Monday, 25 August 2014


Hat: Berlin Christmas market, Dress: Madewell, Blazer & blouse: UniQlo, Boots: Anthro
 Why, how are you? Me, I'm half dead. If anyone ever tries to convince you painting an entire apartment is easy as pie, then let me tell you - they are liars. Filthy liars. I am sitting here with chunks of white and blue paint all over myself - even in my fringe! - and I am too tired to even go wash my hair.  
Victor, to his great joy, has discovered that he can paint ambidexterously. Today, I heard him shout - like a Marvel superhero - "Go on, left hand - it's your chance to shine!!" Yeah, echoes carry in an apartment that hasn't got any furniture in it yet...

This is one of those "save it for a rainy day" outfits - I think I wore this in April or May, to have chicken burgers with Victor. (And a single helping of fries, that is all his in theory but which of course I will steal from.) I guess the main attraction here was supposed to be my hat? Anyway, watch me rock these grays like a boss - I like to say that I sometimes experiment with neutrals the way other people experiment with drugs. Also, I seem to have a pattern with dressing really inappropriately for super-mundane things. Burger-date? Pussy-bow blouse, blazer and a hat. Rock concert where people throw underwear on stage? Blazer and a tasteful beaded Madewell top. Yeah...

As for "Greyface", have you ever heard about a blog called "Ask The Mighty Thor?" I think it started around the time the first Avengers movie came out, and the general gist is that you can leave questions for Mr. God Of Thunder himself to answer... and answer he will. And all those people who submit their questions anonymously, with those little grey icons next to them, well, The Mighty Thor will address them simply as Greyface. As in "Well put, Greyface!" or "I cannot understand the Greyfaces and their fascination with my brother Loki." Which used to crack me up to no end... And since I'm wearing all grey in these pictures, I though... Yeah, you BET I've been sniffing that paint!

Monday, 11 August 2014

A Frankophile In Chinatown

T-shirt: Anthro, Jeans: AG's, Shoes: Birkenstock, Bag: Madewell, Bangle: Vintage
 When Victor and I first started dating, a big portion of our courtship took place in Chinatown - mostly because I worked right around the corner from it. We come here for Chinese groceries, for our haircuts, for yumcha lunches... And sometimes, if we're being bad, for our favourite bakery in a side street. This place has plenty of character. A little ways behind me, for instance, is a supermarket where we once - in high summer - saw a  rusty shopping trolley with a cow's torso in it down one aisle, dripping blood on the shop floor. The smell was... intense. Let's just say we backed out of the store, slowly. 

By the way, remember how a while ago I was seething because my favourite T-shirt had shrunk so much that I had to throw it out? Well, meet the replacement right here. This shirt was just too cute for me to resist - what is it with me and stuff that's got French words written on it?! It's also a chance for me to try out a brand that's made in America, which I think is cool. (So is my fave brand of jeans, AG, by the way. But I've never had a T-shirt that's "all-American" before.) I'm excited to see how well this holds out, it's kind of like a science experiment except I'll be mega annoyed if it does shrink, so I hardly have my scientific objectivity... Though I've washed it three or four times so far, and it's still nice and loose, so maybe there really is such a thing as an unshrinkable T-shirt?

These pictures were taken with my phone camera, and I thought I'd share some of the other things I photographed that day... this doozy of a menu, for one. I mean, the immortal seafood is all well and good - awesome business sense, in a way, to invest in crabs and lobsters that simply regenerate after being eaten. Obviously based on the same scientific principle that allows superheroes to come back from the dead with such frequency. 

No, what truly alarms me is the "fire-exploded squid" further down the page. I have this mental image of burning tentacles hurtling through the air. You'd hope that at least they issue you with a helmet and flame-proof bib. 

Also, we went to a department store called Debenhams later that day, where I discovered this display. It had obviously been, ah, modified by someone who's even more childish than me, so of course I had to take a picture of it. 

I mean, don't even try to tell me that isn't awesome. 

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Two Hundred

Cardigan: Madewell, Dress: Anthro, Necklace: from Liz :), Sandals: Birkenstock.
So, this is my two hundredth post. (I'd probably have hit two hundred earlier if I didn't have this penchant for deleting my old posts, but I've decided to be good and leave my "archives" alone for now.) And yeah, I just happen to be wearing the dress I wore for one of my first posts on this blog. If you ever wondered if I was a hoarder, that's your proof right there. Also, say hello to my current favourite cardigan ever, another piece of loveliness that Liz helped me buy from Madewell. I love it so much it literally makes me swoon like some character in a Jane Austen novel. 

In other news, my mother has been staying with us and the three of us (including Victor) have been painting the walls of our new apartment with grounding coat after the workmen have left for the day. We've also been trying to scare away the three pigeons who think they own our balcony - with limited success. Mother brought a bag of plastic snakes from Norway, because her biologist friend told her snakes scare off seagulls, so maybe they'd work on pigeons, too. I taped them to the railing, and guess what? The pigeons came back - they just flew over the snakes. ARGH!

