Saturday, 27 September 2014


Blazer: Bossini, Tee: J.Crew, Skirt: UniQlo, Shoes: Birkenstock

Why hello there, it's been a while! We have now returned from balmy Asia to full-on autumn in the UK, but I still have lots of pictures from Hong Kong and Tokyo on my mobile phone. Yes, even though we brought our "proper" camera along to take good pictures of the nephew, for instance, we ended up not using it once! It was just so hot, and I was carrying so much (water, jacket for aircon, plasters for feet - or wait, I'm supposed to call them  band-aids), or we would just forget. So I have to apologise for the dreadful quality of my photos here! 

These pictures were taken in one of the subways near Hong Kong harbour - because of the Taifun warning, we ended up doing it down there, because above ground, stuff was blowing around like crazy. I mean, it's not like cars got picked up and flung around like confetti - I wouldn't be grinning like that it they were! - but I did get hit in the leg by a really large piece of styrofoam, and that stung. Also, we watched in disbelief as someone's shirt that they were hanging outside the window to dry - everybody does this in Hong Kong, in spite of the pollution - got blown off, coathanger and all, and ended up several feet down the street. 

Blazer: Bossini, Tee: Rachel Antonoff, Skirt: Madewell, Shoes: Locca Locca
Now then, check out my amazing Albert Einstein blowout, you guys! Would you believe I did that all by myself, without so much as a mirror?! Yeah, I guess you would, huh. I almost didn't post these, but then I thought, why not make this post a kind of two-for-one deal since the picture quality is a bit rubbish? I also loved this outfit too much to not want to document it. I got this blazer at Bossini, and a couple of other things, including some amazing floral jeans... and these shoes, they were on sale at a store we randomly walked past. I had been looking for exactly that shade of neon blue flats for years, so that was a pretty neat find!

As for this mascot, I have no idea what on Earth it supposed to be. But it was in the lobby of a somewhat dodgy Japanese restaurant we went to on our last night in Hong Kong, and I couldn't resist the urge to pose with it. And pretend to kiss it, because this thing wasn't exactly squeaky clean.   


  1. Sounds like you had a fantastic time! The wind must have been fun. I love windy weather. I love that band-aids are called plasters. It sounds more horror film-like. Cute skirt and tshirt combos. Light skirts are the best for hot weather and with all the wind you get an instant air conditioning thing happening.

    1. Haha, I've become so Anglo-fied, I walked into a pharmacy and asked for plasters. Utter confusion. Victor asked again, and used the word band-aids. Immediately, the sales-assistant led us to a whole wall filled with band-aids. I guess they only say plasters in England... And yeah, instant air-conditioning did happen - I learned to be careful, haha!

  2. Holy cow! I suppose I'd prefer you in the bleary yellow light of the subway to the storm brewing up above. It sounds intense! I understand what you're saying about having to tote around the camera on top of everything else. It can get to be a drag, especially when you're toting layers to reconcile the blazing heat outside with the frigid air conditioning indoors. Despite the storm and heat and exhaustion, at least you got to snuggle up with this weird bulbous mascot. It makes your outfit all the cuter when it's nestled up against a goldfish? Hamster? Kitten? You know the mascot is rocking the whole androgyny thing when it simultaneously looks the part of a goldfish, hamster, AND kitten.

    Tee shirts tucked into flouncy skirts was one of my summer uniforms, too. I really love the graphic tee as a fun alternative to plain old solid tees! Super cute!

    <3 Liz

    1. You know what though, now I'm looking at all our blurry cell-phone snaps and crying a little inside. Mine are actually not too bad, but almost all of Victor's ones are awful. I have learned my lesson! Next time, backpack and real camera!

      I considered turning those first two photos black and white... maybe I should have? But I wanted to show off my super neutral colour-scheme, which would have been lost if I'd used black and white! ;)

      That mascot was insane... Gamster? Kittenfish? It was impossible to guess the species, let alone the gender, haha. And it was FILTHY!

      And guess what, I own embarrassingly few solid tees... I think I have, like, three - red, black and white!

  3. I almost clicked away because I thought I had all ready left a comment and I was checking for a new post, but then I saw I had not. Only in my mind. Did you receive my comment to Brian?

    I am SO glad you did not really kiss that thing. Ahhhhhh! Ouch on your feet! Those blue shoes are amazing! Awesome! So good! I love them!

    I am so jealous of your weather! Love the skirts, too!


    1. Ack! I am so late to my own party. I did receive your Brian comment, thanks! (He says thanks, too.) Oh and no way would I have kissed that mascot for realsies. It was covered with tarmac dust, for one thing, since it was semi-exposed to the elements. Also, it was kinda horrifying, you know? ;)

      My feet - especially the left one - are slowly starting to heal! Whew. And I am going to try to wear those blue shoes in the fall too, because I am obsessed with them. Thanks for all your sweet comments! :)