Friday, 5 December 2014

Style SOS - Mirrored Deer Tee

A while ago, I asked Liz of With Wonder and Whimsy to style the Mirrored Deer Tee for me. While I love it, I seemed to only be wearing it in one or two ways, and I wanted an idea or two. Well, Liz sent me three of these awesome inspiration boards, only for me to promptly lose or delete that email. Several months and one house-move later, I wound up first recreating her looks from memory, and then sheepishly emailing Liz and asking her to resend. Which she kindly did. 

So, here is the first Red Pants look, as Liz intended it.. I wound up liking this one a lot! Though I should have picked a different scarf and pendant, I think, but that's just me being silly. Leopard flats, denim jacket, bright red pants - I was kind of shocked how well they went with the deer shirt. A repeater for sure, when it gets a bit warmer!

And this is my senile take on the Red Pants Look, kind of a Christmassy one now that I think about it! How I even worked a green cardigan and scarf into the mix, I have no idea... I wore this to the post office, which was all decked up in red, green and glitter so I guess at least I fit in there. The mug isn't a prop, by the way - it was so cold out there that I literally couldn't make myself take the pictures without a cup of coffee to thaw my frozen insides. This was just supposed to be a silly photo that I shot at the end - and then it was the only one that didn't come out blurry!  

I have to admit, this outfit freaked me out a little bit when I got the picture back. Because wouldn't wearing a belt at my natural waist accent my... generous hips? Still, this challenge was all about trying out new and unexpected combos for the deer shirt, so I bit the bullet and put a belt on it. 

And a blazer, or I would have died. I thought a grey one might fit better with the earthy brown colours, plus the cuffed sleeves would match my cuffed jeans. All in all, I surprised myself with how much I liked this look - though I'm still not 100% sure if I should wear belts like that. Any honest feedback is appreciated here! Also, this is my one and only clutch that I own - for now! I have another one on the way to me in the post that would've looked even more like the one in the picture, but... Style SOS is all about taking what you have, so yeah! That's what I did.

And, here is my version - Liz called it boho-chic, which I love! I felt really at home in this - makes sense, I guess, since it's one I came up with. Funny how I got the boots swapped around in my head, eh? This hat, by the way, is from Topshop, and I just wear it all the time - it's the training wheels hat for my even bigger floppy hat. Right now, this level of flop is all I can handle, but someday...

Third outfit! How cute is this board, right? THIS is what I should have worn in Hong Kong! But I couldn't find the Deer tee in the ten minutes I had to pack before our taxi got here. Soooo... have the ghetto version, where I took pictures of it in our living room and pretended it was summer. 

Please forgive the messy table in the foreground! I don't have brown sandals anymore, so I wound up wearing my mustard flatforms, which you can just barely see there... I can't wait for summer, when I can revisit this outfit for real!Also, I don't own a fringe bag - but the Transport Tote does the same job, right? No? Does that mean I need a fringe bag? (Don't answer that!)

Finally, here's my wintery take on the pink outfit - pink and brown aren't too bad together, are they? Of course, I can also wear the pink blazer and shorts together to create the ultimate shorts suit - no? Or is that too much? (Possibly. Quite possibly.) Anyway, I apologise for the picture quality - it's not the best! I just wanted to get this post out there! And yes, those are sparkly glitter boots - I mean, it's December, you know?

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Permissible in Norway

Sweater: UniQlo, Jeans: Bossini, Boots: Steve Madden
One kind of creepy thing about Norwegian people is the fashion. Or rather, lack of fashion. I mean, in late fall and early winter, what I'm wearing now is literally the only acceptable female uniform. Okay, so I exaggerate a little bit but still - hop on a plane to Oslo right now, and you'll see nine out of ten women wearing black sweaters and skinny blue jeans tucked into brown boots. Or black Hunter boots if it's raining.    

Um, did I say acceptable? I guess my inner rebel could not be suppressed, hence I am wearing floral blue skinnies with my Norwegian uniform. These jeans were one of the four (!) things I bought at Bossini in Hong Kong this September. I saw them in a pile and instantly fell in love with them, I mean they have butterflies and roses on them, and the cut is similar to my beloved Stevie Ankles - how could I not get these jeans?! These days I find myself gravitating towards blue jeans more than my coloured ones, maybe it's my Norwegian side reasserting itself? But then again, these butterfly pants would baaaarely pass muster back home, if at all. 

When I go back there to see my mother and my friends, it's kind of unbelievable, the level of side-eye I will get from Norwegian women when I just wear what I feel like. And when I walk past shops, I notice how many of them are displaying very similar clothes to each other. They'll announce that grey, pale pink and black are the new colours for autumn, but come spring? Well, suddenly grey, pale pink and black will be the hot new spring colours. There is something very... Orwellian about how people dress in Norway. 

They seem to like Steve Madden over there, though. At least there's that.

Monday, 1 December 2014


Cardigan: Anthro, thrifted! Dress: Madewell, Boots: Clarks, Belt: Next

Sometimes, I'll take a bunch of pictures, and then literally only one of them will be even vaguely usable.  Literally every other photo will either be blurry, or I looked like a man. (I can't explain it. But sometimes, I look like a man.) So here, have a post with two "orphan" outfits in it! This top one features my favourite thrift find ever, from a Goodwill store in Haight Ashbury. I spotted this cardigan on one of the racks and thought, there's something special about that sweater. When I looked at it, the label said Sleeping On Snow, and my jaw just dropped, because I don't usually have this kind of luck. And did I mention it fit me perfectly, too? 

Blazer: Vero Moda, Top: Anthro, Jeans: AG's via ebay, Boots: Anthro

This outfit is what I wore to Opium, when Victor ended up fishing my wedding ring out of a toilet sink with a pencil. And guess what? Days after The Opium Incident, I found Victor's wedding ring! I was moving things out of the spare room/storage dump so we could start painting in there, and there it was, sparkling on the carpet... "Victor," I said, "Hold out your hand and close your eyes." Was he happy? You bet he was!  

This outfit also features my latest pair of AG jeans, I mean let's just call a spade a spade and admit I have an obsession, okay? Sweet Liz helped me get them, and they are so, so perfect.