount of time I waste doing those darn dishes by hand...!! :)

  2. Woo Hoo! Congrats on home ownership! I am so excited for you and Victor! Wow- what a fantastic accomplishment. I want to see pictures of your rabbit themed party!

    1. Thank you Cynthia! We're actually going to live just off Cynthia Road, so I often find myself thinking of you when we go out there, haha! And there will definitely be pictures - even the MEN have promised to dress to the rabbit theme!