Also, Mother had poured out most of a bottle of Domestos - it's a brand of bleach - over the far end of the balcony, which is the pigeons' favourite spot. We can tell, it's absolutely encrusted with their poo. Well guess what - one of the pigeons went and sat down in the Domestos! When Victor threw a copper ingot at it, it barely batted a wing. And this morning, when he checked on it, the ingot had corroded. When my sister phoned today, I told her the whole story, and she blew out this long whistle and went, "Maaan, London pigeons are well hard." Stupid macho pigeon! I hope at least he singed his bum-feathers.  

Monday, 4 August 2014

Vest is Best

Dress: Weston Wear, Vest: from Norway, Clutch: Anthro, Shoes: Birkenstocks

 So I'm always looking for new ways to style this dress, and this is how I wore it on the warmest day of the year. The, uh, somethingth of July. I really like how the vest sort of evens out the shoulders of this outfit - and weirdly, everything kind of blends together colour-wise, no? Also, say hi to my Norwegian flag clutch again - I'm trying to get as much mileage out of it as I can before summer ends - autumn is officially on its way, I can feel it in the cool night breeze. Just last a little longer, summer - please?

On a completely different note, we went to see Guardians of the Galaxy with Second Wife this Saturday night, and it was great! It's been ages since I had so much fun watching a movie - I didn't know anything about the comic they based it on, so if they changed anything, it didn't bother me the way it might have bothered actual fans of the series. The idea of a human guy out there in space listening to 70's rock on his walkman while blasting aliens appeals to me .So does a foul-mouthed little gun-totin' raccoon who is also a mad genius inventor, and a tree-like alien called Groot, whose vocabulary is strictly limited to, "I am Groot."

After the movie, we were waiting for the bus, and this guy came and sat next to us on the bench - or rather, next to me, though it was Victor he talked to. All I can say is, "Holy deodorant, Batman!" because that guy stank of alcohol-sweat. He started off by asking for a light (none of us smoke), then struck up a conversation with Victor about how evil all women are, "once they sink their claws into you", and how he was on his 500th girlfriend or so, his wife having obviously kicked him out and taken him to the cleaners. Can't imagine why, charming guy like that... I'd have just felt sorry for him if it wasn't for the fact that he had to lean past me to talk to Victor, and the smell just about had me climbing the walls of the bus shed.  

And then... wait for it... then this guy asks Victor, "Are you Arabic?" There was a moment of stunned silence, before Victor burst out laughing - "Do I look Arabic, dude?" The drunk thoughtfully gazed at my (Chinese) husband and told him, "Yeah, you do. You look Moroccan." 
Luckily we were saved by the bell just then, or rather, by the bus - and thanks be to all the benevolent powers in the universe, the guy wasn't getting on the same bus as we were. I still like to ask Victor if he's Arabic every now and then, just to keep him on his toes. The last time I asked, I think he answered something like, "Huh... Maybe?" 

Friday, 1 August 2014

Summer Uniform

Cardi: Old Navy, Top: from Korea, Necklace: c/o Liz :), Skirt: Madewell, Shoes: Birkenstock

So, this skirt, right? It's one of the pieces that I basically spent July living in. It's comfortable, it's cute, it goes with just about anything... yet for some reason, I kept wearing it with my black top from Korea and my black Birkenstocks (the cardigan was mostly brought along in my handbag, in case we should encounter air-con - but I like it with the cardigan, so yeah). I think one of the reasons I like this skirt so much, is that it reminds me of swimming pool tiles - and I do love swimming. 

Sweet, lovely Liz helped me get this skirt from Madewell, since they only ship to North America and Japan (Why?!) - and she put the sweetest present in the parcel for me, too! It included the necklace I am wearing here, a really pretty Ikat scarf, and bunny-scented hand cream. Yup, you read that right. Rabbit hand lotion. This girl knows me well.    

Also, say hello to my pride and joy - this chair that I rescued from the scrap heap, dragged home, and spray-painted pink. You see, I have this vision... since we basically don't own any furniture other than that dresser I painted green, I decided that for our dining table, we'd buy some more of these chairs, and I'd spray-paint them all in different pastel shades. I found out where they sell this exact chair, and happily they were dirt cheap - and super comfy, though I'm buying some seat cushions or Victor will go on strike. 

This baby is raspberry pink, and her three siblings will be peach, vanilla yellow and pale blue. Later, they will be joined by a green sibling and a lilac one. I've already bought all the spray paint. The dining table will be a dark one from Ikea, and we're putting a black-and-white geometric rug under it, so the chairs will really get a chance to shine!