Friday, 1 August 2014

Summer Uniform

Cardi: Old Navy, Top: from Korea, Necklace: c/o Liz :), Skirt: Madewell, Shoes: Birkenstock

So, this skirt, right? It's one of the pieces that I basically spent July living in. It's comfortable, it's cute, it goes with just about anything... yet for some reason, I kept wearing it with my black top from Korea and my black Birkenstocks (the cardigan was mostly brought along in my handbag, in case we should encounter air-con - but I like it with the cardigan, so yeah). I think one of the reasons I like this skirt so much, is that it reminds me of swimming pool tiles - and I do love swimming. 

Sweet, lovely Liz helped me get this skirt from Madewell, since they only ship to North America and Japan (Why?!) - and she put the sweetest present in the parcel for me, too! It included the necklace I am wearing here, a really pretty Ikat scarf, and bunny-scented hand cream. Yup, you read that right. Rabbit hand lotion. This girl knows me well.    

Also, say hello to my pride and joy - this chair that I rescued from the scrap heap, dragged home, and spray-painted pink. You see, I have this vision... since we basically don't own any furniture other than that dresser I painted green, I decided that for our dining table, we'd buy some more of these chairs, and I'd spray-paint them all in different pastel shades. I found out where they sell this exact chair, and happily they were dirt cheap - and super comfy, though I'm buying some seat cushions or Victor will go on strike. 

This baby is raspberry pink, and her three siblings will be peach, vanilla yellow and pale blue. Later, they will be joined by a green sibling and a lilac one. I've already bought all the spray paint. The dining table will be a dark one from Ikea, and we're putting a black-and-white geometric rug under it, so the chairs will really get a chance to shine!


  1. First, love the outfit! My pool tile looks exactly like that pattern, so you are right! It makes me love it all the more! Blue is your color. You look so pretty!

    I love love love your vision! That pink chair is so fabulous! I cannot even wait for all of its kin to join it! You have to post finished pics!


    1. Thanks so much, Jenni! Blue was my favourite colour when I was little - I even started school with a blue backpack, I think two of the boys in my class had the same one! ;) Good to get validation on the pool tile pattern thing - you remember that dress Anthro had a while ago, that was pool tiles on one side and swimming pool waves on the other? That one was both too pricey and too crazy for me (even on sale!) so I passed on it, and slightly regretted it ever since - the skirt is a very good alternative, though! ;)

      And I will definitely post finished pics! The guy who sold me the spray wanted a picture as well. :) I got the idea from this one tiny picture in this book I have, about interior decorating in Belgium - "Belgium Family Style." It's written in Japanese, which I can't read at all, but I've had so much inspiration from this one little book that it's just crazy.:)

  2. Perfect summertime skirt. I wear skirts in the summer too since they are so cool and easy. Love what you are doing with your kitchen. Can't wait to see all the chairs together. Now I want to redecorate!

    1. Thanks Cynthia! I love being able to change tops in the summer when I get too sweaty, without having to "sacrifice" an entire dress - tmi much? Haha. You know, the chairs are actually going to be in our living room! We don't think we'll have space for a table in the kitchen. Sounds even more mad now, eh? ;)

  3. First off - I love your chair idea! I love color, and our apartment is done mostly in pastels. We have this antique dining set from Kyle's great-grandmother. Before we left Michigan, my Dad made cushions out of pink fabric stamped with French images for the chairs. I adore them! Little colorful touches give a space such personality, so I'm excited to hear about how your kitchen comes along! I've been itching to do some craft projects lately, as well. If I can keep my clothing spending in check, hopefully I'll be able to get started on them early this fall!

    Now, on to the outfit! I love this look, and you really do look beautiful in blue! The skirt is perfectly summery. I've been donning loads of cotton skirts this summer, too. The pool tile pattern also nods to summer, so I understand why you've been wearing it so much! The styling of this outfit is adorable. I would wear it exactly as is, and that necklace is a great little whimsical touch! I'm glad you're getting wear out of it!

    <3 Liz

    1. Wow, how awesome do those cushions your dad made sound! Such a sweet and thoughtful thing to do. I agree, bits of colour make the world a brighter place - the chairs are going in the living room, though! Our kitchen is probably too small for a table, so we'll be doing all our dining in the living room. The kitchen will still be colourful though - I have some evil plans! ;)

      So glad you like the outfit, and how I styled the necklace you gave me! I love it, and in fact I think it's appearing in my next outfit, too!