Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Top: Moonphase blouse, Anthro, Blazer: UniQlo,
Trousers: the Kazpants, hand-me-downs, Sandals: Birkenstock
For my mother's birthday, Victor and I took her to see Penn and Teller, on their last night performing at the Apollo Theatre in London. They were wonderful, of course - I don't even want to know how they do the stuff they do, I just want to watch it and be amazed, you know?  

Ever since I bought the tickets, I knew I wanted to wear this blouse to the show, but I wound up picking these pants as a last resort. Pinstripes and little images of the moon's surface, that's not a pattern-mix you see every day. And with sandals, no less! But weirdly, I ended up loving this outfit enough to blog it - so who cares if it's a bit weird. (The grey jacket grounds it all, anyway. Ahem.)

It would take forever to explain why, but I have a bit of a thing about the moon. That's not to say I'd buy any old tacky goth jewellery or new-agey spraypaint "artwork", okay? I'm not that much of a space-cadet! In fact, I didn't own any moon-related jewellery until I got this necklace, but it just called out to me. Same thing with this blouse - who even thinks of making a pattern out of the different phases of the moon? Genius. 

This was another item sweet Jenni helped me get my hands on - thanks so much, babe! - because of course Anthro would make two beautiful products featuring my favourite celestial body and then not sell them in my country... I'm lucky to have such good friends "across the pond"! And yes, my post title is a reference to this little short film, and the rather famous song that goes with it. One of my favourite songs, of course. 


  1. Gwen!!!
    Thank you so much for all of your support and advice about my play! I appreciated it soooo much!!
    I do love those pinstripe pants! And the moon of course since my name is affiliated with the moon. Did I just say affiliated? Yikes. How did I miss that top? I totally agree - this is a fantastic outfit ensemble!

    1. Oh no problem, Cynthia! I've been in the same boat, you know - I'm glad you didn't think I was butting in where I wasn't supposed to! :) Being affiliated with the moon is never a bad thing in my book, hehe. You'd look really cute in this top, I'm sure - I think our colouring is pretty similar, you know? - so crossing my fingers that maybe you can find one on ebay! :)

    2. Oh no! Never! It was so great to have your feedback! I remember when you were talking about lugging your set around yourself and I knew you would understand! thank u thank u!!

  2. That shirt is magnificent on you! I love it so much. I was too darn stubborn and thought I could score it for a cheap price on a popback, but, sigh, it has not happened yet. It truly is lovely and I love it paired with those pinstriped pants.

    So lucky that you saw Penn and Teller. My husband and I once got to perform an act with David Copperfield onstage. That was fun and we still couldn't see how he did it.

    I am so glad you got your top! It looks like it was made for you.


    1. Thanks Jenni! It was so weird, I was expecting it to be all weird and boxy based on the reviews, but it just sort of fit perfectly! Shame you couldn't get one, it's look so pretty with your blonde hair - but then, you did get that Frangipani top, which suits you to a tee!

      And holy Batman, that's so awesome that you guys got to be Copperfield's assistants, wow! That must've been fun. Teller talked to Victor the last time we watched them, and touched his arm - Victor is still fanboying over that, haha! :)