Monday, 1 December 2014


Cardigan: Anthro, thrifted! Dress: Madewell, Boots: Clarks, Belt: Next

Sometimes, I'll take a bunch of pictures, and then literally only one of them will be even vaguely usable.  Literally every other photo will either be blurry, or I looked like a man. (I can't explain it. But sometimes, I look like a man.) So here, have a post with two "orphan" outfits in it! This top one features my favourite thrift find ever, from a Goodwill store in Haight Ashbury. I spotted this cardigan on one of the racks and thought, there's something special about that sweater. When I looked at it, the label said Sleeping On Snow, and my jaw just dropped, because I don't usually have this kind of luck. And did I mention it fit me perfectly, too? 

Blazer: Vero Moda, Top: Anthro, Jeans: AG's via ebay, Boots: Anthro

This outfit is what I wore to Opium, when Victor ended up fishing my wedding ring out of a toilet sink with a pencil. And guess what? Days after The Opium Incident, I found Victor's wedding ring! I was moving things out of the spare room/storage dump so we could start painting in there, and there it was, sparkling on the carpet... "Victor," I said, "Hold out your hand and close your eyes." Was he happy? You bet he was!  

This outfit also features my latest pair of AG jeans, I mean let's just call a spade a spade and admit I have an obsession, okay? Sweet Liz helped me get them, and they are so, so perfect. 


  1. Oh, you mean Liz actually sends you your stuff and doesn't hold it hostage? Oh man! I have your stuff. I need to send it ASAP unless you want to add anything else. If not I will get them out on Thursday.

    I have the same problem with some of my photos. I have a few lately that only one turns out and then I usually just post that one to Instagram. I love both of your outfits. It sounds to me like Victor needs to get his ring sized. That kept happening to my husband and he is so lucky that he found it glistening in the sun next to his parked car on one day, in the car on another and in his pants pocket on the third. I took my rings off to make pie dough three days ago and keep forgetting to put them back on.

    Those AG jeans are so so so good! I love them immensely! I love that whole outfit. That thrift store find is awesome, too!


    1. Ahem, Jennikins... I *did* buy something else after reading your last comment. Cough cough. I did really well at my job interview (in my own opinion) today, so um, I'll drop you an email with the dirty details. ;) Also, I seriously don't mind you sitting on that stuff for a while, I'm just SUPER grateful for the favour.

      Victor can't get his ring resized because his finger sometimes swells up - this is the finger that he broke and then reset himself with icecream sticks and stickytape, BECAUSE HE'S SO SMART!! So it didn't heal quite right, and that's why his ring needs to be a size bigger. However, it didn't fall off his finger, it fell out of the plastic bag he tossed it into while packing(!!). Like I said, he's a smart boy... *rips out own hair in frustration*

      And thank you, honey! They were even cheap for AG's because they had a tiny tiny hole in them! I don't even want to try tallying up all my pairs of AG's now... too scary... AG's are my Kryptonite...

  2. I am so glad I am not the only one here who has wedding ring issues. Freddy found mine in the fruit bowl the other day and remarked that he finds my wedding ring in the strangest places. I hate hate hate to wear my ring when I'm getting my hands wet and that's why it was in the fruit bowl. Makes sense to me.So happy you found Victor's ring. What a surprise!
    Oh I love the second outfit so much! Those colors are so beautiful - the burgundy with the pink - and I love the shape of the shirt. And Gwen... I have to say... I don't believe that you ever look like a man! Ever! That just sounds impossible.

    1. In the fruit bowl?! Hahaha!! Oh wow, well, at least he found it, right? I know what you mean, I hate getting my hands wet if I'm wearing my jewellery, or cooking when I'm touching the food, or going to the bathroom - I mean, it's just basic hygiene, isn't it. (I've even resorted to wrapping them in tissue and sticking them inside my bra for safekeeping! Uh, tmi, eh?) Have you tried wearing a necklace you could just slip it/them on to?

      And thank you hon - but the only reason you don't think I could look like a man is I've never posted many pictures with my hair in a bun. I need to learn to do cute blogger buns with a sock in them, because my buns just make me look like I have short hair. (Also, in drama school I had to play a men's part in a Middleton play, which I apparently did so convincingly that one of the guys grading it thought they'd "roped in some guy from stage management at first"...)

  3. Aw, orphan outfits - love it!! Plus both of these looks are so darling! Happy to hear you were able to rescue your wedding band, I've been there (scary!!) + yay for finding Victors too, what wonderful luck!! As for all things Madewell?!! I bought the whiskey tote, but will probably get the black one too. As for seeing me talk & move in my vlog?...Totally weird, right?! Gypsy magic indeed, hehe! And I love that you're an actress!! Happiest Thursday evening to you loves!! xoxo

  4. Aw thanks Vee! And thanks for stopping by! Also, Transport Tote high five - the whiskey colour is just the classiest, most versatile... it's basically just the best bag I've owned in my life. May I just call Tote Twins here?! I look forward to seeing you style it on the blog - and the black one too, if you end up getting it!

    And actresses unite, eh? I put on a play last year that I blogged about here - This is Our Youth, which I also translated to Norwegian! It was mad and intense, but I'm so glad I did it. :)

  5. I'll take one of the second outfit with the pink blazer, black ruffly top, and purple jeans, please. Size 16. Post haste.

    I think I will try to recreate this look. I have purple jeans. And a black swing top. And a pink moto jacket. Or sweater. Or ruffle cardigan. Or waterfall cardi. Lots of light pink options in my closet. Really, I'd prefer for these exact pieces in my size because I would wear this whole look, head-to-toe.

    Isn't it great when old leftovers and thrift finds come together to make a new look that you've never worn before? It reminds me of why I bought certain pieces in the first place!

    <3 Liz

    1. Haha, best compliment ever! You should see if they have that top on the Anthro site still, maybe you could score it as a popback for pennies! It'd look awesome on you, the whole look I mean. I can't wait to see you recreate it!

      And yes, when looks like that randomly come together it makes me so happy! Especially with thrift store finds, since to me, they always have a special story and I'll remember the whole treasure hunt and finding the item every time I wear it!