Monday, 11 August 2014

A Frankophile In Chinatown

T-shirt: Anthro, Jeans: AG's, Shoes: Birkenstock, Bag: Madewell, Bangle: Vintage
 When Victor and I first started dating, a big portion of our courtship took place in Chinatown - mostly because I worked right around the corner from it. We come here for Chinese groceries, for our haircuts, for yumcha lunches... And sometimes, if we're being bad, for our favourite bakery in a side street. This place has plenty of character. A little ways behind me, for instance, is a supermarket where we once - in high summer - saw a  rusty shopping trolley with a cow's torso in it down one aisle, dripping blood on the shop floor. The smell was... intense. Let's just say we backed out of the store, slowly. 

By the way, remember how a while ago I was seething because my favourite T-shirt had shrunk so much that I had to throw it out? Well, meet the replacement right here. This shirt was just too cute for me to resist - what is it with me and stuff that's got French words written on it?! It's also a chance for me to try out a brand that's made in America, which I think is cool. (So is my fave brand of jeans, AG, by the way. But I've never had a T-shirt that's "all-American" before.) I'm excited to see how well this holds out, it's kind of like a science experiment except I'll be mega annoyed if it does shrink, so I hardly have my scientific objectivity... Though I've washed it three or four times so far, and it's still nice and loose, so maybe there really is such a thing as an unshrinkable T-shirt?

These pictures were taken with my phone camera, and I thought I'd share some of the other things I photographed that day... this doozy of a menu, for one. I mean, the immortal seafood is all well and good - awesome business sense, in a way, to invest in crabs and lobsters that simply regenerate after being eaten. Obviously based on the same scientific principle that allows superheroes to come back from the dead with such frequency. 

No, what truly alarms me is the "fire-exploded squid" further down the page. I have this mental image of burning tentacles hurtling through the air. You'd hope that at least they issue you with a helmet and flame-proof bib. 

Also, we went to a department store called Debenhams later that day, where I discovered this display. It had obviously been, ah, modified by someone who's even more childish than me, so of course I had to take a picture of it. 

I mean, don't even try to tell me that isn't awesome. 


  1. Gwen! I could not for the life of me get my comment to post on your last blog post. It was a weird glitch I guess. So Happy 201. I am very curious as to why you delete past posts. Do you decide you don't like them?
    Oh and I love your lemon yellow dress. So so pretty!
    I too have a tshirt from this brand and it has not shrunk either. Wahoo!
    I think I would have passed out if I saw that half cow body dripping blood. How ghastly.
    Hee hee -still chuckling over the mug display. Love some good toilet humor! hee hee hee

    1. How weird! I couldn't figure it out either... and I forgot to ask my friend, who understands Blogger better than I do. Anyway, thanks! As for why I delete posts? Well, I'm not THE most body-conscious person in the world, but I'd definitely say I'm in the top five million or so. ;) That's partly why I started this blog, to force myself out of my comfort zone. Sometimes, I'll remember an old outfit and wonder if it really did look okay - then I'll go back, reassess, and if I think it really was unflattering, I'll delete it. It's that, or let it nag at my brain forever!
      Oh, and I am so glad to hear about your Sol Angeles T-shirt not shrinking! Is it the Paper Moon one? (I decided to copy you and buy that when it went on sale, hehe.)

    2. Blogger gets so buggy sometimes. Every once in a while it sends out an email to my subscribers with a past post. Drives me bonkers.
      Yes - it is the Paper Moon tee. Love that thing. I want all of them. Yours is fantastic.
      Ah - I get it about deleting posts. My problem is that I have discovered filters and have been able to clean up some of my photos. Sigh... and then I feel so dishonest. I certainly don't go crazy. But still.
      However, you always look fantastic and your outfits are always so great or quirky or pretty!! Love your posts!

    3. Gah! What a douche I am, not responding for so long! Sorry, Cynthia! Anyway, I am glad to hear the Paper Moon shirt is from the same brand, because that's clearly a brand that know how to make T-shirts! Yay!
      Oh, and I use photoshop all the time to sharpen my pictures or brighten them, because the sky is usually so dark here! So I don't think it's dishonest at all, it's something you're spending your free time doing and having fun with - you should just do what you want and not feel guilty!
      And thank you for your sweet words! They really made my day! :)

  2. Ha! Those cups! Brilliant! I like it more if the gas had been spelled backwards.

    I love your new top and that shirt is so good on you! And that menu?!?! That is honestly the best menu I have ever seen. How could you resist any of it? It all sounded so dangerous and fantastical! I cannot believe Victor would not get that squid! I need to know what it is. Is it in pieces? Flaming? My soul is dying from not knowing.

    I got your package and was planning on writing you an email tonight, but my gmail account is spinning indefinitely in a weird glitch right now. But I so appreciate it. Thank you! Thank you! Hopefully it will he fixed tomorrow so I can respond to you! : ). That card was so good!


    1. You know what? Victor went and rearranged them to do just that right after I took this picture! You and he are basically the same person, give or take a few kids and, uh, family jewels! ;)

      We've never actually eaten there, we tend to go back to places we like... but I do feel like a visit is definitely in order. If only so I can ask the poor waiter exactly how they go about blowing the squid up. ;) Maybe it's... simply flame-grilled? I have no idea!

      And YAY! So glad my package arrived safe and sound! :)