Friday, 14 November 2014

Lady Green Cardigan

Cardigan: Cath Kidston, T-shirt: J.Crew, Skirt: Anthro, Boots: Clark's. 
Uh, hi there! I didn't actually disappear - but my camera did! I literally have no idea where it's hiding, but it's somewhere in this apartment, and as my mother likes to say, "If you haven't smashed it or set it on fire, it'll show up one day!" She's been staying with us again, and we've been working on the apartment some more. This balcony I'm standing on, for instance? It's now blue - a lovely pale sky blue that will serve as a backdrop for when my friends and I find the time to make stencils and spraypaint some trees and mountains on the walls! 

If you have been following the blog Happily Ever Anthro, you may notice that this outfit is stolen directly from under sweet Sayaka's feet. That post was what made me realise that I needed a dark green cardigan in my life, but it took me months to find one! And it figures that when I finally did, it was at the Cath Kidston store. Anyway, I'd love to link to the post in question, but I can't - because Blogger informs me her blog as been removed. Which makes me sad... I just hope everything's all right with her, whether Sayaka got hacked, or she decided to take her blog down herself. 

 While I write this, Victor and I are watching Banzai - a truly insane TV program where you're supposed to place bets on what will happen. Featuring such glorious lunatics as Shake Hands Man, who interviews celebrities and shakes their hand until they get scared and pull their hand away, and Lady One Question. She asks a celebrity one question, and then just holds the mike there and stares at them while they talk. And talk. And sweat. And then they time her, to see how long she can keep this poor person hanging. It's childish, but kind of amazing!


  1. I also noticed today happily ever anthro has disappeared. Hope she's ok. I used to really love the way she styled her anthro clothes and did take inspiration from her outfits too:) This outfit is really cute:) I love cath kidston too! I loved a dress of hers that was in stores in sept -midnight blue dress with colourful houses, but unfortunately sold out now i think:( at least its not online.

    1. Are you in the US or maybe Australia? Because I checked, and that dress is still available on the UK website! It's really adorable, I saw it in the store last time I went. Now that the London Buses dress is on sale, I'm sooo tempted, haha!

      Crossing my fingers that Sayaka is okay, too!

    2. That's awesome! I'm from Australia, but coming to UK IN jan. hopefully it will still be available and on sale to by then:)

  2. Oh no! I loved Sayaka's blog. I know she got very busy with her ice skating and pilates, but I was hoping for more blog posts.

    I love this outfit. And that green sweater is beautiful! It will go great with our clock dress. ; ). You are the sweetest! Thank you so much! I cannot wait to wear it as soon as I feel well again. Being that I had to pause to vomit while writing this, I am thinking that might be awhile. Your boots are super cute!

    My daughter would love to paint your wall with you. Too bad we do not live closer! : (. And that show sounds awesome! There is absolutely nothing worthwhile on right now here.

    Thank you again! And you are adorable!


    1. Oh yeah, I was so sad when I read that her blog had been removed. I literally felt all the colour drain from my face! Hopefully it *is* just her being busy with her new job!

      Thanks, anyway, I'm glad you think the look works on me, too! The sweater was actually marketed with the clock dress on the Cath website. And it also comes in red. But I am restraining myself. It's still full price. But yeah, the clock dress and this very skirt were what spurred me to buy the cardigan. And I've worn it with lots of other things since - but when I wore it with the clocks dress, that was when I got bowled over by that enormous bulldog mix dog! Hahaha...

      Feel better so I can see you pose in your clock dress! :) Go watch Banzai on youtube, it will make you laugh if nothing else! They had a granny kissing three young Goth kids on the mouth to work out which one drank wine instead of beer - if that's not quality TV I don't know what is! ;)

      Ah it IS a shame! Can I tempt you with wet, frigid climate, passive-aggressive bus drivers and such national breakfast delicacies as marmite and kippers? :P I'd have loved to recruit you *and* your daughter as free labour for the balcony. Is she a good artist? I want to put some mythological beasts on there too, and a Hobbit map with Smaug... But due to the weather we may have to put it off until spring/summer. So if you guys wanna visit then... nudge, nudge... ;)

  3. I hope Sayaka is well and is merely refocusing her attention for awhile. She always has such sophisticated, feminine outfits. And such a kind, gentle way about her.

    I think you've put together such a great look here. The skirt is an absolute show stopper. It has this 70's sort of vibe but also reminds me of retro wallpapers and drapes. It's fabulous. The dark teal is a really surprising color to pair it with that somehow works as a neutral. You and your color play! You're the master!

    I adore the printed graphic tee, too. I just went and bought an obnoxious black tee with a giant sequin mouth on it. It's very Rocky Horror. I'm going to wear it with my black tulle skirt for a full-on sass attack! Lane Bryant had another style in gray with city names printed on it in black and metallic foil. I may have to go back for that one and try it tucked into more of my skirts like you've done here.

    We're currently binge watching West Wing after getting through Game of Thrones. I needed something a bit more feel-good after the traumatizing last season of GoT.

    <3 Liz

    1. Oooh you watched Game of Thrones!? That makes me happy! I'm one of the people who read the books, so I can promise you plenty more trauma in the future - but then again, what do you expect with GRRM? ;)

      I saw that shirt on Insta, and it is so *you*! I bet it will be perfect with the new black tulle skirt you got, and so would that city names tee by the sound of it! Go get it! #enabler, haha.

      Yes I know! I am wearing a wallpaper skirt! The 70's are my absolute favourite style decade, so this made my day! :)

      And yes, let's all hope Sayaka just needed a break. I guess this is one downside of making friends on the internet because you can't just hop on a bus over to their house to check up on them. Fingers crossed. :)

  4. Awesome color combo! Orange always makes me smile! I may have to check out that TV show. It sounds wonderfully cringe-worthy. Gosh, I hope nothing is wrong with Sayaka. I too saw that her blog was removed and thought it strange that she didn't say a goodbye. Does anyone have an email address on her I wonder? Or know how to find her on social media? Hmmm... I wonder if she would answer a private Facebook message?


    1. Oh you *have* to watch it. So many betting opportunities, as the host says! When Victor lived in Canada, it got cancelled because so many people complained.
      I did have an email for Sayaka, but it was the email associated with her blog, and so far I haven't had a response. You just worry, don't you, when there's no announcement or goodbye. Hope you've tried a facebook PM - I refuse to have facebook, so that option is closed to me! ;)