Thursday, 7 August 2014

Two Hundred

Cardigan: Madewell, Dress: Anthro, Necklace: from Liz :), Sandals: Birkenstock.
So, this is my two hundredth post. (I'd probably have hit two hundred earlier if I didn't have this penchant for deleting my old posts, but I've decided to be good and leave my "archives" alone for now.) And yeah, I just happen to be wearing the dress I wore for one of my first posts on this blog. If you ever wondered if I was a hoarder, that's your proof right there. Also, say hello to my current favourite cardigan ever, another piece of loveliness that Liz helped me buy from Madewell. I love it so much it literally makes me swoon like some character in a Jane Austen novel. 

In other news, my mother has been staying with us and the three of us (including Victor) have been painting the walls of our new apartment with grounding coat after the workmen have left for the day. We've also been trying to scare away the three pigeons who think they own our balcony - with limited success. Mother brought a bag of plastic snakes from Norway, because her biologist friend told her snakes scare off seagulls, so maybe they'd work on pigeons, too. I taped them to the railing, and guess what? The pigeons came back - they just flew over the snakes. ARGH!

Also, Mother had poured out most of a bottle of Domestos - it's a brand of bleach - over the far end of the balcony, which is the pigeons' favourite spot. We can tell, it's absolutely encrusted with their poo. Well guess what - one of the pigeons went and sat down in the Domestos! When Victor threw a copper ingot at it, it barely batted a wing. And this morning, when he checked on it, the ingot had corroded. When my sister phoned today, I told her the whole story, and she blew out this long whistle and went, "Maaan, London pigeons are well hard." Stupid macho pigeon! I hope at least he singed his bum-feathers.  


  1. I HATE pigeons! Hate them. Hate them. Hate... In fact I have a blog post I have not published about my loathing of the creatures. When my daughter was six months old, we rented a house that had pigeons in its eves. Well, it rained and the ceiling above my daughter's crib collapsed from the rotten pigeon poop that had disenegrated the roof. Be careful with those vulgar creatures! They almost killed my baby (fifteen minutes later and she would have been napping).

    I love that yellow dress on you. And that cardigan is just perfect! I love it! Happy 200th post! : )


    1. Holy pigeon crap! That just proves it, pigeons are evil. What a terrifying story. We're probably going to pay someone to put netting up as an emergency solution, it's that or invite my cousin with the air-rifle over, or get a cat and leave it on the balcony and never, ever feed it... Kidding... I also want to try baiting a rat-trap and seeing if we can get them that way. There seems to be a group of three that always come back, so if we can just get rid of those three...

      Anyway, thanks so much, hon! I enjoyed wearing this outfit very much - yellow and polkadots is just a combination that makes me happy! :)