Monday, 15 September 2014

Stanley Beach

Top: Anthro, Skirt: Madewell, Shoes: Birkenstock.

Just a half-hour bus ride out of Hong Kong there is a lovely little area called Stanley. In a weird way  it reminds me of Dubrovnik, where Game of Thrones is filmed. .Something to do with the beautiful blue ocean, perhaps?

Everyone in Stanley appears to have a dog. And the dogs are all so chilled-out and happy! We saw one huge goldenretriever calmly step onto an escalator and ride it with his owner, and there was a whole Canine Council's worth of poodles and terriers happily sniffing each other without a single bark or growl. Not to mention the white terrier who was off on a walk by himself - he wore a collar, so thankfully we knew for sure he wasn't homeless - and came with us into Starbucks to enjoy the aircon.

Anyway, have a photo to prove that Stanley is what King's Landing would look like if the Lannisters brought in some contractors and built condos:


  1. Love the outfit! You look so so happy and pretty! I am so glad you got away from the stress of doing the apartment! : )

    I would not mind if Jamie Lannister built a house on my property. Yum!


    1. Oh my God, did I ever tell you about my Jamie Lannister dream? Or rather about the actor who plays him... It was hilarious, I'll have to tell you sometime.

      Looking back on these pictures, I REALLY needed this holiday. Stanley Beach was like a balm to my soul (not "blam" as I initially typed, heh) and I guess it shows. :)

  2. I wanna go! And I wanna wear your outfit while I'm there! Love the skirt and the soft brown color on shirt. Sooooo pretty!

    1. Thank you Cynthia! I felt very well in this combo, so I'm bound to repeat it, hehe. I can really recommend Hong Kong because it's easy Asia - English speakers and English signs everywhere - in case you do end up going at some point! ;)

  3. Cute skirt! Your adventures sound so fun. I really wish my dogs would behave like what you are describing! Mine are so loud and excited and jumpy - too much to take around a large group of people.

  4. Lovely pics and a lovely locale! That's the embellished tee from Anthro last Christmas, right? I have it in pink, and I wish I'd gotten it in a few other colors. The fit is so weird with pants, though, right? Or is it just me? It's just so short and boxy. It's perfect for tucking into skirts, though. Which is how I wear things most of the time anyways!

    I'm always envious of well-behaved dogs and their happy, contented owners. I will never be that owner because Jazzy will never be that dog. When we were in Scotland, everyone seemed to walk their dog off the leash. Even in the city. The dogs were running through the parks and along the sidewalks, and none were running into the street, attacking bicycles, or screeching in protest about all of those menacing squirrels. It's so outside of my reality that I didn't quite know what to do with myself. Kyle and I just laughed and laughed. At our own misery.

    <3 Liz