Monday, 24 November 2014


Dress & hat: old Anthro, Cardigan: Gap, Scarf: old Madewell, Boots: Clark's

So there is this "thing" going on in London where there are secret clubs scattered around the city. You've got to know about them to find them, sometimes they might only have a tiny plaque by the front door, or you'll realise it's a club because there's a bouncer standing there. You normally need to book ahead, too, since these places are small and fill up pretty quickly. So when Victor and I decided to pop into one in Chinatown that he knew about - called Opium - we were very lucky to get a space at the bar.  

Now, Opium basically looks like they opened a bar in someone's home - it spreads over two floors, and everything is decorated like a 1930's Chinese home. There's a little red shrine with candles when you come in the front door, and you go up the steep staircase past toilets market "pretty lady" and "handsome man" with only Chinese characters. (At one point, Victor spotted a very confused white guy standing outside the toilets, and told him, most condescendingly; "It's that one, obviously!" Heh.)

Now, earlier that day, I'd been teasing Victor about losing his wedding ring. Again. Yes, Victor's original one disappeared a couple of years ago, and he wound up buying a new one. And now Mark Two, as he called it, had also vanished. All we knew was, it happened on the day we moved house. So for a couple of months, every time he chided me for doing something stupid, I'd give him a look and say, "Well, at least I've never lost my wedding ring!" But that evening, when I went to the "pretty ladies" room, I took off my jewellery and placed them on the sink, as you do - only for my wedding ring to spin, and sort of bounce, and fall right into the sink. And did I mention the sink didn't have a filter? So like one of those carnival ring-toss things, it landed on the little screw in the middle, and damned if I could get it out. 

This is my "what has it got in its pocketses" pose.
In honour of the upcoming Battle of the Five Armies movie, naturally, 

Of course, it probably didn't help that I was freaking out at the time. So I start knocking on the door to the gents next door, where Victor was doing what men do in there, and yelled that he had to come in and help me get my wedding ring out of the sink. I didn't know what else to do! Luckily, with the help of a pencil I happened to have in my handbag, he managed to fish it out for me - Victor's hands are much smaller than mine, which is usually something I find embarrassing, but this time? This time his "elf hands" were what saved the day. And now I can't even tease him about losing his wedding ring anymore! 


  1. First of all - you look amazing! Love the dress and the hat! And your cheery red smile!!
    Funny about your conversation with Victor about the wedding ring because Freddy and I had this exact same conversation the other day except in reverse. I lost my wedding ring and he was acting all smug that he NEVER loses his. I am glad that you were able to retrieve yours when it fell down the sink and I am a little sad that you will not be able to tease tell Victor that you NEVER lose yours. Ah well.

    1. Aw thank you babe! :) They are both getting old now, especially the dress, but they are among my favourite things that I own.
      But, how awful that you lost your wedding ring! I hope you found it again? And you know what, I still *do* tease Victor about it, even though he teases me back. After all, he did lose his twice! So I still have the moral high ground. ;)

  2. You look so adorable that I died a little inside of jealousy. It is a thing. I googled it... Not. This is my very, very, very favoritest look ever. I love it so much. You look SO SO SO good!

    This is where I smack you. Just kiiding. But... Why would you take your wedding ring off in a public restroom?!?!?! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Oh my gosh. I seriously had a panic attack for you for a moment. Thank God Victor got it out! What would you have done? Oh my goodness! That would have been a nightmare.

    Breathing again. Besides I am sure Victor thought you were so cute that he didn't even care. A secret club sounds fun. We went to one of those in San Diego last year. The prices of the drinks were outrageous and it was not any fun. There were no seats and it was hot. Yours sounds much better!


    1. Thanks so much sweetie! And hey, you regularly kill me with your cuteness. :P

      Oh, and if I *had* dropped it down the sink, I would have had a freakout of truly operatic proportions. And the evening would have ended with the staff getting tools and opening the pipes up. Or else... ;)

      Opium was brilliant. The best seats were actually at the bar, I got to watch the most gorgeous man make cocktails. I was all, "Mojito... guh..." Come visit us and we will take you there!!

  3. This is so darling! The pops of persimmon really brighten up the neutrals. I also love the different textures in this look. Seeing you in this dress tempts me buy the similar Brushed Lace Dress. It did just get marked down...

    Your evening at Opium sounds memorable! I've been to a "secret" speakeasy that we learned about through word-of-mouth. Quite a pain to find down a back alley. That was in Savannah. There's another in Nashville that we're trying out for the first time this weekend. We're meeting friends for drinks. Should be fun! I'll hold tight to my rings!

    I would have had a panic attack if I dropped my ring down a drain. I smashed my ring against a plaster and concrete wall in my sleep in Savannah. It took weeks to be repaired. Now whenever I bang it or it slips off, my anxiety and blood pressure skyrocket. I know that sinking feeling of thinking it's ruined or gone! Victor has shared that same feeling on many an occasion, right? His condescending remark to Mr.-In-Need-of-a-Toilet is pretty cocky for a guy who repeatedly loses his ring! haha

    <3 Liz

    1. Aw thank you! I actually wore this because I was so infatuated with the Brushed Lace dress that I had to go, "Gwen, you already OWN a lace dress," and come up with a new way to style it! You should totallly go get it, I thought that was the nicest thing from your review after your black tulle skirt. It really looked good on you. #enabler ;)

      Oh wow, I wish we'd found the speakeasy when we were in Nashville all those years ago! Ahhhh you're always making me wanna go back there! I'd love to go to an American one...

      Also, holy crap! How awful about the concrete wall, I mean your hand must also have been in a state! I had to get my engagement ring repaired last year after two of the claws that hold the diamond in place fell off. Imagine my sheer terror when I realised.

      And yes! Victor is such a cocky little shit! I've offered to pay for a tattoo if he loses his ring a third time... ;)