Sunday, 19 October 2014

Start Spreading The News...

Dress: Cath Kidston, Jacket: Bossini, Boots: Clark's, Hat: Thankyou Mart ;)
Bag: Madewell, Scarf: from Taipei, Belt: Next, Bangle: Vintage.
So in an attempt to blog from more diverse places than our balcony, I got Victor to take some pictures of me in Covent Garden yesterday. We were having a sort of one-day October heatwave, so I decided to bust out my dress that I'd recently picked up on sale at Cath Kidston. I remember when I got the catalogue featuring this dress in the mail, my jaw literally dropped at the faux-vintage awesomeness of it. I mean, any dress that looks like you made it yourself from discarded newspapers is awesome, right?  

It seemed almost a little too obvious to "just" pair it with red and black, so  I decided I'd throw in lots of leopard print, too. Partly because that's also got a vintage flavour to me (am I the only one, or is this a "thing"?), but also because I fancied wearing my new fedora with it. I kind of like pairing leopard with printed white dresses, I've done it with this dog dress too, and really liked the results. 

Here, I attempted a close-up to show you just how kooky this print is. I mean, you don't see this sort of thing every day, right? When I picked up my clock dress, it was a choice between clocks and newspaper, and the clocks won out... until this baby went on sale, and the sweet Japanese sales girl convinced me it "really fit my style". Also, check out my bangle! It's the one real piece of vintage I'm wearing here - it was a gift from my friend who runs a 1950's dress shop and provided Victor with my brithday present dress

The one thing about this dress that weirds me out a little bit is the length - I'm used to either ankle length or fit-and-flare, and the only other dress I have that was once this long, I shortened. Anyway, I guess it's good news for tall and bootylicious gals like me that designers like Cath Kidston and Helen of Holborn exist, because there is no way on this green (greying?) Earth that I would fit into actual vintage dresses. I couldn't even fit one boob inside some of those real 1950's dresses.  


  1. I LOVE how you styled this dress! You look fabulous! That leopard is so perfect that I need a better word other than perfect to describe it. I like the length, too. I might get it shortened a bit just so that you can pair it with colorful tights but otherwise it looks great on you. That is a heatwave? I know you do not want to hear it, but...jealous!


    1. Aw, thank you, hon! I'm so glad you liked the leopard, too! As for shortening it, interesting that you & Cynthia both agree... I wanna try it with flats and maybe low heels first though... just to see how that feels! Haha, that "heatwave" is long gone now! I'm the one jealous of your balmy autumn, here! ;)

  2. I'm with Jenni! I love how you styled this awesome dress with the red and the leopard and although I too like the length - the more I look at it I wonder if you might like it better a tad shorter. But just a tad - maybe only and inch or two so it hits at the middle of your knee?! Or ever so slightly above. I am now going to do a search and see if Cath Kidston is sold over here!

    1. Thank you Cynthia! :) maybe I should shorten it - without cutting the fabric, maybe? I din't know if they have Cath in the States, but you can always buy there and ship stuff to me, if you want to avoid high postage and/or import charges- just drop me an email! ;)
      By the way, our roles were reversed today, when I tried to comment on your blog and it wouldn't let me! Just wanted to say, you are too a good cat parent! :)

  3. Gwen at her best! I remember you playing around with doing full-on cat accessories some months ago. I'm pleased to see you've gone whole hog (cat) with this look! I'm still loving that fedora that you scored at such a bargain price.

    And the print on that dress is so whimsical and fun. I love that it isn't cutesy, though. The muted color scheme and patchy print keep it quirky but still really versatile. The blazer really pulls the red out of the print.

    Great styling, Gwen!

    <3 Liz

    1. Aw thanks, Liz! Reading this totally made me blush. :) You'll be pleased to know that I now regularly go the whole cat! (Best expression ever, I'm totally stealing it.) And guess what, a hipster girl complemented me on my fedora the other day! I feel like a cool kid now...