Monday, 13 October 2014

Meiji Moments

Dress: Bermeja Tunic Dress, Booties: Meander Moto Boots, both from Anthropologie.
I have never had such awesome photo-bombers in my life. I mean, they are clearly wondering what I'm wearing, and if I accidentally ripped the front part of my dress off on the Shinkansen or something... "You know, I was juuust about to get on the bullet train, and then the doors closed right in front of me, and rrriiiippp!" 
"Uh, no, ladies," I would have told them - had I known they were there. "This is design." Ahem. 

Anyway, we found some time in our busy schedule of relaxing and eating to go visit one of my favourite spots in Tokyo - the Meiji shrine, which sits inside its own little private forest, right smack bang in the middle of the city. It was so peaceful there, just what we needed...

Just walking around the sway-backed wooden buildings and looking around was so nice. There were barely any tourists here, compared to the last time we visited Tokyo, so that just added to the general air of tranquility.

Outside the temple complex, there is a huge wall of sake barrels. I thought I might as well pose in front of all that booze, since my dress was so scandalously short anyway! All those brightly coloured barrels made for a fun backdrop for my all-black ensemble. 

After visiting the temple, we went for a walk in the surrounding forest. I could literally feel my heartbeat slowing down and my shoulders loosening up. I grew up really close to nature, and it had just been too long since I'd had even a short little hike. I need to remedy that, now that we're back in the UK, and drag my city boy out into Mother Nature more often.

We saw this little man sweeping leaves just before we got off the road and onto the paths between the trees. He was sweeping all the leaves from the road into one long, wavering line in the middle. Such a simple, everyday thing, and he made it into something beautiful.

Right outside the Meiji park, you will find the Harajuku district. It's literally like stepping into another world - bright, loud and fun. Leave your sanity at the gate. 

This fantastic sign had to be included - I mean, you don't see a sign like that everyday... 

Rounding a street corner, we saw King Kong on somebody's roof... We got off the main road, and started exploring the side streets, popping into a second-hand store, and then going up some stairs into a shop called Thankyou Mart... where I found the most perfect cat-print fedora AND the most 70's-tastic sunglasses I have seen in my life... So of course I had to buy them. 

It's all groovy, baby. Yeah.


  1. I love the juxtaposition between the serene temple and the bustling harajuku district. Both are places I'd love to visit! I really like the photo in front of the sake barrels. You're right that you pop in your all black in front of the white barrels with streaks of color adorning them. Sometimes I wonder what onlookers are thinking about my outfits, too. Usually it's, "Who does she think she is?" Or maybe they're just glancing and not thinking much about me at all. But those two girls in your backdrop are obviously staring. Why? Probably because they're in love with your bewitching black dress. It's short, but not scandalously so, especially in the back. It's finger tip length, which made it good to go at my high school! Another thought...maybe they're checking out Victor since your back is turned?

    <3 Liz

    1. Oh you would love Tokyo, Liz! If you ever get the chance, go there, Japan is wonderful. Usually, I'm hiding from onlookers and only snap pictures when no-one's looking. But that day, I could pretend we were just taking tourist photos, hehe. I did get a major death glare from some lady at our hotel in Tokyo, simply for walking through the lobby with Victor - maybe she thought it was an outrage that a tall white lady like me was paired up with him, I dunno. She just staaaared and stared, and Victor was all, "Hon, what'd you DO to her, anyway?"
      I'm glad you think the dress is acceptable length - looking back at these photos, I'm kind of sweating a little bit, hehe!

  2. Where's the cat print fedora!!!??? I must see that!!!

    You are so adorable in your little black dress. Those girls are jealous and wondering where can they get a dress like that so that they too will be adorable.

    I need to go to that temple to slow down my heartbeat, Now that sounds lovely.


    1. Yeah, that fedora was in my last post, hehe. I love that thing. It fits my head perfectly, like a (phrenological?) glove.

      Thanks very much for your sweet words, let's just hope that's what they were thinking, eh? ;) Although you just gave me a great idea for if anyone stares at me like that again: Walk up to them, and tell them where I bought my outfit. And, if it's sold out, add that they can always try ebay. Then give them my brightest smile and leave with a breezy, "SO glad I could be of help!" Hehehe...

      I could do with going back there right now, actually - I miss the Meiji shrine already...

  3. Your commentary about those girls had me laughing so hard that I almost cried! I feel the same way about my dress. I restyle it on the blog soon and show it with a slightly longer slip. I love the dress on you! It is my favorite. I cannot wait to see the white one, too! The black one looks so fab! Those glasses are amazing!

    And that trail of leaves is my favorite thing to think about this week!


    1. Hehe, well it's good to know I'm not alone about worrying about that dress... it's just so perfect, it can't not be worn! I'm actually dying to rewear it today, but I'll have to wear like, woolly underwear with it to accomplish that, haha! I won't be able to wear the white one out now, the weather is foul here and it'd get filthy so fast... Most of the stuff you helped me get, I can't wear now because it's Autumn with a capital A and I would a) freeze to death or b) ruin them. I guess that's the flip side of waiting for sale! (I can do like, a living room picture in the white dress, though, hehe.)

      And I'm glad the leaves touched your heart the way they did mine. It's the little things, eh? ;)