Friday, 18 July 2014

Monkey Magic!

Blouse: Anthro, Shorts: Bossini, Sandals: Birkenstock, Necklaces: from Jenni :)

So this is kind of a secret, but I'm afraid of monkeys. They freak me out with the way they move and flash their teeth, and especially with those creepy sounds they make. Just this afternoon, Victor was asking me if I wanted to go watch Planet of the Apes with him and I was like, "Are you INSANE?!" That's probably why, when I first saw this top, my first reaction was to shudder and think, well, no way am I buying that. But I kept looking at it, and thinking that it's mostly chimpanzees that scare me - small monkeys can be kind of cute, right? And maybe I need to take baby steps to cure myself of my fear. If that's not a good reason to buy a cute shirt, I don't know what is...

Speaking of monkeys, did any of you watch Monkey Magic as a kid? It never made it to Norwegian TV, but I think it was Victor's favourite show when he was growing up. One of his sisters sent him the box-set a few years ago, and once I got my brain past the fabulously racist voice acting, I kind of fell in love with the show, too. I mean, it's nuts. That's what's so great about it. And the main character, Goku - or Monkey, as they tend to call him - is awesome. He has a staff that gets longer or shorter depending on what he tells it to do, and when he doesn't need it he tells it to become tiny. Then he stores it in his ear. He wears a diadem to seal his powers, and he has his own little cloud to fly on, which he summons by blowing through his fingers.

So do I, actually. 

What, you don't believe me? 

 Fair enough, I'm still having trouble believing that I would actually post this! But then, ahem, "Monkey was... irrepressible!!"


  1. Ha! Love that last pic:)

    I was in Costa Rica a couple of years ago and heard quite a few howler monkeys. Their cry/shriek scared the crap out of us. It's super loud and very intense sounding. I think you would hate it!

    1. Note to self: Never go to Costa Rica! There are so many other, nicer places I can visit on my cloud. ;)

  2. I hate chimpanzees. But I love orangutans. I think they are so cute. The males remind me of Ludo from Labyrinth. That top is gorgeous on you and you are right. Baby steps. You needed that shirt. And you can use photoshop?! I am so jealous! I would love to be able to make a picture like that. Although that would be dangerous!

    Oh, wait! I mean! I totally knew you had special powers and I would love to take a ride on that cloud! I never saw that show, but it sounds awesome.


    1. Orangutans are awesome! You can teach them sign language and have conversations with them. I guess maybe it's mainly chimpanzees I'm scared of...

      Photoshop isn't that hard, it can just get confusing with all the myriads of options it gives you. I used to letter comics in photoshop, and *that* was a pain, haha!

      And yeah, I'll pop by your house any day now and give you a ride on my cloud. You just gotta take your shoes off first, like I did. ;)

  3. Gasp! Love that cloud pic! Just. Love. I'm with you on the monkey thing. They all give me the creeps. I couldn't even get into Curious George when I was a kid.

    1. Hehe thanks! I think we've universally decided that monkeys are even creepier than clowns, eh? Haha!