Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Metaphorical Sausage

Cardigan: J.Crew Factory, Tee & shoes: Anthro, Jeans: AG's via Anthro.  
I seem to be living in these brown jeans. But I do wash them sometimes, honest! Thing is, around this time last year, I kind of made a wish that AG would make some jeans in this exact shade of orange brown. (Not on a star or anything, that's when you wish for world peace, not jeans. Just, you know, in my own head.) So it seems I am in possession of telepathic powers of unknown magnitude. Because look at my jeans! They are like, the manifestation of my will on the earthly plane.   

Um, I've been learning geomancy and spraypainting things, maybe that explains the above paragraph? Yes, as you can see, I may be wearing the same pants but my trusty bottle of turpentine has been replaced by pastel spray cans. The pastel chairs are done now, so that apartment post should be up soon! Well, soon in the context of spacetime and stuff, anyway. Hehe. 

So, this T-shirt - it combines two things I love; shirts with French stuff on them and the song It's Only A Paper Moon. However, like a dork, I managed to obscure the writing with my own hair. But I assure you, this shirt says "Lune De Papier" and you're just gonna have to believe me.   

At first I was worried this colour combo might be a bit... pukey? I like it, though, even if I couldn't quite decide whether tucked or untucked was the way to go. It's one of those things I had to order online while crossing my fingers, and I have a feeling I may have misjudged the sizing slightly. It doesn't show in these photos but the shirt is BIG! Oh well, better the sausage that's too long than the sausage that's too short, as my mother always says. And no, she means actual sausage, not... naughty sausage. 


  1. Love that shirt! I was wearing it the other day. Mine fits a little big too but I like that. Maybe put it in the dryer for a little bit to shrink it? That color combination is great. I really need to get over my color fear and pair that shirt with something else besides blue jeans. Those brown jeans are awesome! Oh - and I like it tucked in. I am a big fan of the halfway tuck. So JCrew, right?
    Okay, Ms. Gwen The Interior Designer, I cannot wait to see photos of your new place and especially those pastel chairs!!!! Oh and don't think I didn't catch that those spray cans match your outfit. Fabulous! :)

    1. Yeah! We're twinsies! I'd be terrified to tumbledry it, lest I find myself with a child-sized shirt... thanks, so glad you like the colours! This fear of colours mystifies me though! I'm too far in the other direction, myself! You do look lovely with a bit of colour, like that cute green blazer! ...what colour trousers do you have? ;)
      Oh and the chairs are done!! Sneak peeks can be had on instagram. Tomorrow night, I should have the post up! Didn't realise I matched the spray cans, btw - well spotted!

    2. You will be so disappointed in me. I have two blue trousers. And one black. And lots of blue jeans.

    3. Shock! Horror! Do I have to fly out to your neck of the planet and do a colour intervention?!

  2. Hose brown jeans! Those brown jeans! I need to add them to my wishlist! They are amazeballs! Not to be confused with the amazing sausages. I like the way the shirt fits, but then again, I like oversized things.

    Cans of spray paint in the UK look so chic. Are they bronze or gold based? The ones here are tacky. Yes, I am commenting on the chicness of your spray cans. It's late here. I am so in love with your chairs. They turned out more amazing than I could have imagined. I cannot wait to see the whole apartment! You are so good at putting things together. Clothes. Furniture. Funny sentences.


    1. Jennikins, the jeans are on sale! If you want 'em, I'm sure they're selling out fast, only to reappear on ebay - just sayin'. ;) Did *I* teach you to say amazeballs?! Is it my fault such foul language is coming out of your cute little mouth? ;P And yet, they totally are, hehe.

      The spray cans are gold! But I think they're actually American, you know, because they're called Montana Gold! And I am so glad you liked the chairs. Also, that last bit is probably my favourite compliment I have ever received. I shall treasure it! :)

  3. Pukey? lol I think it's "autumnal" while still featuring my signature color. Without the rusty brown jeans, the pink and blue might be too springy. But the rust brings them right into autumn. As always, it's a surprising color combination that you somehow make look effortless.

    I'm excited to see the apartment post and these spray-painted chairs, finally! I'm going through serious moodswings about revamping things in our apartment. I want skinny shelves to line the wall and cover with all my pictures and whimsies. Currently, I have to rotate through which ones I want to display. And we have such limited surface space, that I'm not real pleased with the atmosphere in here. :-(

    <3 Liz

    1. Yay, so glad you think it worked! I've now packed up the pink cardigan for Fall, but the T-shirt remains in rotation. I guess looking at the clean laundry pile/stuff in the closet and going, "Huh, that and that - I like it!" is effortless? Hahaha!

      As for your apartment, get the shelves! That sounds like the best solution if your place is cramped. Our last apartment was tiny, so I really sympathise - I always wanted to get wall shelves, but I was too chicken to make even more holes in the walls than we already had. I say go for it, Liz!!